Cut the Rope Cheats - iPhone

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Check out these Cut the Rope cheats and stay cool!
Bronze Scissors - Collect 50 Stars.
Bubble Popper - Pop 50 Bubbles.
Cardboard Box Completed - Complete the Cardboard Box.
Fabric Box Completed - Complete the Fabric Box.
Foil Box Completed - Complete the Foil Box.
Gift Box Completed - Complete the Gift Box.
Golden Scissors - Collect 300 Stars.
Master Finger - Cut 5 Ropes at once.
Quick Finger - Cut 3 Ropes at once.
Rope Cutter - Cut 100 Ropes.
Rope Cutter Maniac - Cut 800 Ropes.
Silver Scissors - Collect 150 Stars.
Spider Buster - Outsmart 40 Spiders.
Weight Loser - Lose Candy 50 times.

Hidden Drawings
Throughout the game you will find pieces of the background peeling off. Tapping these will reveal a hidden drawing that will be placed in Nom Nom's album in the main menu. These are the levels in which the drawings are hidden: 1-16, 2-18, 3-3, 3-20, 4-14, 5-1, 5-15, 6-7, 7-3, 7-21, 8-17, 9-21.

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