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Golden Egg Eggsteroids Locations
Level 1-9 - Directly under Green Pigs.
Level 1-20 - In the bushes of the planet.
Level 2-13 - In the bushes of the bottom planet.
Level 2-25 - On the starting planet, opposite from the slingshot.
Level 2-28 - In the snow, next to the arrow sign.

Tips for High Scores
Easy Three-Stars - Launching as few birds as possible to complete a stage increases score, getting you a three-star rank.
High Scores - Doing as much damage as possible in each level will also increase score.
Frozen Pigs - Pigs must be in a bubble when not within a planetoid's atmosphere. Instead they'll be in bubbles. Pop the bubbles and the pigs will freeze, then shatter.
Contruction Materials - Wood is weakest, then Ice, then Rock. Aim for Wood when possible.
Shooting Backwards - You don't always have to aim forward when you use the slingshot to launch birds. You can also aim backwards, and some stages actually require it.
Ice, Ice, Baby - Use the Ice Bird to turn Wood and Rock into Ice, then use the Blue Birds to easily shatter all of the created Ice.

Space Eagle Tokens Cost
20 tokens - $0.99
80 tokens - $2.99
280 tokens - $7.99
980 tokens - $19.99

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