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Celebi as rental
Unlock Round 2 to access Celebi as a rental Pokemon in the Prime Cup competition.

Farfetch'd with Baton Pass move
Win the Rival Cup to get a Farfetch'd that knows the Baton Pass move.

Alternate title screen
Win all the Stadium Cups in Round 1 to have more Pokemon appear at the title screen. Win all the Stadium Cups in Round 2 for another variation.

Doduo and Dodrio modes
Defeat the trainers in either the Gym Leader Castle or get all of the trophies in the Round One Stadium to unlock the Doduo Tower to play your Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions twice as fast. Once you defeat everyone in White City except your Rival and the Pokemon Academy, you will unlock the Dodrio Tower to play your Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions four times as fast. Follow the same steps in Round Two to play your Pokemon Gold and Silver versions two or four times their normal speeds. Note: When you earn the towers in Round Two for Pokemon Gold and Silver, the game will not tell you that it has been unlocked. Additionally, when you play Pokemon Gold or Silver on one of the higher speeds it will be in black and white.

Win the Rival Cup.

Very Hard mini-game mode
Win the mini-game championship under the hard difficulty setting, playing for 9 coins.

Super Hard mini-game difficulty
Defeat the CPU in a seven-coin mini-game under the hard difficulty setting.

Kanto Gym Leader tower
Successfully complete the Johto Gym Leader tower.

Mystery Gift
At the main screen (with White City, Event Battle, and Battle Now), select "Mystery Gift". Follow the onscreen directions to receive a gift that can be picked up at the Pokemon Lab. You can only use this if you have either Pokemon Gold or Silver in a Transfer Pak.

Unlimited Mystery Gifts
Note This trick requires a Transfer Pak and Pokemon Gold or Silver. :Make sure your Pokemon Gold or Silver game is saved at a Pokemon Center. Go to the Mystery Gift option. Use Mystery Gift. Go to Game Boy Tower. Use the "Set time" trick and use your password to change the time in Pokemon Gold or Silver. Change the time one day forward. Go back to Mystery Gift on Pokemon Stadium 2 and use it. Repeat this until you get the items you want.

Light Ball
The Light Ball doubles Pikachu's Special Attack. You can get this by removing the items from Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow.

Thick Club
The Thick Club doubles Cubone's and Marowak's Attack power. You can get this by removing the items from Cubone or Marowak from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Cancel move
To cancel a move, while you already have selected it, press [L].
the Elite Four
Tyranitar, Feraligator, Charizard, Mewtwo, Lugia, Zapdos.

Recommended Pokemon Team for battling Picnicker Cyndy
Granbull, Fearow, Lickitung. Lead with Granbull.

Recommended Pokemon Team for battling Recommended team for Little Cup
A good team for the Little Cup is Phanpy, Charmander, Totodile, Mareep, Mankey, and Swinub.

A recommended Pokemon rental team for the Little Cup is Spearow (Bitter Berry), Abra (Mint Berry), Machop (Ice Berry), Chinchou (Przcureberry), Wooper (Psncureberry), Phanpy (Berry),

Hint: Recommended rental team for the Prime Cup
A good Rental team for the Prime Cup is Fearow (Mint Berry), Sandslash (Quick Claw), Kadabra (Leftovers), Wobbuffet (Bright Powder), Corsola (Mystic Water), and Magmar (Bitter Berry).

Recommended team for your Round One Recommended team for Round Two Rival
Make sure you have Hitmontop and Zapdos fighting Lugia; Wobbuffet and Aerodactyl against Ho-oh; and finally Corsola and Voltorb against Mewtwo.

The Round 2 Rival has the following Pokemon:
Lugia (Aeroblast, Earthquake, Psychic, Safeguard) Leftovers
Ho-oh (Sacred Fire, Thunder, Earthquake, Giga Drain) Quick Claw
Mewtwo (Psychic, Submission, Thunderbolt, Recover) King's Rock
You should most likely use the following rental Pokemon:
Hitmontop for Lugia (Triple Kick, Strength, Focus Energy, Counter - recommended move)
Wobbuffet for Ho-oh (Counter, Mirror Coat - recommended move, Safeguard, Destiny Bond)
Corsola for Mewtwo (Surf, Mirror Coat, Mirror Coat - recommended move, Attract)
An alternate team would be:
Zapdos for Lugia (Thunder - recommended move, Rock Smash, Flash, Detect)
Aerodactyl for Ho-oh( Ancient Power - recommended move, Bite, Curse, Supersonic)
Voltorb for Mewtwo( Thunder, Explosion, Mirror Coat - recommended move, Rain Dance)
Recommended team for Poke Cup Master Recommended team
A good all-around line-up is Dugtrio, Heracross, Lanturn, Ursaring, Miltank, and Dragonite. If you choose the correct Pokemon for each battle you will have no weaknesses, because you will have a super effective move for every kind of opponent.

Challenge Cup
If you do not get a Pokemon team that you are comfortable with, quit and try again until you find one that you are comfortable with.

Go to the Gym Leader Castle and go directly to the Elite Four. After you defeat Lance and can fight your rival, press [B] to leave the Gym Leader Castle. Go to the Prime Cup and win in Master Ball. Go back to the Gym Leader Castle and defeat your rival. You will now be able to use Togepi as a rental Pokemon.

Use the following trick to unlock and keep Togepi. Defeat a Gyarados, Venasaur, and Mewtwo with Bulbasaur. Then, go to the Pokemon Lab and Professor Oak will give you a Toge Stone. Use it on a Bulbasaur and it will evolve in to a Togepi.

Egg Emergency: Voltorb numbers
Press [Start] you are playing Egg Emergency and the game is on the instruction screen. When a voltorb flies into the P1 pouch, there will be one Voltorb, P2 two Voltorbs ,P3 three Voltorbs, and P4 four Voltorbs.

Donphan mini-game: Boost at start
There are three Beebs. Press [A] on the third.

Gutsy Golbat: Easy win
Staying near the back can help you get stray hearts without the other Golbat hitting you. This does not protect you from Magnemite.

Pichu's Power Plant: Use Pikachu
You can use Pikachu in Pichu's Power Plant if you have a Pikachu and Pokemon Yellow in the Transfer Pak. Note: You can only use the Pikachu that you got from Professor Oak in Pallet Town.

More Knowledge at Pokemon Academy
Once you have finished all the classes, passed all of the tests, and won the school battles (beating the Elite Class), more information will be available at the Library, including all Items available in all of the Game Boy Pokemon games.

If you complete all of the Pokemon lab, you will be able to get information in the Pokemon library about what levels each Pokemon learns an attack in Pokemon Gold and Silver, including Mew and Celibi.

Insert Pokemon Crystal into the Transfer Pak and play Pokemon Stadium 2. Poke Seer information can be seen on the screen for the Pokemon you caught in Pokemon Crystal.

Game appearances on television
In "My Room", when you have the video game consoles (NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64) to decorate your room, they will also decorate the television. For example, when you use the NES, games as The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Super Mario Bros. will appear on the television screen. For the SNES, the games are Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past, F-Zero, Kirby Super Star and Super Mario World. For the Nintendo 64, the games are Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wave Race 64, Super Mario 64","" "and Star Fox 64. There are no decorations for the Virtual Boy.

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