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Nov. 29, 2006
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Unlimited energy
Hold [Z] + [L] + [R] and press [C-Up], [C-Down], [C-Left], [C-Right], [C-Up], [C-Down], [C-Left], [C-Right] during game play.

Unlimited ammunition
Hold [Z] + [L] + [R] and press [C-Down]x2, [C-Left]x2, [C-Right]x2, [C-Up] during game play.

Cyclone weapons power-up
Hold [Z] + [L] + [R] and press [C-Left], [C-Right], [C-Down], [C-Left], [C-Right], [C-Down], [C-Up] at the main menu. This power-up doubles the damage caused by your weapons.

All ships
Hold [Z] + [L] + [R] and press [C-Down]x4, [C-Right], [C-Up], [C-Left] at the main menu.

Super-combo challenge mode
Successfully complete all three challenge modes.
Gold Challenges
Once all levels of a challenge are completed with a gold medal, a bonus "Gold Challenge" of the appropriate type will appear. For example, if you get first place in all six race challenges, you will be given another race challenge called the "Gold Challenge". You have to get a gold medal in this challenge, as there is no bronze or silver.

Easy Weapons Challenge win
Enable the "Unlimited time" code. On every track, there is a boost and weapon pad somewhere before the starting line. When the race begins, immediately turn around. Fly slowly until you reach the weapon pad. Hit the airbrakes (both) and hold them down to stop your ship. When you see "Rear Lock" appear, repeatedly fire your weapons as fast as possible. If you do this long enough, only one other CPU ship will remain on the track.

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