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Blurred graphics
Enter "MYEYES" as a code at the cheat screen.

Beach ball mode
Enter "BCHBLKTPTY" as a code at the cheat screen.

Blackout mode
Enter "WTOTL" as a code at the cheat screen.

Baseball trails
Enter "WLDWLDWST" as a code at the cheat screen.

Fly back to dugout
Enter "FLYAWAY" as a code at the cheat screen. Players will fly back to the dugout after an out.

Small players
Enter "TOMTHUMB" as a code at the cheat screen.

Faster running
Hold [Z] to run faster.

Change pitch speed
Hold [Z] to increase or [R] to decrease the speed of a pitch.

Super fastball
Begin an exhibition game in arcade mode against the CPU. Throw a fastball and hold [A] + [C-Down] while it is flying towards the batter. If done correctly, the batter will not be able to hit the ball.

Lizard team
Select an exhibition game at Kaufmann Stadium. When a player hits either sign that reads "Win a lizard", the entire team will turn into lizards.
Easy strikes
If the CPU misses a bunt, it will probably attempt another bunt on the next pitch. Press [B] to throw far outside the hitting zone for an easy strike.

Alternatively, hold [A] + "C" while pitching.

If the batter is on the right side, pitch to bottom right corner. For the left side, pitch to the bottom left corner. Also, use the "Change pitch speed" code.

More home runs
Select a power hit and place the box under the pitch to increase the chances of hitting a homerun.

Press [B] while batting, then line the top left-hand corner of the box up with the pitch help circle. If lined up correctly, when the ball is pitched you will hit a homerun. You can use this with any players -- even pitchers. If it is a breaking pitch, just follow the ball.

More grounders
To have a better chance at hitting a ground ball, press [B] + [Analog-stick Up] or just move the yellow square above the circle so only half of the small circle is in the box.

More fly balls
To hit fly balls, move the yellow box a little above the circle (approximately half-way)

Avoid double plays
To stay out of the double play, steal the base and hit a ground ball. This will only work about 50% of the time and has a better chance of working with fast runners and big leads.

Heal injured players without going to the disabled list
Send an injured player to the minors and bring him back up. Any injury he had will now be gone.

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