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Vince McMahon
Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Chris Benoit
Win The WWE Undisputed Championship.

Win The WWE Hardcore Championship.

Stacy Keibler
Win The WWE Tag Team Championship.

WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena
Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode.

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena
Win the Royal Royal with any superstar.

Alternate costumes
Highlight a wrestler, then press [R] at the character selection screen. This works with any WWE superstar.
More creation points
You can earn more create a wrestler points by winning matches (and defending your title) in Path Of A Champion mode.

Create a wrestler and win all the titles or win one and defend it many times. Then, swap it to another memory card. You can change just that person's appearance and they will have all there CAW points increased.

Easy perfect created wrestler
After you have created a wrestler and obtained all 10s for their stats by getting a title and defending it many times, copy that wrestler and edit them. Therefore with any new Create-A-Wrestler you make, you will not have go through the trouble of raising their stats.

Rhyno: Gore
Get a special with Rhyno, press [Y] to run at your victim, then press [A] + [B].

Rob Van Dam: Van-Terminator
Change one of Rob Van Dam's flying attacks to a Dropkick. In a match, run your opponent to the corner and quickly go a turnbuckle horizontal from your opponent. Execute the Dropkick and it will be the Van-Terminator. You can also do it through a table.

Rock: Combo
Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes and do his special People's Spinebuster. He will then walk to the head. Then, use another special for the People's Elbow.

Tajiri: Tarantula
In order to do the Japanese Buzzsaw's Tarantula, get your opponent in the corner facing the turnbuckle. Then, press [A] in any direction.

Test: Big Boot through table
Press [X] to set a table up in the corner. Boost up your special then whip your opponent into the table. Run at him and press [A] + [B] to boot him through the table.

Rock: Rock Bottom
Austin: Stone Cold Stunner
Undertaker: Last Ride
Triple H: Pedigree
Kurt Angle: Angle Slam
Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho
Kane: Chokeslam from Hell
Rikishi: Rikishi Piledriver
Kevin Nash: Jackknife Powerbomb
Scott Hall: Razor's Edge
Rob Van Dam: Van-Daminator
Booker T: Leg Scissors Drop
Hardy Boyz and Lita: Twist of Fate
Bubba Ray Dudley: 3-D
D-Von: Powerbomb
Test: Gut Wrench Powerbomb
William Regal: Power of the Punch
Big Show: Showstopper Chokeslam
Tajiri: Green Mist and Buzzsaw Kick
Bradshaw: Clothesline from Hell
Faarooq: Dominator
Jacqueline: Hurricanrana Pin
Tazz: Tazzplex
Chris Benoit: Crippler Crossface
Raven: Raven Effect DDT
Trish Stratus: Superkick
Shane McMahon: Angle Slam
Stephanie McMahon: Pedigree
Vince McMahon: Mcstunner
Stacy Keibler: Fameasser
Hit opponent with a weapon without getting disqualified
This can be only used on a regular (not hardcore) tag team. When your opponent is hurt very badly, run outside and pick up a weapon. Run in with it and drop it on the floor. Then, hit your opponent, but not with the weapon. When he turns blue on the spirit meter, focus on your opponent's partner and throw him into the ring by grabbing him. When he is in, the referee will try to get him out. Before the referee gets to the partner, pick up the weapon. When the referee gets to the partner, hit your opponent with the weapon and throw it out. The referee will not disqualify you unless you hit the referee with the weapon.

Easy title defense
After winning a title belt, you may defend it against a random opponent. After selecting the belt to defend and the champion, an opponent and match type will automatically be set up. If you do not like the opponent or the match, press [B] to return to the wrestler selection screen, choose the champion as your player, and press [A]. A different opponent and match type will be set up. You can repeat this as many times as needed until you find a suitable opponent. Be careful -- if you quit the match after it begins, you automatically forfeit your belt.

Cage match: Quick finisher
Keep hitting your opponent when his or her arms are on the ropes.

Hardcore match: Easy win
Beat your opponent until he is in the blue. When he stands up, either do a move off the top or run and do a move (Clothesline, Elbow Smash, etc.) on top of him or her. Then, go for the pin.

Get a weapon and hit your opponent until his or her light is blue. Then press [A] to throw the weapon. You can now do any move to win.

Hell In A Cell match: Bust people through
Slam a person on top of the cage two times. On the third hit, they will fall through the cage.

Have one of your Irish Whip grapples to be the Thesz Press Knuckles. Have a tag team partner Irish Whip your opponent in to you. Press [A] to perform the Thesz Press Knuckles. You and your opponent will go though the top of the cell in the first try.

Ladder match: Easy win
Pummel your opponent with a weapon until they are in the blue. Set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climb. Alternately, pummel your opponent for a while. Wait until they get the ladder, set it up, and climb it. Climb it also and punch them off. Then, jump to get the belt.

Royal Rumble match: Easy wins
When you enter the Royal Rumble and the match starts, quickly clothesline your opponent, then press [X] to pick him up. Then press [X] + [A] to throw him into the ropes. Keep kicking after he falls until his meter is in the light blue. Keep doing this and it will get in the dark blue and you will eliminate him.

Use the following trick to win a 30 man Royal Rumble in Painful mode. Do not try to Irish Whip your opponent out of the ring. If you try, make sure your health indicator is in the red. Another way is to Irish Whip your opponent from the other side of the ring; run at him and do a running attack that has your opponent on the ropes, back up, and do another running attack that does the same thing, then try to finish him off. If you are near the end not getting many hits in, when it appears as if he is going to Irish Whip you, press [L] to reverse the whip, sending him over the ropes, then finish him off. If you have more than one person on you, do a move that throws one of the opponents into someone else. The rest of the time, keep on beating him.

Table match: Get disabled
If you use a Shooting Star Press through a table and hit your opponent in the center of the table, your character will be disabled until you are punched or kicked.

Tag match: Tag partner from top rope
When you are on the apron (you not being the legal man), climb the turnbuckle nearest you and press [Z]. You will reach out and your partner will tag you.

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