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Shock, Drop, or Roll
On the 1 vs. 3 game, Shock, Drop Or Roll, have the player that is the switch person press [Forward] and then [Back] to make the other players fall off. Note: This trick works best with Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

Taunt other players
Press [L] to do your character's taunt when it is someone else's turn.

Bowser Land
To get Bowser Land, you must complete every other board with any character and have a superstar on each.

Mini-game land extras
Purchase half the mini-games from Woody in Mini-game land to receive the mini-game arena. Beat Bowser land for more arena modes. Also, purchase all the mini-games from Woody to get the mini-game coaster.

Mini-game Coaster mode
To get the mini-game Coaster, just purchase all of the mini games (2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 1, and 4 vs. 4). This mode allows you to play all of the mini-games in an adventure. All together, there are nine worlds.

Battle mini-game in battle mode
Purchase all the Battle mini-games from Woody and the Battle mini-games will be added in battle mode in the Mini-game Stadium.

Purchase item mini-games and battle mini games
Successfully complete the mini-game Coaster under the normal difficulty setting to get the ability to purchase item and battle mini-games. Complete it under the hard difficulty setting for battle games.

Credits machine
To get the credits machine, successfully complete the game on every course, including Bowser Land, then visit the options laboratory.

Slot Car Race
The following trick allows you to avoid slowing down and doing donuts. Just slow down enough when you reach a turn to stop the smoke from appearing out of the tires, then hit the gas again.

Bowser statues
On the mini-game with the Bowser statues, notice that the most powerful attack is the Butt-Bounce off the head. To get onto the heads of the two larger statues, jump onto your partner's head. This will produce a boost, and you will be on the statue's head. Butt Bounce it and you will win easily.

Goomba's House
In every level there is a house that looks like a Goomba. This house is not in the mini-game stadium.

CPU assistance
Pause game play before player one starts the first turn on any game. Select "Settings" and set all the players to "CPU" under the hard difficulty setting. Resume the game and wait until the coins and stars are adding up at the end. The game will add up all the coins and stars from every player, regardless if they are CPU or human controlled. Note: This may also be done in the mini-game stadium by setting all handicaps to 50.

More coins
To get more coins, play trial mode and proceed until you get to the last one or two turns. Switch the CPU players to human players. At the end, the CPU players' (now humans) coins will go into the coin vault with your own.

10 coin bonus
Use a Red mushroom, and spin two of the same number. Toad will tell you that you are lucky and give you 10 coins.

20 coin bonus
Obtain a Golden mushroom, and roll the same three numbers. Toad will appear and say that you are lucky, and you will be 20 coins richer. Note: There is no way to execute this on purpose, as choosing which numbers you roll is completely up to chance.

50 coin bonus
Get three 7s on a golden mushroom. Toad will exclaim that you have gotten the Lucky 7 Jackpot and proceed to give you a 50 coin present.

100 coin bonus
Successfully complete the Coaster mini-game under the easy difficulty setting. Toad will reward you with 100 coins, another 100 coins for any extra lives you still have, and for all the coins that are left over.

Bowser spaces
When you land on a bowser space and roll the roulette wheel, sometimes you will see Star Steal, 10,000 coin bonus, or Stars packed to go. If the roulette lands on one of these, Bowser will hesitate and run away.

Bowser's Multiplying Toads
Do not give Toad Coins if he says something similar to "Are you calling me fake?".

Platform Peril
On the Platform Peril mini-game, try to get in the second or third position (left or right). When a moving platform appears, you will not have to move.

Things to do with a Bowser Suit
You can get the following things with a Bowser suit:
20 coins from other oppenents: All boards.
20 coins from bank: Bowser Land only.
Change the parade route for free: Bowser Land only.
Get coins that Baby Bowser collected from you and other opponents: All boards
The real Toad
When the Bowser Roulette lands on Bowser's Multiplying Toads there will be two Toads, one real and one fake. To determine which one is real:
Star in yellow color: Fake Toad
Star in white color: Real Toad
Baby Bowser as host
Unlock Bowser Land for the first time.

More mini-games
To get the Rainbow Run, Dungeon Dash, and Driver's Ed mini-games, you must complete the following tasks:
Dungeon Dash
Buy every 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2 and 4 vs. 4 mini-game and go to the mini-game park to get it from the piranha plant chasing the butterfly. Note: This is basically the same thing as Desert Dash from the first Mario Party.

Driver's Ed
Complete the mini-game Coaster under the hard difficulty setting. Go to Woody and buy every mini-game in the game. He will then present with Driver's Ed. Go to Woody to play it at anytime Note: This game is basically a driver's test. This cannot be played during a board game.

Rainbow Run
After unlocking Driver's Ed, go to the mini-game park again. The piranha plant will present with this mini-game and then disappear. Note: This is basically Tightrope Treachery from the first Mario Party.
Always win by stars
When an opponent is going to get a star, pause game play just before he lands on the star. Then, go to "Controller Setup" and change yourself into a COM player. Then, go to the player that is going to get a star and change it to yourself. Resume the game, when asked if you want a star, decline. Then, pause game play and change the controls back to normal.

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