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Nov. 29, 2006
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All weapons
Enter "NSRLS" as a password. Go to any level. When the orders appear, press [B] instead of [A] until you find the weapon you want. Then, press "A "to start with the selected weapon.

Maximum ammunition
Enter "MMLVSRM" as a password.

Play as Tin Soldier
Enter "TNSLDRS" as a password. Note: Enter this code after activating another character code to create a Tin version of that character.

Play as Vikki
Enter "GRNGRLRX" as a password.

Mini mode
Enter "DRVLLVSMM" as a password.

Large mode
Enter "LVNGLRG" as a password.

Test information
Enter "THDTST" as a password.

Win level
Enter "RDHNTRK" as a password to automatically win all levels, except for the last one.

Riff MissionMSTRMN
Hoover MissionSCRDCT
Thick MissionSTPDMN
Snow MissionBLZZRD
Shrap MissionSRFPNK
Fort PlastroGNRLMN
Scorch MissionHTTTRT
Living RoomHXMSTR
The Way Home1VRCLN

1. This password also enables all characters in multi-player mode.

Reverse weapon selection
Hold [B] and press [Z] during game play to cycle through weapons in reverse order.
Aiming and firing the mortar
Hold [Z] and you will see a green circle appear far away. Move it with the Analog-stick to the desired location, then release [Z] and your mortar will fire.

Blowing up buildings
Enable the "All weapons" and "Maximum ammunition" codes. Go to the side of the building, then switch to your bazooka or your mortar. To blow the building up with the bazooka, aim and shoot the side of the building. To blow the building up with the mortar, aim your pointer at the middle of the building, then shoot.

Killing Vikki
Go to Boot Camp to find Vikki in a house, where she can be killed.

Dead Grimm alive
Enable the "All weapons" code In the first level. Go to the bridge but do not go on it. Take out the sniper rifle and shoot the colonel in the forehead. The game will say that Grimm is dead, but if you approach him the intermission sequence will start, with him still in it.

Glitch: Stuck in a box
Start the game in the Blue Spy level in mini-mode. Immediately before the door to the building, turn to your right. You will see two boxes on top of each other. Try to jump on the top box. You will fall off. Keep trying and you will eventually end up inside the bottom box with no way out.

Find three or more boxes that are stacked on top of each other and are blocking a path. Go to the boxes, then hold "Analog-stick Up" and hold [A]. While you are coming down from your jump, you will get stuck in mid-air.

Glitch: No shot zone
There is a house after the first door in the Showdown level where you can walk and the enemy cannot see or shoot you. Do not try to shoot while you are inside, because you also cannot hit the enemy. Be careful if you are using an explosive weapon.

Glitch: Run across water
Enable the "All Weapons" code. Begin game play in the Blue Spy level and quickly switch to the sniper rifle. Hold [R] and aim at the blue spy across the water. This must be done quickly as he will walk out of your sight very soon. After you aim , shoot him until he dies. The failed mission message will appear. However, as soon as the message appears you can run across the water.

Glitch: Die with full health
You can die with full health in any level. Get a health kit and get hit at the same time. You will fall and the "Good to Go" message will appear before the mission finishes unsuccessfully.

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