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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Wrestle as Curt Henning
Win all nine U.S. Heavyweight competition rounds.

Wrestle as Kidman
Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

Wrestle as Kanyon and Mortis
Win the TV title to select Kanyon in the WCW. To play as Mortis, highlight Kanyon and press [C-Down].

Wrestle as managers
Select one-on-one exhibition mode and choose wrestlers that have managers. Begin the match, then press [Z] on controllers three and four.

Wrestle as THQ Man
Highlight AKI man on the character selection screen and press [C-Down].

TV Title mode
Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

World Heavyweight mode
Win the U.S. Heavyweight belt.

Obtain a weapon
Leave the ring during a match. Then, enter the crowd and press [C-Up]. When playing as Dake Ken, a sledgehammer may be found.

A good place to try to grab a weapon is by Sting's black and white poster. Once a weapon appears, that exact spot will provide at least five weapons in a row. Some of the weapons that may appear include a black bat, silver bat, stop sign, trash can, trophy, suit case, chair, peice of table, microphone, and chain.

Select Executioner as a wrestler to get a weapon out of the crowd every time.

Get a weapon from off-screen
Use the following procedure to appear from the black darkness with a weapon in the Nitro or Super Brawl arena. Select any two player mode. Have either player one or two obtain a special. Let the person that is not on special throw your wrestler into the black darkness. The player who has been thrown should rapidly tap [A], [B], and spin the Analog-stick. Your wrestler should run out with a weapon.

Use opponent's special move
Begin a match with an opponent in the same weight class, and allow your character's spirit meter to fill until it begins to flash "Special". Hit your opponent with a strong or weak grapple and press [A] + [B].

Use opponent's submission moves
Press [A] + [B] together while your opponent is on the ground after obtaining a "Special".

Use opponent's taunt
Rotate the Analog-stick in a counter-clockwise circle when your opponent or tag team member uses a taunt. If in tag team or battle royal mode then your wrestler will use the taunt of the wrestler he is focused on. Alternatively, quickly push [Analog-stick Left] and [Analog-stick Right].

Alternate taunts
Hold [Down] on the Analog-stick while your wrestler is standing. Your wrestler will do the taunt that is normally done when getting up from a move.

Alternate costumes
Press [C-Left], [C-Right], [C-Up], or [C-Down] at the character selection screen.

Change Silver belts back to Gold belts
Go to championship mode and select any belt. Then, select the wrestler who has the belt, and watch the introduction sequence. When he is getting in the ring, the belt will be gold again. Alternatively, just reset the game.

CPU wrestler control
Press [L] + [Z] during a match to have the CPU take control of your wrestler. Press [L] + [Z] again to resume manual control.

Drag opponents
Knock down your opponent, walk to their head or feet, then hold [A] and a direction on the D-pad.

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