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Cheat mode
Select season mode, and enter the front office menu. Create a player and enter one of the following names. Note: "_" indicates a space. Use the "Continue" option and save the player. Press [B]x2 to return to the game selection screen and choose exhibition mode to access the cheat effect.

Elec_ArtsLarger, more powerful players
Sixties1960's teams
Seventies1970's teams
Eighties1980's teams
B_Howlie1997 AFC Pro bowl team
Lei1997 NFC Pro bowl team
AT_MaddenAll-Time Madden team
TiburonTiburon team
Stats_MenStatistical leaders team
MaitlandTiburon stadium
San_MateoEA stadium

Perfect players
Enter one of the following player names and positions to create a player with 100% attributes.


Touchdown show-off
Press [C-Left] after entering the endzone to perform a touchdown dance.

Win the coin toss
Press [Down] for "tails" when the referee tosses the coin, then press [Up] to select "heads" approximately two seconds before the coin lands. If done correctly, both sides of the coins will be "heads".

Select a team, then on the next screen change the color of the controller to any selection except for gray. On the next screen, if the background color matches the color of the controller you changed, continue. If it did not match, return to the previous screen and continue going back and forth between the two screens until the color matches. When your are in the game and the referee says call it in the air, quickly select "heads" and you should win the coin toss the majority of the time.
Alternate way to call a timeout
You do not have to press [Start] and choose "Call Timeout". Instead, press [R] + [Z].

Have Jerry Rice perform a gainer
Play against the 49ers and allow Jerry Rice to get the ball. Dive at this legs when he is ahead of your player to have him do a gainer.

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