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Primary Collection of Cheats
Vince McMahon
Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Chris Benoit
Win The WWE Undisputed Championship.

Ric Flair
Win The WWE European Championship.

Win The WWE Hardcore Championship.

Win The WWE Light Heavyweight Championship.

Stacy Keibler
Win The WWE Tag Team Championship.

Original WWE SmackDown Arena
Win The WWE Undisputed Championship as The Rock.

WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena
Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode.

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena
Win the Royal Royal with any superstar.

Alternate costumes
Highlight a wrestler, then press [R] at the character selection screen. This works with any WWE superstar.
More creation points
You can earn more create a wrestler points by winning matches (and defending your title) in Path Of A Champion mode.

Create a wrestler and win all the titles or win one and defend it many times. Then, swap it to another memory card. You can change just that person's appearance and they will have all there CAW points increased.

Easy perfect created wrestler
After you have created a wrestler and obtained all 10s for their stats by getting a title and defending it many times, copy that wrestler and edit them. Therefore with any new Create-A-Wrestler you make, you will not have go through the trouble of raising their stats.

Bradshaw: Clothesline From Hell through table
Get your special meter up so you at least have one. Set up the table in the corner of the ring, and Irish Whip your opponent to the table. Run towards him and press [A] + [B] together to do your special to him through the table. Note: Hollywood Hogan can also do this.

Rhyno: Gore
Get a special with Rhyno, press [Y] to run at your victim, then press [A] + [B].

Rhyno: Gore through table
This is a good looking move, but will not win a table match. Play as Rhyno and get your special up. Press [X] to place the table in the corner then Irish Whip your opponent into the table. Run towards your opponent and press [A] + [B]. He will gore them through the table.

Rob Van Dam: Van-Terminator
Change one of Rob Van Dam's flying attacks to a Dropkick. In a match, run your opponent to the corner and quickly go a turnbuckle horizontal from your opponent. Execute the Dropkick and it will be the Van-Terminator. You can also do it through a table.

Rob Van Dam: Van Daminator without using a finisher
Change one of his running attacks to the Spinning Wheel Kick (if already there). In a Hardcore match, throw a chair at your opponent. Run towards him/her and perform the kick. The result is a Van Daminator without a finisher. Note: This move s not as powerful as the real Van Daminator.

Rock: Combo
Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes and do his special People's Spinebuster. He will then walk to the head. Then, use another special for the People's Elbow.

Tajiri: Tarantula
In order to do the Japanese Buzzsaw's Tarantula, get your opponent in the corner facing the turnbuckle. Then, press [A] in any direction.

Test: Big Boot through table
Press [X] to set a table up in the corner. Boost up your special then whip your opponent into the table. Run at him and press [A] + [B] to boot him through the table.

Easy finisher
To fill up a finisher slot easily, edit your character's moves so that they have a Mahistrol Cradle. Keep doing it until a slot fills up for an easy finisher.

Rock: Rock Bottom
Austin: Stone Cold Stunner
Undertaker: Last Ride
Triple H: Pedigree
Kurt Angle: Angle Slam
Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho
Kane: Chokeslam from Hell
Rikishi: Rikishi Piledriver
Kevin Nash: Jackknife Powerbomb
Scott Hall: Razor's Edge
Rob Van Dam: Van-Daminator
Booker T: Leg Scissors Drop
Hardy Boyz and Lita: Twist of Fate
Bubba Ray Dudley: 3-D
D-Von: Powerbomb
Test: Gut Wrench Powerbomb
William Regal: Power of the Punch
Big Show: Showstopper Chokeslam
Tajiri: Green Mist and Buzzsaw Kick
Bradshaw: Clothesline from Hell
Faarooq: Dominator
Jacqueline: Hurricanrana Pin
Tazz: Tazzplex
Chris Benoit: Crippler Crossface
Raven: Raven Effect DDT
Trish Stratus: Superkick
Shane McMahon: Angle Slam
Stephanie McMahon: Pedigree
Vince McMahon: Mcstunner
Stacy Keibler: Fameasser
Easy match with weapons
In a match that you are allowed to use weapons, get good, tall weapons (chair, trash can, stick, etc.) and hit your opponent on the ground. Continue to do so until they are in the dark blue. Then, drop the weapon and use your moves and get your special, or at least close to it. Then, do your submission (special or not) and they should quit if you have problems making them submit.

Hit opponent with a weapon without getting disqualified
This can be only used on a regular (not hardcore) tag team. When your opponent is hurt very badly, run outside and pick up a weapon. Run in with it and drop it on the floor. Then, hit your opponent, but not with the weapon. When he turns blue on the spirit meter, focus on your opponent's partner and throw him into the ring by grabbing him. When he is in, the referee will try to get him out. Before the referee gets to the partner, pick up the weapon. When the referee gets to the partner, hit your opponent with the weapon and throw it out. The referee will not disqualify you unless you hit the referee with the weapon.

Avoid getting disqualified
Knock the referee out and use a weapon until he gets up. To hit the referee, walk behind him and put him between you and your opponent. Then, unload a strong striking attack on him. He will fall and you will have about ten seconds to beat away with the weapon. Make sure to drop it when he gets up.

Easy title defense
After winning a title belt, you may defend it against a random opponent. After selecting the belt to defend and the champion, an opponent and match type will automatically be set up. If you do not like the opponent or the match, press [B] to return to the wrestler selection screen, choose the champion as your player, and press [A]. A different opponent and match type will be set up. You can repeat this as many times as needed until you find a suitable opponent. Be careful -- if you quit the match after it begins, you automatically forfeit your belt.

Cage match: Quick finisher
Keep hitting your opponent when his or her arms are on the ropes.

Hardcore match: Easy win
Beat your opponent until he is in the blue. When he stands up, either do a move off the top or run and do a move (Clothesline, Elbow Smash, etc.) on top of him or her. Then, go for the pin.

Get a weapon and hit your opponent until his or her light is blue. Then press [A] to throw the weapon. You can now do any move to win.

Hell In A Cell match: Get on the cage
Continuously bash your opponent's head against the side of the cage or just throw him against it using an Irish Whip attack ( [A] + [Y] ). After about three to five hits on the side wall, it will break open. You can now go out and climb to the top. Note: Once you are on the top, slam your opponent on the ground a few times. After about six or seven good slams, it will break and you will fall through on the ring. If your aim is good, you can land on other opponents in the ring or even better, the referee.

Hell In A Cell match: Bust people through
Slam a person on top of the cage two times. On the third hit, they will fall through the cage.

Have one of your Irish Whip grapples to be the Thesz Press Knuckles. Have a tag team partner Irish Whip your opponent in to you. Press [A] to perform the Thesz Press Knuckles. You and your opponent will go though the top of the cell in the first try.

Hell In A Cell match: Easy win
This trick will drastically shorten your time in a Hell In A Cell match. If you go outside the ring immediately, they will follow. Grab a weapon and beat them until you are close to a special. Then, drop the weapon and bust out of the cage -- Irish Whip them into any one side of the cell three times and it will open. Press [X] to climb on top and go to the middle. If you slam them three times here on any one of the four middle blocks, they will break and you will fall through. After you get them through, get up as fast as possible. Drag them up and do the special you built up. Then, go for the pin.

Ladder match: Easy win
Pummel your opponent with a weapon until they are in the blue. Set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climb. Alternately, pummel your opponent for a while. Wait until they get the ladder, set it up, and climb it. Climb it also and punch them off. Then, jump to get the belt.

Ladder match: Setting the ladder up in the corner
Get the ladder and while walking towards the corner, press [X]. You will prop the ladder against the ropes just as you would do with the table. The ladder cannot break -- it will just fly out of the ring.

Royal Rumble match: Easy wins
When you enter the Royal Rumble and the match starts, quickly clothesline your opponent, then press [X] to pick him up. Then press [X] + [A] to throw him into the ropes. Keep kicking after he falls until his meter is in the light blue. Keep doing this and it will get in the dark blue and you will eliminate him.

Use the following trick to win a 30 man Royal Rumble in Painful mode. Do not try to Irish Whip your opponent out of the ring. If you try, make sure your health indicator is in the red. Another way is to Irish Whip your opponent from the other side of the ring; run at him and do a running attack that has your opponent on the ropes, back up, and do another running attack that does the same thing, then try to finish him off. If you are near the end not getting many hits in, when it appears as if he is going to Irish Whip you, press [L] to reverse the whip, sending him over the ropes, then finish him off. If you have more than one person on you, do a move that throws one of the opponents into someone else. The rest of the time, keep on beating him.

Table match: Easy win
Pick up the table and press [Y] near the corner of the ring. Your character will set up the table against the ring post. Next, whip your opponent into the corner in which the table is placed. Run at him and press [A] to slam him through the table. Note: This also works with ladders.

Grab a table with [X] + [A] and walk to a corner. Press [X] to place it on a slant. Grab your opponent and press [Y] + [A] in the direction of the table. When the opponent connects with the table, press [Y] to run. Near the opponent, press [B] and slam your him or her to break the table.

When the match begins, exit the ring. Run to the announcer's table and press [X] to climb on it. While on the table, taunt (press the D-Pad in any direction) until your opponent gets on the table with you. Use a DDT or any move that slams a person to the mat. This will break the table, and end the match in your favor.

As soon as Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way Table Match starts, do a running attack towards your nearest opponent. Immediately after this, exit out of the ring and get on top of the announcer's table. The wrestler you attacked (or another wrestler) should follow you out of the ring and onto the table. As soon as he gets on the table, slam him through it.

Press [X] + [A] to pick up a table, hit your opponent a few times, get in the ring, and set up the table in the turnbuckle by pressing [X] and the direction of the turnbuckle. Irish Whip your opponent in the table, then punch them with [B].

Press [X] to climb the announcers table. Wait for your opponent to follow, then slam him.

Weaken your opponent slightly, then go onto the announcer's table and taunt. Your opponent will follow you there. As soon as he gets there, do a move such as a Suplex. He will go through the table and you will win. This also works in Triple Threat and Fatal Fourway matches.

A easy way to win a table match is to go over to the announcer's table where J.R and Jerry are located (or the Spanish table). Do a special or a move that would hurt the person, then you will win.

At the beginning of a table match, go out of the ring and get on top of the table. Do a slam through the table. This is useful when you have a title and want to gain player points. Just skip opponents until you get a table match.

Go outside of the ring and on to the announcer's table by pressing [X]. Then, do a slam move through the table.

Table match: Get disabled
If you use a Shooting Star Press through a table and hit your opponent in the center of the table, your character will be disabled until you are punched or kicked.

Tag match: Tagging your partner
Press [Right] to tag your partner.

Tag match: Tag partner from top rope
When you are on the apron (you not being the legal man), climb the turnbuckle nearest you and press [Z]. You will reach out and your partner will tag you.

Tag match: Easy win
Do not fight at the beginning; just tag your CPU teammate. Allow him to fight and if he is in trouble, get on the turnbuckle and attack for a cheap shot. The referee cannot stop it until you get off the opponent. When they do a move that is likely to be followed by an attempted pin, just step in and the referee will go after you and forget the pin. If you are evenly matched and no one can pin the other, then while you are out, beat on the other tag team partner. Get a special and when the referee is distracted, jump in and knock the legal man out. Do not use a pin move as it will cause only minor damage and they will get back up. The best special is your Turnbuckle. Use it and get out before the referee looks at you. He will count the pin your partner is sure to get.

Triple Threat match: Get opponents to attack each other
Note: This does not work for Handicap matches. Throw one of your opponents into the other with a move such as the Giant Swing or Hanged Neck Slam. Make sure that you knock them down, Your third opponent will get back up and attack your other opponent.

Triple Threat match: Easy win
At a normal Triple Threat match, get 1 to 2 specials. Use the Pedigree on an opponent when near by. It will knock your opponent down, and you can pin him without interruptions and win. Note: You can use Triple H or another wrestler that has the Pedigree special.

To win a Triple Threat ladder match, do a running attack on the person who is facing you. The other person will beat him up. Then, go outside of the ring, get the ladder, set it up, and you will win.

Escape grapple
To get out of a grapple, press [L].

Escape punch or kick attack
To get out of a wrestler's punch or kick attack, press [R].

Escape special
To get out of a wrestler's special move, press [L] + [R].

Climb cage or grab belt fast in ladder match
Before you attempt to grab the belt in a ladder match or climb the cage in a cage match, get you momentum into the red. The closer it is to red, the faster you will grab the belt or escape the cage.

Easy first match
When defending a title you can go back and reselect your character if you are not happy with the first match you were originally given. This is very useful when going for a title on painful, and you want an easy match such as a Table Match.

Easy win on painful
The easiest match is the Table Match -- just put them on the announcer's table and it is over. However, if you are lucky enough to get some Hell In A Cell Matches while going for a title in painful, you can use a very safe strategy. Just fight on the outside the entire time and you cannot be defeated. You can put them through the cage once or twice and then pick them up and do one or two specials to guarantee victory. You can also fight outside to avoid pinfall and submission on a normal match, but its easiest in the cell.

Easy special
Keep doing the same submission move on your opponent until you get your special. Do it, then pin him.

DX music and entrance
Select Original 2 music and Original 2 for Entrance 2.

Play catch
Select a two player or greater match. Pick up a weapon and aim at the character you want to play catch with. Have them aim at you, then throw it at the other person. Have the other person press [R]. They should catch it. Have them repeat the process to toss it back.

Extra moves
Choose the People's Elbow and/or the Atomic Leg Drop. You will perform the People's Elbow and/or Atomic Leg Drop in the ring. However, when you are outside the ring you will perform the Chin Lock and/or the Arm Smash.

Al Snow
Body type: 03
Skin color: 02
Face: 12
Eye color: brown
Hair type: 02 Color black
Facial hair: 02
Upper body type: 01 Color: black
Wrist type: 01 Color: black
Lower body type 02 Color: black
Logo: 16R
Special move: Pump Handle Slam
Entrance: Stone Cold, Kane, Tazz
Name: Al Snow
Music: Tazz
Titantron: Kane
Austin Powers
Body Type: .02
Skin Color: First pale white
Shoulder: -17
Upper Arm: -11
Forearm: -12
All: 22

Face: 14 Brown Eyes
Hair: 09 Dark Brown
Upper Body: 08
Logo: R Color: Light Blue
Wrist: 01 White
Lower Body: 07 Light Blue
Foot: 01
Logo: 01 R White
Special 1: Sweet Chin Music
Special 2: Giant Swing
Special 3: Walls Of Jericho
Taunt 1: Kurt's Woooo!
Taunt 2: R...V...D...
Taunt 3: Come On! 02
Taunt 4: Spanking 02
Taunt Apron: Clapping Hands
Taunt Celebration: This is Test
Entrance 1: Original 03
Entrance 2: Original 01
Entrance 3 Original 03

Name: Powers
Alias: Austin
Music: Scotty and Albert
Titantron: Albert
Appearance: Male
Body and skin type: 4 or 3
Face: Type 10
Hair: Type 10
Color: 2
Wrists: Type 1 (White)
Lower Body: Type 4
Color: Red (or customized orange)
Logo: 1 (R side)
Knee: Type 3 (Black)
Foot: Type 4 (White)
Appearance: Male
Skin Color: 4
Face: Type 13
Hair: Type 10
Color: 2
Elbow: Type 3 (Light Red)
Wrist: 1 (White)
Lower Body: Type 1
Color: Red
Logo: 1 (L side)
Knee: Type 3 (Black)
Foot: Type 4 (Red)
Billy Gunn
Appearance: Male
Body type: 3
Face: 10
Hair: 7 Color Yellow
Upper Body: 0
Elbow: 3 Color Red
Wrist: 1 Color Red
Lower Body: 1 Color Red
Knee: 6 Color Red
Foot: 3 Color Red

Special 1: Fame-Asser
Special 2: Reverse DDT Drop

Entrance 1: O 2
Entrance 2: O 1
Entrance 3: O 1
Billy Gunn
Body: Type 3 Color 3

Modify figure
All: 30

Face: Type 11
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Type 7 Color Lt. Blonde
Elbow: Type 3 Color Pink
Wrist: Type 2 Color White
Lower body: Type 4: Logo 1 Color pink
Knee: Type 3 Color Pink
Foot: Type 3 Color White

Special 1: Fame-Asser
Special 2: Sleeper Hold
Entrance 1: Triple H.
Entrance 2: Triple H.
Entrance 3: Rikishi

Name Billy Gunn
Alias: Mr. Ass
Music: Original 2
Titantron: Rock
Billy Kidman
Modify Figure: Shoulder: -15,-15,-15,-15
All: -20
Hair: 08,Color:Black
Upper Body: 03, Color Black
Elbow: 03, Color Black
Wrist: 01, Color: Black
Lower Body: 05,Color: Black
Knee: 03, Color: Black
Foot: 00

Specials 1: Shooting Star Splash
Specials 2: Unprettier

Entrance 1: Test
Entrance 2: Test
Entrance 3: Edge
Billy Kidman (new version)
Body Type: 3 Skin Color 2
Modify Figure: Shoulders -15
Face Type: 7
Hair Type 7 Color Black
Elbow Type: 3 Color Black
Wrist Type: 1 Color Black
Lower Body Type: 5 Color Black Logo 4L
Knee Type: 3 Color Black
Specials: Shooting Star Splash, Unprettier, X-Factor
Entrance: Test, Test, Edge
Bret Hart
Body Type: 6
Face Type: 8
Hair Type: 5
Upper Body Type: 3
Logo: 1 on R Color: Black
Elbow Type: 6 Color: Black on both
Wrist Type: 1 Color: Pink
Lower Body Type: 2
Logo: 8 on R Color: Pink
Foot Type: 5 Color: White
Special: Sharpshooter
Brock Lesnar
Body Type: 03
Modify Figure: Upper Body: 14,14,14
All: 30
Face: 02
Hair Type: 07, Color: Blonde
Tattoo: (Arm) 04
Wrist: 01
Lower Body: 00, Color: Black
Knee: 03, Color: Black
Foot: 00

Specials1: Jack Hammer
Specials2: Spine Buster 03

Entrance 1: Walk 1
Entrance 2: Kevin Nash
Entrance 3: Chris Benoit

Name: Brock Lesnar
Alias: The Next Big Thing
Music: Original 4
Titantron: Vince McMahon
Bull Buchanon
Skin color: Second
Shoulder: 10 all
Upper arm: 10 all
Forearm: 10 all
Hand: Size 5 all
Waist: 5 all
Abdomen :5 all
Thigh: 5 all
Calf: 5 all
All: 20
Face: 11
Facial hair: 09 Color fifth
Upper body: 04 Color White
Wrist: 01 Color White
Lower body: 08 Color custom Black
Special: Scissors Kick
Alias: BULL
Music: 03
Titantron: Optional
Brian Adams (chronic)
Body Type: 6
Face: 12
Hair: 2 Color,Black
Facial Hair: 5 Color Black
Upper Body Type: 1 Color Black, Logo: 4
Elbow: 6 Color Black
Wrist: 2 Color Black
Lower Body: 3 Color Black
Knee: 6 Color Black
Foot: 8 Color Black
Moves: Special: Jacknife Power Bomb, Running Big Boot
Double Team Moves, Counter, High Time
Body Type: 3
Face: 3
Eye Color: Brown
Facial Hair: 3 Color,Black
Hair: 8 Colorl,Black
Upper Body: 1 Color Black, Logo: 4
Wrist: 1 Color Black
Lower Body: 5 Color Black Logo: 4
Knee: 3 Color Black
Foot: 2 Color Black
Moves: Front Special, Rock Bottom
Back Special, Pump Handle Slam (a.k.a. Meltdown)
Double Team moves, counter: High Time
Cactus Jack
Body type: 08
Skin type: Second from left

Modify figure
Face 1: All
Jaw length: 8
Size: 14
Width: 15
Depth: 10
Abdomen: 11 all
Thigh: 10 all
Calf: 10 all
Foot: 3 all
All 14 length
Face: 05
Hair: 04 Color Dark Brown
Facial hair: 05 Color Dark Brown
Upper body: 08 Color Black
Lower body: 02 Color Black
Special: Mandible Claw, Reverse DDT
Name: Catus Jack
Entrance: 01,01, Bradshaw
Cactus Jack
Body Type: 0
Skin Color: 2

Modify Figure
Face: 3
Shoulder : -13
Chest: 11
Waist: 14
Abdomen: 14
Thigh: 7
Calf: 2
All: 14

Face: 3
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Type: 4
Hair Color: 5
Facial Hair: 5 Color 5

Upper Body: 8
Wrist: 1 Logo 1

Lower Body: 2 Logo 5 R Color Black
Foot: 6

Name: Cactus Jack
Music: 1
Titantron: Vince
Walk 1
Big Show or Test
Chris Benoit

Front Grapple: Double arm DDT
Back Grapple: Falling Neck Breaker
Running Special: Clothesline Fron Hell or Axe Bomber
Irish Whip: Fallway Slam
Body Type: 0
Skin Color: Fourth
Face Width: -50
Face Depth: +50
Jaw: -50
Neck: -50
Shoulder: -50
Upper Arm Size: -50
Upper Arm width: -50
Upper Arm Depth: +50
Fore Arm Size: -50
Fore Arm Width: -50
Fore Arm Depth: +50
Hand: +40
Chest: +40
Waist: +10
Abdomen Size: -13
Abdomen Width: -13
Abdomen Depth: +50
Thigh: +50
Calf: -50
Foot: +50
Length: +50

Face Type: 05
Hair: 08
Hair Color: Next to white
Upper Bodie: 08 Yellow
Wrist: 04 Yellow
Hand: 03 Yellow
Lower Body: 07 Yellow
Foot: 0 Yellow
Chuck Pulumbo
Body type: 3
Face: 13
Hair: 10 Color Tanish Yellow
Elbow: 3 Color Red
Wrist: 1 Color Red
Lower Body: 1 Color Red
Knee: 6 Color Red
Foot: 3 Color Red

Special 1: Sweet Chin Music

Entrance 1: 2
Entrance 2: 1
Entrance 3: 1
Body Type 01 Color second
Shoulder: 14 all
Upper Arm: 20 all
Forearm: 20 all
Hand: 7 all
Chest: 4 all
Waist: 7 all
Thigh: 20 all
Calf: 20 all
All 10
Face: 02
Eye color: Fifth
Hair 04 or 05 Color black
Upper body: 10
Logo: 7 right Color custom dark black
Hand: Type 03 Color same custom
Lower body: 13 Color same custom
Foot color: Same custom black
Special: Pedigree, Reverse DDT, Diving Elbow Drop, Camel Clutch
Entrance: Tajiri, Tajiri, Lance Storm
Alias: 9th Wonder
Music Triple H
Titantron Triple H
Skin color: Third from right
Face: 1
Hair: 13 Black
Upper Body: 6 White
Logo: 5
Lower Body: 2 Black
Special 1: Angle Slam
Special 2 (running attack): Flying Forearm Attack
Special 3 (submission 2): Recliner
Special 4 (from turn buckle): Flying body attack
Entrance 1: Vince
Entrance 2: Original 1
Entrance 3: Vince
Name: Coach
Music: Shane
Titantron: Vince
Dawn Marie
Body type 2
Color: 3

Modify figure
Face: 2
Jaw: 3
Neck: 9
Shoulder: 16
Upper Arm: 10
Forearm: 7
Hand: 4
Chest: -8
Waist: -13
Abdomen: -15
Thigh: -7
Calf: - 4
Foot: -13
All: 5

Face Type 3
Eye color: Brown

Hair Type 1 Color Brown
Upper body Type 11 Color med. Blue
Elbow Type 3 Color Black
Wrist Type 1 Color White
Lower body Type 3 Logo 16 Color med. Blue
Knee Type 3 Color Black
Foot Type 0 Color Black
Special 1: X-Factor
Special 2: Sleeper Hold
Special 3: Molly-Go-Round
Entrance 1: Molly Holly
Entrance 2: Jacqueline
Entrance 3: Trish Stratus

Name: Dawn Marie
Music: Stacy Keibler
Titantron: Trish Stratus
Body Type: 0 Skin Color:4
Modify: Waist:13,1 3, 13
Face: 2 Facial Hair: 3 Dark Brown
Hair Type: 3 Color: 3
Elbow: 3
Wrist: 1 Black
Hand: 1 Black
Lower Body: 8
Knee: 0
Foot: 1
Special 1: Bubba Cutter (Diamond Cutter)
Entrance 1: Walk 1
Entrance 2: Original 2
Entrance 3: Original 2

Name: Dallas Pages
Alias: Diamond
Music: Original 3
Titantron: Ric Flair
Body type: Your choice
Face: 2
Hair: 8 Color Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Facial Hair: 3 Color Blonde
Upper Body: Tattoo 2
Elbow L and R: 3 Color Black
Wrist: 1 Color Black
Lower Body 2 Color Custom Dark Purple, Logo: 20
Foot: 5 Color Black
Moves: Special: Bubba Cutter, Figure 4
Entrance: Walk 1,Original, Original 2
Music: Your choice
DDP (Sara stalker version)
Appearance: Male
Body Type:3
Skin Color:2

Modify Figure:
Face: Size: -4
Jaw: Size: 6
Neck: Size: -9
Shoulder: Size: -11
Upper Arm: Size: 0
Forearm: Size 0
Hand: Size: 0
Chest: Size: -1
Waist: Size: -7
Abdomen: Size: -1
Thigh: Size: -3
Calf: Size: 1
Foot: Size: 3
All: Length: 12
Face: Type: 5
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Type: 3 Color: 3
Facial Hair: Type: 9 Color Dark Brown
Upper Body: Type: 4 Color Black
Upper Body: Tattoo: 2
Elbow: Type: 3 Color Black
Hand: Type: 3 Color Black
Lower Body: Type: 6 Color Black
Foot: Type: 0 Color Black
Moves: Must include Bubba Cutter
DDP (good guy version)
Appearance: Male
Body Type: 3
Skin Color: 2

Modify Figure:
Face: Size: -4
Jaw: Size: 6
Neck: Size: -9
Shoulder: Size: -11
Upper Arm: Size: 0
Forearm: Size 0
Hand: Size: 0
Chest: Size: -1
Waist: Size: -7
Abdomen: Size: -1
Thigh: Size: -3
Calf: Size: 1
Foot: Size: 3
All: Length: 12
Face: Type: 5
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Type: 3 Color 3
Facial Hair: Type: 9 Color Dark Brown
Upper Body: Tattoo: 2
Elbow: Type: 3 Color Black
Wrist: Type: 1 Color Black
Hand: Type: 1 Color Black
Lower Body: Type: 7 Color Black
Foot: Type: 0 Color Black
Moves: Must include Bubba Cutter
DDP (Old WCW version)
Body Type: 00
Skin Color: Any tan color
Face: 03
Eye color: Black
Hair: 04
Hair Color: Light Blond
Facial Hair: 07
Facial Hair Color: Black
Upper body: 04 or none
Upper Body Logo: WWF or nWo
Tattoo: 02
Color: Black
Elbow: None or 03
Elbow color: R and L black
Wrist: 02
Wrist Color: White
Hand: None or 02
Hand Color White
Lower Body: 02 or 06
Lower Body Color: Blue or Black 0
Debra (old)
Skin color: First from left
Modify figure:
Chest: 4 all
Foot: -5 all
Face: 01
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: 01 Color: Second from left
Upper Body: 09 Color: Pink
Lower Body: Pink
Foot: 13
Special: Jarret Face Buster (Full Nelson Face Slam)
Entrance: Trish, Stephanie, Stacy

Name: Debra
Music: Trish
Titantron: Steve Austin
Eddie Guerrero
Body Type
Type: 02
Skin Color: 2

Type: 08
Eye Color: Brown

Type: 05
Hair Color: Darker Brown (5)

Facial Hair
Type: 03
Color: 4

Upper Body
Type: 00 (None)
Logo: None
Tattoo: None
Color: None

Type: 06
Color (L): Black
Color (R): Black

Type: 01
Logo: 00
Color: Black

Type: 00 (None)
Color: None

Lower Body
Type: 02
Logo: 08 (R)
Color: Red

Type: 00 (None)
Logo: None
Color (L): None
Color (R): None

Type: 05
Logo: 00 (L Version)
Color: Black

Special Move: Five Star Frog Splash

Name: Eddie Guerrero
Alias: None
Music: Original 2
Titantron: Edge
Freak Out
Body type: 3
Skin color: Third from left
Face: 0
Jaw: 0
Neck: 0
Shoulder: -12
Upper arm: +50
Forearm: 0
Hand: 0
Waist: +12
Abdomen: +6
Thigh: +15
Calf: +11
Foot: +6

All: +13
Face: 1Hair: 0Lower body: 5 Logo: 4 R BlackFoot 5 BlackName: Freak OutMusic: Stone ColdTitantron: Booker T
Body Type: 1
Face: 3
Hair: 0
Facial Hair: 4
Upper Body: None, Tattoo 3
Elbow: 6 Color Black
Hand: 1 Color Black
Lower Body: 0 Color Black
Knee: 9 Color Black
Foot: 0 Color Black
Moves: Special: Jackhammer, Pump Handle Slam, Gore
Taunt: Ready For Rock Bottom
Goldberg (new)
Body type :1
Skin color :2

Modify figure,
Shoulders: +8
Face type: 2
Hair: 0
Facial hair: 5
Upper body tattoo: 3
Elbow: 3
Hand: 4
Lower body: 5 Color white
Logo: 13
Special 1: Jack Hammer
Special 2: Gore
Ivory (old)
Skin color: Second
Hair color: Third
Upper body: 09 Color Purple
Lower body: 13 Color Purple
Boot: Color purple
Special: Back Rake
Name: Ivory
Jamie Noble
Body type
Type: 06
Skin color: 3

Modify figure
Face: 10
Neck: -4
Shoulder: -17
Upper arm: -10
Forearm: -10
Chest: 3
Waist: 6
Abdomen: 3
Thigh: -11
Calf: -9
Foot: -5
All: 16

Eye color: 4

Type: 7
Hair Color: 6

Type: 3
Color: Black

Lower body:
Type: 10

Type: 2

Special 1:Front grapple - Double Arm Driver
Special 2:Submission Facing down - Camel Clutch
Special 3:Attack from turnbuckle - Missile Dropkick
Special 4:Attack to inside rope - Springboard Dropkick.

1: Original 3
2: Faarooq
3: Kevin Nash

Name: Noble
Alias: Jamie
Music: Original 2
Titantron: Edge
John Cena
Music: Original 3
Videos: Edge
Entrance 1: RVD
Entrance 2: Edge
Entrance 3: Original 2
Body: 1

Modify figure:
Face: -3
Jaw: 0
Neck: 0
Shoulder: -6
Upper Arm: -12
Forearm: -3
Hand: 0
Chest: -7
Waist: -7
Abdomen: -10
Thigh: -8
Calf: -16
Foot: 0
All: 0

Face: 10
Eye Color: Black

Hair: 3
Hair Color: Black

Wrist: 1
Wrist Color: White

Lower Body: 3
Logo: 19 (Press [R] to get the different design)
Lower Body Color: Light Blue

Knee Pad: 3
Knee Pad Color: Black or White

Foot: 3
Foot Color: White

Special 1: X-Factor
Special 2: None
Special 3: None
Special 4: None
Justin Credible
Body type: 06
Skin color: Second from left
Modify body
Neck: -13 all
Shoulders: -10 all
Chest: -10 all
Waist: -7
Abdomen: -10 all
Thigh: -10 all
Calf: -10 all
Foot: 2 all

Face: 07
Facial hair: 09 Color Dark Brown
Elbow: 03 Black
Wrist: 02 White
lower body: 10 Color Light Blue
Knee 3 Black

Special: Spinning (Piledriver)
Name: Credible
Alias: Justin
Music: Original 5
Titatron: Albert
Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
Name: Homer
Short name: Homer
Type: Babyface

Special 1: Jackhammer
Special 2: Japanese Rolling Clutch Pin
Special 3: Flip Attack 02
Special 4: Rapid Punches

Hair: Bald 02
Mustache: Beard 05
Body color: Second yellow on the top row of colors
Upper body: Shirt 16 (short sleeve)
Lower body: Jeans 01
Shoes: Military boots (color Black)

Music: The Rock
Titantron: Al Snow
Stage: Batista
Ramp: Christian
Ring: Taunt 08
General: Walk 03
Intro: Big Show gate
Ramp appeal 1: HBK gate
Start wait: 14 seconds (make camera for start; Intro 09)
Ken Shamrock
Face: 11
Hair: 10 Black
Wrist:1 Black
Knee: 3 Blue
Foot: 4
Special 1: Edge-ecution
Special 2: Flap Jack
Special 3: Ankle Lock
Special 4 (from turnbuckle): Diving Karate Kick
Entrance 1: Rikishi
Entrance 2: Kane
Entrance 3: Faarooq
Name: Shamrock
Alias: Ken
Music: Original3
Titantron: Chris Benoit
Krillin (Dragon Ball Z)
Body type: 3
Skin color: Second from white
Height: All the way down
Face type: 7
No hair
No facial hair
Wrist type: 2 Color Blue
Lower body type: 7 Color Light Orange
Foot type: 1 Color Blue
Lex Luger
Body Type 3
Color: 2

Modify figure
All 30

Face Type 10
Eye color Lt. Blue
Hair Type 12, Color 2
Elbow Type 3, Color Black
Wrist Type 2, Color White

Lower body
Type 0
Logo 7
Color white

Knee Type 6, Color Black
Foot Type 3, Color Black

Special 1: Recliner
Special 2: Angle Slam
Special 3: Power Slam
Entrance 1: Kevin Nash
Entrance 2: Booker T.
Entrance 3: Kevin Nash

Name: Lex Luger
Music: NWO
Titantron: NOW
Macho Man (Spider-Man: The Movie)
Body: 5
Face: 3
Hair: 4
Facial Hair: 7 Color Black
Upper Body: 3 Color Black
Elbow: 4 Color Black
Hand: 4 Color Black
Lower Body: 7 Color Black
Foot: 0 Color Black
Body: Type 3 Color 5

Modify figure
Face: 6
Jaw: -2
Neck: -8
Shoulder: -11
Upper arm: -9
Forearm: -8
Hand: -4
Abdomen: -4
Thigh: 1
All: 10

Type 7
Eye color: Brown
Elbow: Type 3 Color Black
Wrist: Type 2: Color Black
Lower body: Type 3 Logo 16 Color Black
Foot: Type 2 Color Black

Special 1: Rikishi Driver
Special 2: Sleeper Hold
Special 3: Boston Crab
Entrance 1: Albert
Entrance 2: Steve Austin
Entrance 3: Rikishi

Name: Maven
Music: Original 6
Titantron: Vince
Mr. Bison
Body type: 03
Skin color: Brightest

Modify Figure
Shoulder: 10
Upper arm: 20
Forearm: 10
Hand: 15
Chest: 20
Waist: 10
Abdomen: 20
Thigh: 20
Calf: 15
All: 35

Face: 11
Eye color: white
Hair: 7 Color Black
Upper Body: 6 Color Red
Elbow: 6 Color Red
Wrist: 4 Color Red
Lower body: 02 Color Red
Foot: 05 Color Silver (costume)

Special: Gore
Taunts 1 and 2: Cut Throat
Taunts 3 and 4: Come on! 01
Celebration: Ahhhhhhh!

Entrance 1: Kurt Angle
Entrance 2: Jericho
Entrance 3: The Rock

Name: Mr. Bison
Music: Original 5
Titantron: Booker T
Body type 08
Skin: Second from left

Modify body
All 14

Foot 3 All
Calf 10 All
Thigh 10 All
Abdomen 11 All
Waist 14,15,16
Face 1 All
Jaw 8
Hair 04 Color Brown
Upper Body 09 Color White
Lower Body 02 Color Brown
Foot 06 Color 06
Entrance: Optional 01,01, Bradshaw
Music: Optional 02
Titantron: Vince
Body type: 00
Skin color: 01

Modify figure
Face: +3
Jaw: 0
Neck: 0
Shoulder: -15
Upper arm: 0
Forearm: 0
Hand: 0
Chest: +11
Waist: +14
Abdomen: +14
Thigh: +7
Calf: -2
Foot: 0

Face type: 4
Eye color: Blue

Hair type: 04 Color: 05
Facial hair: 0

Upper body type: 09 Color: White
Lower body type: 12 COLOR: black

Special 1: Mandible Claw

Name: Mankind
Alias: Mick Foley
Music: Original 2
Titantron: Kane
Mark Hardy
Face: Type 10
Hair Type 10
Upper body: Type 1 color white
Wrist: Type 1
Hand :Type 1
Lower body: Type 2 color white
Special move: Pump Handle Slam
Entrance: All undertaker
Music: Matt hardy
Titantron: Jeff harrdy
All: - 50
Face: Type 3
Hair: Type 4
Facial hair: 7
Upper Body: 6 Gray
Lower Body: 11
Foot: 3
Music: Y2J
Titantron: Taker
Name: Mini Me
Alias: I Call Him
Entrance: Taker
Special: Jakehammer
Nathan Jones
Body type: 3
Skin color: 3

Modified figure
Face: 7
Neck: 23
Upper arm: 21
Forearm: 15
Hand: 8
Chest: 7
Waist: 7
Abdomen: 3
Thigh: 3
Calf: 6
Foot: 4
All: 50

Face type: 11
Hand: 7
Color: Black
Lower body: 5
Color: Black
Logo: 5 (R)
Knee: 3
Color: Black
Foot: 8
Color: Black

Music: Original 4
Titantron: nWo
Body type: 01
Skin color: Second from the left
All size: 50
Face: 02
Eye color: White
Hair type: 08
Hair color: Black
Facial hair: 10 Color: Black
Upper body: 04
Tattoo: 07
Upper body color: Black
Elbow type : 06
Elbow color: Black
Wrist type: 02
Wrist color: Black
Hand type: 04
Hand color: Black
Lower body type : 06
Lower body color: Black
Foot type: 01
Color: Black
Punches: Undertaker
Special: Tombstone Piledriver, Old School, Chockeslam
Name: Oldertaker
Alias: Dead Man
Music: Original 01
Entrance Movie: Undertaker
Perry Saturn
Body Type: 06
Skin Color: Fifth one (counting from the right)
Face Type: 09
Eye Color: Fifth one (counting from the right)
Hair: 00
Facial Hair: 07
Color: Black
Upper Body: 00
Tattoo: 07
Elbow: 00
Wrist: 01
Color: White
Hand: 00
Lower body: 00
Logo: 03
Color: Black
Knee: 00
Foot: 08
Color: Last one on top row
Name: Saturn
Music: Raven
Titantron: Raven
Rey Mysterio
Body type: 03
Skin color: 03

Modify body:
Shoulder: -8 all
Upper arm: -7 all
Forearm: -5 all
Hand: -3 all
Chest: -9 all
Waist: -6 all
Abdomen: -3 all
Thigh: -3 all
Calf: -6 all
Foot: -4 all
All: -24

Face: Type 05 or 04
Eye color: Lt. Blue
Hair: Type 03 Color black
Upper body: Tattoo 00 or 02
Elbow: Type 03 Color black
Wrist: Type 02 Color black
Hand: Type 3 any color desired
Lower body: Type 12 Logo 02 any color desired
Foot: Type 03 Color black
Specials: Molly-Go-Round, Front Grapple Hurricanrana, Mahistrol Cradle, Irish Whip, Walls Of Jericho
Entrance: Rhyno, Christian, Rikishi

Name: Rey Mysterio
Alias: 619 or none
Music: Shane Mcmahon
Titantron: The Rock
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Body Type: 3
Color: Med. Brown

Modify figure
Face: 5
Jaw: 6
Neck: 7
Shoulder: 9
Upper arm: 15
Forearm: 5
Hand: 3
Chest: 13
Waist: 7
Abdomen: 8
Thigh: 10
Calf: 13
Foot: 3
All: 30

Face: Type 2
Eye color: Lt. Blue

Hair: Type 13 Color Black

Upper Body
Type 3
Logo 4 Color Orange
Wrist type: 1 Color White

Lower Body
Type 2
Logo 14 Color Orange
Foot: Type 2 Color Black
Special 1: Molly-Go-Round
Special 2: Hurricarana
Special 3: Mahistrol cradle
Special 4: Walls Of Jericho
Entrance 1: Rhyno
Entrance 2: Christian
Entrance 3: Rikishi

Name: Mysterio jr.
Alias: Rey
Music: Shane McMahon
Titantron: Rock
Scott Steiner
Body type 03
Skin color third from left

Width: -1
Length: 3
Depth: 1
Jaw: 10

Size: 50
Depth: 45
Width: 8

Shoulders: 2 All
Upper arm: 11 All
Forearm: 10 All
Hands: 10 All
Foot: 3 All
chest 11: All

All 3
Face 3
Hair 9 Color second from left
facial hair 07 Color first from left
Lower Body 05 Color Black
Knee 03 Color Black

Name: Scott Steiner
Alias: BigPoppaPump
Music: nWo
Titantron: nWo
Special 1: Steiner Recliner (Recliner)
Special 1: Chicken Wing Suplex Sub with Double Arm Suplex or Pump Handle Suplex
Scott Steiner
Body type: 3
Color: 3

Modify figure
All: 20

Face Type 11
Eye: Color Brown
Hair: Type 7 Color 2
Facial hair: Type 4 Color 2

Upper body: Type 3 Color White
Wrist: Type 2 Color White
Lower body: Type 3 Logo 15 Color White
Foot: Type 3 Color Black

Special 1: Recliner
Special 2: Side Swipe Powerbomb
Special 3: Hurricanrana (flying)
Special 4: Boston Crab 01
Entrance 1: Original 3
Entrance 2: Rock
Entrance 3: Faarooq

Name: Scott Steiner
Alias: Big Poppapump
Music: nWo
Titantron: nWo
Sgt. Slaughter
Body Type: 2
Modify Figure
Head: Width +9

Jaw: Size +4
Width +10
Length +6
Depth +15

Neck: Size +7
Hand: Size +5
Chest: Size +6
Waist: Size +50
Abdomen: Size +35

All: Length -4
Face: 2
Facial Hair: 1 Color Black
Upper Body: 1
Logo: 3R Color Dark Green (press [Y] for custom color tool)
Elbow: 3
Wrist: 1
Lower Body: 12
Logo: 2R
Color: Same shade of green as Upper Body
Foot: 3
Color: Brown

Special Move: Cobra Clutch

Name: Sgt. Slaughter
Entrance 1: Big Show
Entrance 2: Vince McMahon
Entrance 3: Tazz
Titantron: Kurt Angle or Undertaker
Music: Original 7
Shawn Michaels
Body Type: 001
Face: 01
Hair: 12, Color Brown
Upper Body: 04, Logo 03
Wrist: 01
Lower Body: 02, Logo 06, color White
Foot: 00

Special 1: Sweet Chin Music
Special 2: Diving Elbow Drop

Entrance 1: Original 1
Entrance 2: Original 1
Entrance 3: Original 3

Name: Shawn Michaels
Alias: HBK
Music: nWo
Titantron: nWo
Shawn Michaels
Body Type: 3
Skin color: second from left

Modify Figure
Face: -5 All
Neck: -5 All
Shoulder: -10 All
Upper Arm: -10 All
Forearm: -10 All
Hand: -5 All
Chest: -10 All
Waist: -20 All
Abdomen: -10 All
Thigh: -5 All
Calf: -5 All
All: -9

Face: 01
Eye color: Black
Hair: 06 Dark Brown
Wrist: 03 Logo 03 Color Red
Lower Body: 02 Logo 06 Color Red
Foot: 02 Logo 01 Color Red

Special 01: Sweet Chin Music (Grapple)
Special 02: Hurricanrana (Irish Whip)
Special 03: Diving Elbow Drop (Flying)
Special 04: Figure 4 Leg Lock (Submission)

Original 03
Original 01
Original 03
Shawn Michaels
Face: 2
Hair: 2
Upper body: 4 logo
Lower body: 11
Wrist: 1 (or) 0
Special 1: Sweet Chin Music
Special 2: Diving Elbow Drop
Name: Shawn Michaels
Alias: HBK or no alias
Music: nWo
Titantron: nWo
Steve Blackman
Face: 11
Hair: 10 Black
Facial hair: 3
Wrist: 1 White
Lower Body: 2
Special 1: Poison Mist with Buzzsaw Kick
Special 2: Sidewalk Slam
Special 3: Recliner
Special 4: Full Nelson Slam
Entrance 1: RVD
Entrance 2: Kane
Entrance 3: Tazz
Name: Steve Blackman
Music: Lance Storm
Titantron: Tazz
Steven Richard
Body type: 1
Skin color: 4
Face: 12
Hair type: 9 Color Black
Upper body: 4 Color White
Elbow type: 3 Color Black
Wrist type: 2 Color Black
Lower body: 11 Color Black
Foot type: 1
Special: Sweet Chin Music, Reverse DDT Drop
Body type: 3
Skin color: Third from left
Neck: +3
Shoulder: +3
Upper arm: +6
Forearm: +6
Hand: +4
Chest: +2
Thigh: +4
Calf: +4
Feet: +4
All: +5

Eyes: Brown
Hair type: 12
Hair color: Brown
Upper body type: 1, Color Black, Logo: 4 (Press [R] to make logo white)
Hand type: 3
Hand color: Black
Lower body type: 2, Logo:4, Color: Black (Press [R] to make them white)
Foot type: 3 Color Black

Special 1: Back Grapple, Reverse DDT
Special 2: Flying Body Attack
Special 3: Sharpshooter
Special 4: Spine Buster 2

Taunts: All Wolfpack, even though he is white.
Entrance: All Kevin Nash
Music: nWo
Titantron: nWo

Name: Sting
Alias: The Stinger
Torrie Wilson
Modify Figure: Face: -5 all
Jaw: -5 all
Shoulders: -5 all
Upper Arm: -25 all
Forearm: -20 all
Hand: -10 all
Chest: -15, -20, -15
Waist: -15 all
Abdomen: -20 all
Thigh: -20, -20, -5
Calf: -15, -15, -5
Foot: -10 all
All: -45
Face: Type: 2
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair: Type: 5 Color: third
Upper Body: Type: 10 Logo: 5 Color: Pink
Elbow: Type: 6 Color: White
Wrist: Type: 2 Color: Pink
Lower Body: Type: 13 Logo: 14 Color: White
Foot: Type: 0 Color: White
Special 1: Edge-Cution (Grapple)
Special 2: Diving Body Splash (Flying)
Special 3: Clothesline from Hell (Running Attack)
Special 4: Head Pound (Submission)
Entrance 1: Trish Stratus
Entrance 2: Trish Stratus
Entrance 3: Trish Stratus

Name: Torrie Wilson
Music: Trish Stratus
Titantron: Stacy Keibler
Undertaker (WWF version)
Body type: 3 Skin color: 2
Modify figure: All 50
Face type: 2 Eye color: White
Hair type: 6 Color: Black
Facial hair type: 6 Color: Black
Upper body type: 4 Color: Black Tattoo: 7
Wrist type: 2 Color: Purple
Hand type: 3 Color: Purple
Lower body type: 2 Color: Black
Foot type: 3 Color: Purple Logo: 1 L
Specials: Tombstone Piledriver, Irish Whip Chokeslam, Running Bigboot
Taunts: I'm Ready,Tightening Glove, Ready For Chokeslam, Cut Throat
Entrances: Kane, Kane, Rikishi
The Wall
Modify figure
All 40
Face: 11
Hair: 10 Color White
Facial hair 09 Color White
Upper body: 09
Lower body: 08 Color custom Dark Black
Boot: same as pants
Special: Choke Slam From Hell
Name: Wall
Alias: The
Music: Hardy Boyz
Titantron: Big Show (optional)
Body type: 3
Skin type: 3
Face: 12
Hair: 5 Black
Facial hair: 3
Upper Body: 1 (logo 7)
Lower Body: 2 (logo 18)
Foot: 4
Name: X-Pac
Music: Stephanie McMann
Titantron: HHH
Special: X-Factor, Moonasult Spash 01
Glitch: Frozen opponent
Play as someone with the People's Elbow (does not have to be a finishing move). Do it, have anther person do a move on you, and the person that you did the People's Elbow to will be frozen until hit.

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