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Jun. 03, 2009
+6 option(s)325KB
May. 16, 2009
+4 option(s)220KB
May. 16, 2009
+1 option(s)1.0MB
May. 16, 2009
+6 option(s)573KB
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No Intro Fix
Just a simple tweak that will make the game skip the intros.

1) Go to the game directory.
2) First make a back up copy of "Aztaka.cfg".
3) Open "Aztaka.cfg" with notepad or your favourite editor.
4) Search for the line:

"ShowIntro = false"

And replace it to:

"ShowIntro = true"

This will take care of the intros, you will be instantly directed to the main menu at game launch.

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