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Primary Collection of Cheats
Rainbow Blood mode
Collect 100 ant heads to unlock the "Rainbow Blood" option on the cheat menu.

Jet Force Kids mode
Collect 200 ant heads to unlock the "Jet Force Kids" option on the cheat menu. Enable this option to unlock the kid version of the game's characters.

Ants Into Pants mode
Collect 300 ant heads to unlock the "Ants Into Pants" option on the cheat menu. Enable this option to get stick figures with large pants as enemies.

King of the Hill multi-player level
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole in Cerulean Holding Room.

Tunnels multi-player level
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Vela in Rith Essa Waterfalls.

Rith Essa Mine multi-player level
Collect powered jetpacks. Then, make contact with the hidden Totem Pole in Walkway Station.

Space Station multi-player level
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole in Space Station Basement.

Goldwood Target Range multi-player level
Obtain a gold rank on the Goldwood Floyd level.

Rith Essa Target Range multi-player level
Obtain a gold rank on the Eschebone Floyd level.

Jeff And Barry Arcade Racing multi-player level
Obtain a first place score on Jeff And Barry Arcade Racing at Ichor Arcade.

Jeff And Barry Arcade Racing II multi-player level
Obtain a first place score on Jeff And Barry Arcade Racing II at Ichor Arcade.

Greenwood Village Race Track multi-player level
Obtain a first place score on both Jeff And Barry Arcade Racing machines at Ichor Arcade.

Abandoned Space Station level
Successfully complete the Goldwood: Lodge level.

Gem Quarry level
Successfully complete the Goldwood: Rim level.

Walkway level
Successfully complete the S.S. Anubis: Depository level.

Water Ruins level
Find hidden the launch pad in the Sekhmet Battlecruiser level.

Mizar 3D Racer multi-player level
Obtain a first place finish in the races at Mizar's Palace.

Play as Yellow Ant in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Vela in Goldwood.

Play as Blue Ant in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole in SS Anubis (Generator Room 2F).

Play as Red Ant in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Juno in Ichor (Military Base).

Play as Green Ant in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole in Spawn Ship (Cargo Sewer).

Play as Male Tribal in deathmatch
Play as Lupus and collect the Magenta Key in Eschebone (Thorax. left intestine). Then, make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Lupus in Sekhmet (Channel Area).

Play as Female Tribal in deathmatch
Collect the Mine Key. Then, make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Vela in Rith Essa (Mine).

Play as Zombie Termite in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Lupus in Tawfret (Treehut).

Play as Beetle Termite in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Vela in Tawfret (Tomb).

Play as Metallic Termite in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Lupus in Sekhmet, (hover across the Spiral Walkway).

Play as Purple Termite in deathmatch
Make contact with the hidden Totem Pole as Juno in Mizar's Palace.

Use Vela to jump across the lava (have full life because you will get hurt). Then, blow up the stag, enter the small doored room, and hit the totem pole.

Play as Cyborg Ant in deathmatch
Obtain an expert rank as Floyd on all Floyd levels.

Alternate title screen
Accomplish the following tasks during the game to unlock sequences on the title screen.
Rescue Vela (Juno and Vela run on their ship)
Put Floyd back together (Juno and Vela run and Floyd flying on their ship)
Have Lupus (All characters run on their ship)
Defeat Mizar once (All characters wearing upgraded armor run in Mizars Palace)
Defeat Mizar for the final time (Juno, Vela, and Lupus wearing regular armor walking down a runway on Earth)
Quick character change
Press [C-Left] or [C-Right] at the map screen to quickly change the character icons.

Hear Lupus howl
Press [C-Down] when playing as Lupus.

Super jump
Hold [C-Up] to perform a super jump.

Fix the camera
Players may notice that the default camera setting of Jet Force Gemini in one-player mode cuts off their vision left and right. For a much better camera view in one-player mode, go to the "Options" menu, turn on "Widescreen" (even if you are using a standard television or monitor), and press [C-Up] to raise the screen up several inches. Not only does this zoom back the camera, this also puts the game in a fish-lens and wide-angle view -- almost doubling your peripheral vision. This way, it will be much harder for the enemies to run out of camera range.

Using the camera effectively
One way to fight better in Jet Force Gemini is to know how to better maneuver the camera. To do a 180 degree camera spin, press [Down] then press [R], in that order. To get the camera to follow you as you circle left, hold "Down/Left" on the Analog-stick while holding [C-Right]. Similarly, hold "Down/Right" on the Analog-stick while holding [C-Left] to spin the camera to the right. Spinning the camera also allows you to do a quick search of your environment for enemies.

Avoid getting hit by flying objects
When reaching a section with small flying objects, run behind a tree and repeatedly run sideways to avoid getting hit.

Juno can walk on fire (lava), Vela can swim, and Lupus can hover.

Hover with jetpack
Press [C-Down] to hover with the jetpack. Note: This consumes less fuel then actively flying.

Better control in water
When swimming with any character, hold [R] for better control.

Easy ant heads
Select the player with the most ant heads in the inventory. Then, use the map to go to Goldwood. Go through the "Outset" sublevel and use your pistol and manual targeting to shoot as many of the blue soldier drones as possible. Shoot the soldier drones directly in the head. In one or two shots, you should be able to pick up the drone's head, which has popped off. Do this on every drone in the jungle area, then go into the cave and collect drone heads. Then, in the cave, drop into the waterfall hole and go through the door. You will exit and enter an area with a bridge. Exit the water and cross the bridge. Your area stats should be displayed and you will enter a new area. Inside this area, turn around and go back the way you came. All of the drones will return to their original spots. You should get about 23 heads each time this process is done. Repeat this several times to get all of the ant head cheats with ease.

Collect out of reach Gemini Crystals
To retrieve Gemini crystals that are in view, but out of reach, use any of the long range weapons to shoot them. They will bounce down to floor level.

Flame thrower ammunition
Look for Tribals that carry lanterns. Shoot these Tribals once to make them drop their lanterns (be careful not to kill them). Then, pick them up to use the fire as flame thrower ammunition.

More lives in multi-player mode
Select a character at the selection screen in multi-player mode and repeat with another controller. If you want more players, unplug a controller, move it to another port, and repeat.

Easy Mizar tokens, health, and ammo
Return to Goldwood after finding the Tri-Rocket Launcher on Tawfret. There are two huts that have been left intact in the first Goldwood mission. Use the Tri-Rocket Launcher to blow up the doors to the huts. Inside one hut are twelve Mizar Tokens. You can exit and re-enter the hut as often as needed to collect additional tokens. The other hut contains a Diamond Geezer, who will refill all of your ammunition and health for some Mizar Tokens.

Easy head collecting
To collect heads easily press [R] to aim and use shurikens on the smaller ants. It will go straight for the neck and cut off the head. This is useful if you do not like blowing them up and chasing the heads. Also, the shurikens can be retrieved and you can target multiple ants and it will go after them all unless it hits a box, wall, or other obstacle.

Winning Mizar Races
When the race begins, the racer beside you is almost guaranteed to win unless you immediately use a boost. In order to win, must get ahead of him at the start of the race by using a boost.

Unlimited Mizar tokens
Locate an area that contains Mizar tokens but no opponents, such as the beginning of the Spawnship or the rib cage in Eschebone. Take Mizar the tokens, then leave and return. The Mizar tokens will re-appear and may be collected again.

Defeating Mizar
To defeat Mizar (form one), shoot his eye when he is attacking you with his green breath, then shoot his stomach.

Defeating Lupus' Bosses
First, shoot their arms off starting with their lasers, then their tails, then their heads.

Defeating Juno's Boss
Shoot its top antennas, then his fangs, then the face.

Alternate sniper
When you are out of sniper ammo you can just use Floyd's gun to snipe the ants. This works well in the room in Eshebone where you have to snipe the ants, as well at Ichor: Perimeter.

One hit Cyborg drone kills
Hit Cyborg drones with the flamethrower and they will die almost instantly. This is especially useful in the Goldwood: Lodge area.

Weapons of choice
The following weapons are recommended for the indicated target.
Blue, Red or Yellow Drone: Pistol or Machine gun
Shielded: Machine gun
Infantry Weevil or other large drones: Tri-Rocket or Homing missile
Barricade: Tri-Rocket or Shrinkin
Mizar: Tri Rockets, Homing missiles, Machine gun
Bosses: Any weapon (Slug: Machine gun, Tri-Rocket and Homing missiles)
Last Resource: Shrinkin, Plasma shotgun, Flamethrower or Shocker
Never use: Fish Food
The following weapons should be used as indicated:
Pistol: Try to use this if you have no other weapon. They are only effective if you go to the options screen and disable "Expert Control". If you run out of ammunition, little lasers will appear (unlimited ammunition).

Machine gun: One of the best weapons. Use it against the air robot enemies and try not to use too much ammunition on the ants. Try shooting one ant at a time. It is useful for killing the Red, Yellow, and other big general Drones.

Plasma shotgun: If you are desperate, use this weapon. It is barely powerful and reaches the enemy slowly. It can blow up the drones when fully charged.

Tri-rockets: This is a great when used on the Drones (and the big ones).

Homing missiles: Good weapons, but are not very good at tracking. Lock on the enemy in targeting mode and fire.

Shrunkiens: Good weapons that you retrieve. If they get stuck in a tree or something else, shoot them and they will fly back down to you. Do not use them on Bosses. Kill Drones with them. In targeting mode, lock on the enemy and fire.

Timed mines: After five seconds they will become super mines. Go directly up to one and it will blow up in your face.

Remote mines: Really very good to use. They can become camouflaged in some places and therefore difficult to use.

Fish food: At the second door of Goldwood, there is a secret area to the right where you get this. It is the worst "weapon" by far. It does nothing except feed the fish.

Flares: You can light a flare, and if you switch the weapon, drop it. Or, you can tap [A]x2 and throw it to the ceiling. You do not stay long in one area in the game; try not to use these unless it is very dark.

Grenades: Use your own discretion for firing these. Throw them behind fully armored Drones and watch them blow up. Also, throw them at big Drones that just stand there.

Cluster bombs: Try not to use these. However at certain places you may have to use them. Do not use them with Blue Drones; Green are better.

Sniper rifle: There is a very few places you can snipe, but you can be a sniper shooter. Press [A] and [B] to zoom in and out. Find the Green Drones and shoot them down.
Weapon locations (as Juno)
Machine Gun: Destroy the Infantry weevil behind the Red key door in Goldwood.

Plasma Shotgun: At the Start of the S.S. Anubis, turn right and walk to the wall and turn right. Climb the boxes and open the chest. Hold [Z] to power it up.

Tri Rocket Launchers: King Jeff will give them to you after you talk to him in Tawfret graveyard.

Sniper Rifle: Go into the little house by Gimlets place and destroy the drone and rescue the Tribal. Then, open the chest.

Flares: Find them in the shed after blowing up the door.

Cluster Bombs: Blow up the glass in the conveyor belt room in S.S. Anubis and follow the path until you see the box that holds the cluster bombs.

Shurikens: Destroy the big crate in the end of the Drone-filled tunnels in Goldwood where all the Tribals and Drones are located. Then, pick up the Yellow Key and return to the field with King Jeff's hut. Go past it and cross the water. Enter the large door. Destroy the Stag and pick up the Shurikens.

Shocker: In Skemmet: Battle cruiser, go to the part where there is a path to a red key door and a large amount of lava. Jump in the lava and walk to the door, which is in one of the silo things. Then, just follow the path and you should find a chest with the Shocker inside.
Weapon locations (as Vela)
Pistol: You will start with this weapon.

Grenades: In the first room you start at in Sekhmet.

Machine Gun: In the first room with two locks that must be opened by destroying all Drones, destroy the first wave of Drones and a door will open. Do not enter it yet. Pick off all the snipers and the new wave of Soldier Drones. The second door will open, allowing you to get the machine gun. This weapon will allow you to open the target lock in the next Drone room, which will contain the Plasma shotgun. Fishface will give you the Red Key, and you will be able to proceed to the docking bay.

Homing Missile Launcher: Go to Cerulean and enter the room with all the stalagmites, a Yellow Key door, and the Lifeforce door. As soon as you enter, stay on the left wall and keep going until you find a cave entrance. Go inside and you should see a weapon chest, Gemini Capacity Increaser, four Mizar Tokens, and a full machine gun ammunition box.
The Shuriken is probably one of the best weapons. On the shielded drones, it will go through the shield. This works on both the small shields and the full body shields that they have.

Mine key
You will need this key to get into the Rith Essa mines. Once you have got the Specialist Magazine from Eschebone, visit Fernando and trade it against the key. Note: You must use Vela.

Refill ammunition
Switch to the shotgun, pistol or machine gun if running low on ammunition and run over the bodies of dead enemies to collect more bullets for that weapon. To refill the flame thrower, shoot Tribals once to force them to drop their lanterns without killing them. Collect the lanterns to use as flame thrower ammunition.

If you are out of machine gun ammunition, use the pistol to kill an enemy. Switch to the machine gun, then collect the enemy's gun. The ammunition will now fill your machine gun.

Parts for Floyd
Floyd's parts are in the very area that you meet him. One part is to the left of the cathedral/church, on the platform. After collecting that part, keep going, jump on the church, go to the left, go up the stairs, move to the fireplace, and jump in to reach a sewer. Take a right hand turn to enter a room. Choose the middle path to end up in a room with sparkling helicopter blades. Leave the sewer and locate a large building) like the church) with a metal door. Use Tri Rockets on it, enter the sewer again, and walk down the path to find another leg part.

The following is where all the Floyd pieces can be found in the Tawfret courtyard type place.
On top of the walkway near Gimlets house.

Inside the chimney and down the path on top of Gimlets house.

Blow up the door near the back of Gimlets house and walk inside. Proceed to the area where Floyd is and talk to him. He will follow you around and be available for use in two player co-op mode.
To upgrade, defeat Mizar for the first time. During the intermission sequence they will go into a chamber and appear upgraded. Vela will have a jet pack and Lupus will be in a tank.

Special item locations
Gold bars (Cerulean)
Directly behind the landing pad.
Turn right after the first life force door near the water.
On top of the sewage pipe
Give them to the Mole for the Tri-rockets.

Specialist magazine (Eshebone)
Dive into the water in the Eshebone: Thorax area. Swim right at the first fork. Give it to the mole in Rith Essa for the Mine Key.

Gimlet's pants (Tawfret: Bridge)
Found in the in the middle of the lake. Give them to Gimlet for the Crowbar.
Nitrogen tank and Water Ruin
To get to Water Ruin, defeat Mizar 1 with Lupus. The characters' armor will be upgraded. Then, go to Sekmet with any character. Go to the third room and get on a Jetpack pad. The Jetpack meter will fill up about 50%. Fly to the high catwalk. Walk through all the rooms until you find the Launchpad. Take off in the ship and it will land at Water Ruin. Then dive as Vela into the cave under the largest island. The nitrogen tank and some weapon upgrades will be on the table.

Perimeter C: Kill machine guns
In Perimeter C where there are a lot of barricade drones, look up and to the left. Use a flare to reveal a small vent you can reach with the nearby jetpack pad to reveal two Tribals and a secret passage behind about five machine guns. You can now destroy them without them noticing and killing you.

Kill the fish
Locate a pond with fish in it. Take a grenade, mine, or other thrown explosive and use it on the fish. They will think its fish food and go after it. It will blow up in their face and they will float to the top of the water, lifeless.

Fish food
Go to Goldwood. you will find an area near the big rock by the walls. One has a passageway. You will see a machine that has fish food in it. You can feed it to the fish.

Glitch: Get your head stuck
On the Rith Essa Mine multi-player level, go to the bottom of the elevator and stand in one of the corners near the door. If done correctly, when the lift comes down your head should get stuck in it.

Glitch: Breath underwater when dead
Get killed when you are in the water. When you sink to the bottom, bubbles will come up about every five seconds as if you are breathing.

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