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Getting a familiar
Defeat a boss or gain enough levels to get a bird a dragon companion.

When you reach level 25, you receive a familiar; Valkyrie receives an Eagle, Wizard receives a Dragon, Archer receives a Butterfly, and Warrior receives a Dragonfly. Reach level 50 for a better familiar.

Using two-player bridges
You can use the two-player bridges in single player mode in two ways:
Step on the switch, and if you are very lucky, you will make it.

With an enemy on the other end of where the bridge would be, step on the switch, lure it onto the bridge, then cross.
Better weapon
Reach level 10 to receive a better weapon. Reach levels 50 and 99 for additional new weapons.

Kill Death
Death will die when he takes 100 HP or is hit with a potion.

When Death appears, use your magic as a shield. This will make your magic last longer and you can run to places with many enemies. This is also helpful when you do not want to use your inventory items.

Permanent anti-Death
Successfully complete the game to receive permanent anti-death, which allows you to steal health from death.

Turn Death into food
If you know where Death is hidden, do not open the container. Instead, use a potion nearby and you should hear Death scream. Open the chest or barrel for a fruit.

When running low on health on any level, locate a poison apple and use a potion to turn it into a health-giving apple.

Play as Sumner
Exit through the secret door in the last level of The Battlefield, the Trench. Then, collect fifty coins In the bonus level

Play as the Minotaur
Go to the Cliff stage in the Mountain Kingdom. Find every switch, then go to the area with the exit. Do not step on the exit portal. Instead, head down until you see a trapdoor with a skull and crossbones. Step on it and you will be transported to a room with many coins. Collect 50 coins to unlock the Minotaur at the character selection screen.

Play as the Falconess
Go to the Bonus stage in the Castle World. Collect 50 coins to unlock the Falconess at the character selection screen. She has the same turbo attacks as the Valkyrie.

Play as the Jackal
Play through the second level of the Ice World. There is a trapdoor at a dead end on top of the pile of crates at the end. The trapdoor is found by climbing the slanted crates to the top. Then, circle around until you get a chance to go back down. From there, climb the other set of slanted crates, located before the exit, and standing atop the trapdoor. Collect 50 tokens inside the door to unlock the Jackal at the character selection screen. He is a more powerful form of the wizard.

Play as the Tigress
Go to the first town level. Find all the main switches and head to the portal. When you reach the portal, backtrack a small distance until you reach a hill with a chest, a switch, and Death. Avoid Death and hit the switch. Head in the position the switch is pointing and you will reach some zombies and the trap door. Stand on the trap door and collect 50 coins to unlock the Tigress at the character selection screen.

Start new game with a bonus character
Unlock one of the secret characters and save the game. Go to the file that has the character on it and select it. Press [B] at the rumble pak screen to display the select screen. Select "New" to start a new game with the desired character.

Easy bonus characters
Train you character to at least a level 10, then press [Z] at the character selection screen. The Warrior will change into Minotaur, The Valkyrie will change into Falconess, The Wizard will change into Jackal, and the Archer will change into Tigeress.

Name censor
Enter any obscene word that fits. A growl will be heard and the name will change into symbols.

Strange symbols in character name
Enter an obscene word when the game asks you to submit a name for yourself and character. Your name will appear as @!#* symbols that you cannot normally enter as part of your name.

See turbo attack
To see your turbo attack, go to the entrance of the Warriors Mountain. Turn around to see a view that is right in front of your character. If your turbo attack meter is charged in the red, use it to see it come straight to the front of the screen. Note: This trick works best with wizard.

Stop time and explore
Get to the first end Boss and have a "Stop Time" item. As you are about to die vs. the Dragon, turn on the "Stop Time" item. Make sure it is still running when you lose the life. Choose to continue, and enter any level besides a Boss level. Time will be stopped in all levels, monsters will not regenerate, and nothing except poisoned food will harm your character. You will also have free reign on any item. However, you will gain hardly any experience points. This may also be done with the "Shrink" item.

Hint:The Ice Axe of Untar
The Ice Axe of Untar can be found in the Treasury level of the Valkyrie's Castle. This weapon is useful in defeating the Red Dragon in the Warrior's Mountain.

The Scimitar of Rasha
The Scimitar of Rasha can be found in the Caverns level of the Warrior's Mountain. This weapon is useful in defeating the Chimera in the Valkyrie's Castle.

The Flame of Tarkana
The Flame of Tarkana can be found in the Spire level of the Skytown. This weapon is useful in defeating the Yeti in the Ice Domain.

Marker's Javelin
Marker's Javelin can be found in the Fissure level of the Ice Domain. This weapon is useful in defeating The Plague in the Skytown.

Holy Savior
As the manual states on page 42, there is a weapon against Skorne (second). The Holy Savior can be found in the second level of battle field.

Maximum stats
Play level 1 in the mountain world and finish it without using any of the items that were collected. When you return to the tower, sell your items. Use the money to buy 20 points of stats. Repeat this until reaching the maximum in every stat. Then, when you level up, you should get any of the stat you are missing. Each stat can be raised to 999.

Shield effect without a shield
This trick is useful when fighting small or medium size enemies. If you do not have a shield, hold [Z] and run into any small to medium size enemies to knock them down, which will sometimes kill them. Note: This does not work against Bosses, Golems, etc.

Use a potion as a shield
Hold [Z], and press [B]. This will make a shield just like the ones that you buy.

Throwing potions
You can throw potions into the middle of the battle to destroy more enemies. Hold [A] then press [B] and your character will throw a potion.

Unlimited rapid-fire turbo attack
Defeat Scorne in the Cathedral level that is unlocked after defeating all four Bosses. Get all four items that are given to you as a reward for defeating him. Equip both Gold Gauntlet objects that you receive and do the trick where you attack an enemy by walking into it while holding "Turbo". If done correctly, your familiar will start shooting its attack normally while your character punches and kicks constantly. Keep holding "Turbo", find some enemies, walk towards them, and your familiar's attack will kill them instantly once it hits, just as a turbo attack would. Note: This trick will not work on Bosses.

Defeating Bosses
Purchase a Five-Way Shot for use in Boss battles.

Use power-ups such as Rapid Fire, Three- or Five- Way Shot, Player Growth, The Phoenix, and some type of Amulet. Make sure you turn them on before you enter the battle, or the Boss will be hitting you while you are switching between power-ups.

To kill the Dragon, get a 5-way shot. To kill the Yeti, use the fire amulet and 3- or 5-way shot. To kill the Plague, use the electric amulet and the 3- or 5-way shot. To defeat Skorne use the light amulet and the 3- or 5-way shot.

When fighting a Boss, play as the Wizard. Use his yellow turbo attack (therock shower) and it will shave up to one-fifth of the Boss' life. All you have to do is get close.

Get a Phoenix, Five-Way Shot, any Amulet, and Rapid Fire to help defeat Bosses. Note: This works best after level 25.

Hint. Defeating Golems
Get Shrink Enemies and Limited Growth.

Defeating Skorne
Get a Five-Way Shot and an Electric Amulet. Keep on shooting until he has been defeated. It also helps to turn a potion into a shield if you are low on health.

When fighting Skorne the second time, get all the health you can. Then, run up to Skorne and use the gloves that you get along with growth and attack his stomach. When he is halfway dead, use the special. It is best done with Summoner. If done correctly, he will die within five minutes. Note: Do not use magic or any amulets.

Defeating the Red Dragon
When playing as the wizard, use your Rock Shower when close to the Red Dragon, which will almost kill it.

When playing as characters other than the wizard, buy two Super Shots, one Timestop, and a Grow. Turn them all on except for Timestop. Use Super Shot when you get a little close. While you have Growth on, it should make Super Shot bigger and do more damage to the dragon.

When fighting against the Red Dragon, you can defeat it on any level with no power ups. To do so, go to the right corner of the field, near the Dragon's left foot (by the cliff). Stay there and "shoot" your weapons at the dragon. If you have more than one player playing, the dragon will still hit you on occasion - though not very often, if you are in the correct location. After the other players die, the dragon will not hit you again - as long as you are in the correct location.

Defeating enemies
Buy two Growths and two Speed. Turn them both on, then get Special. Do not use it while you have Growth and Speed on. With Special, use Turbo Run to make your enemies fly back. This is best done on big enemies, such as Golems.

Regaining health
If you are running low on health, go to the first level of the Mountain Kingdom. Repeatedly play the level to get approximately 500 health 5 potions. If you pick up items and save them by pressing [R] you can sell them later and get more gold to buy power-ups or more health. The second level of the Mountain Kingdom is a good place for picking up approximately 2000 gold. However, this level is a more risky then the first level.

Easy health build
Going through the various warps are quite cumbersome. Your health is typically running low after the Boss matches and the "Blue, Yellow, Green" levels. If you need to recharge your health, go to the very first warp you encountered in the game and you should average around 400 to 500 health points. Do that about three to four times and you should be ready to take on the next warp --it does not take that long.

After you defeat the last Skorne, you will get permanent Anti-Death. When you look at the items stats, you will see that you have one of them. Defeat the last Skorne to get a second Anti-Death, which will give you more health than when you had only one. Keep doing this. You can gain even more health from the Deaths before you go to the first Skorne then when you grab health from them at the first world.

Easy experience
Play an advanced character and enter the first level of the mountain world. You can collect up to 550 life and 950 gold. Going through the level about two times should raise your experience enough to gain a level. Save the power-ups and potions for use or to sell later.

Reach an enemy and use the close combat skill which each character has. As soon as your character starts using their close combat skill, hold [Z]. If done correctly, your character should use the close combat skill and you can control him. While you are doing this, do not attack anyone since it does not harm them. Just walk around everywhere and your experience points should keep rising.

Go to a generator in any level. Stay there and keep shooting at the monsters. You will gain a lot of experience. Eventually, the generator will stop producing the monsters. Note: If you shoot the generator, it will get smaller and you will not get as much experience.

Use the following trick to get a lot of health as well as gold and experience. Go to level 2 in the Volcano. Play through the level and you will receive approximately 2,300 gold each time. The monsters are also weak, and instead of having the food make up for lost life, you will earn about 600 life. Each time you play the level you will earn close to or a little over 5,000 experience even at higher levels. Play through this level three times, saving all gold and power-ups to sell, and you will earn over 20,000 gold.

The monsters in the first levels give about as much experience as the other levels, which makes it easy to gain experience and levels.

Use locations with never ending enemies to your advantage. For instance, since your character can throw their weapons, use a strategic method to reach a point in your surroundings in which the monsters cannot reach you, but you can reach them. Just keep killing them from that spot. Since the enemies are never ending use that unfair advantage to your advantage. In the long run this will allow you to prevail in gaining experience. Once you are satisfied with your skill level and experience, then you can return to completing the game.

Easy money
Note: Two controllers are required for this trick. Start a two player game. If there is only one person playing, let player two die. Find the Thunder Hammer. Press [R] so you do not accidentally use it. When you complete the level, sell it for 1300 gold. Repeat the process until you have as much money as desired. Note: When you repeat the trick, turn player two back on or else the Thunder Hammer will not appear.

Glitch: Rapid-fire walk attack
Attack an opponent way walking into it. Hold [Z] immediately after the attack is started. Then, turn around and begin walking. If done correctly, your character will begin walking very slow and firing very fast.

Glitch: Kill enemies without attacking
Go to an enemy generator. Kill all the enemies near it so you are not bothered. Then, when an enemy is just exiting the generator (half in and half out), walk into him to attack him. Melee and hold [Z], then walk away. If done correctly, you will keep attacking the air, but hurting all enemies that exit the generator, killing them and gaining experience while not actually attacking them.

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