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In-game reset
Press [B] + [X] + [Start] during game play.

Alternate ending screen
If you complete the game with 119 Shine Sprites or less you will get an ending screen in which el Piantissimo inspects the paintbrush. However, if you finish it with all 120 Shine Sprites, the ending screen will show all the characters in the game.

There are 240 Blue Coins and 120 Shine Sprites. You need 50 Shine Sprites and have level 7 completed on all seven stages to get to level 8. You only need 117 Shine Sprites to complete the game to get one ending. Get the last three Shine Sprites to see a different ending. Get the shirt and glasses for a different appearing ending.
Yoshi eats birds and bees
Yoshi can eat the annoying birds flying around Delfino for Coins and Stars. The green ones are worth a Yellow Coin; blue ones worth a Blue Coin; and yellow ones worth a Star. Yoshi can also eat bees.

Yoshi juice
After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

Different fruit affects the color of your juice spray. Purple juice turns enemies into floating platforms that go left, right, or straight and back. Pink juice turns enemies into pink platforms that go up and down. Orange juice creates stationary platforms.

While you are on Yoshi when talking to someone, press [R] and you can spray them with juice.

Higher jumps with Yoshi
Do Mario's spinning technique when on Yoshi to jump higher. He can also spit juice in this form.

Yoshi's Spritzer Squirt
Press [R], then press [A].

Yoshi burst
When you get Yoshi, stand still and start spraying juice. Gently tap [A] and a burst of juice will appear from Yoshi's mouth. If you press [A] too hard, Yoshi will jump and a burst of juice will appear, which can be dangerous in some places.

Yoshi goes away
If you are riding Yoshi and fall in the water, he will go back to his egg. He will do the same thing if his food scale goes all the way down. Also, if you get Yoshi out of his egg and do not ride him much, he will return to his egg.

Keep Yoshi from disappearing
Yoshi will disappear if you leave him out for for awhile. This is because his juice meter decreases even if you are not on him. To stop him from disappearing (in order to use him later), leave Yoshi next to regenerating fruit on the ground. He will automatically eat the fruit there and stay alive for as long as you are in the level.

Bianco Hills: Extra lives
After you complete episode 3 (The Hillside Cave Secret), go back into Bianco Hills and choose episode 4. Instead of doing that episode, go back to the hillside cave. This time you do not lose FLUDD. There is a secret level up there, where if you press the red plunger you have to collect red coins in the allotted time. Do not hit it. Simply go up to the first wood platform with nails and Ground Pound the right nail three times until the 1-Up appears. Then, using the Hover Nozzle, make your way toward the end of the level. You will see the second 1-Up in the air above the second star. Use the Hover Nozzle again to get it without worrying about your step. Then, simply fall and die. Since you collected two 1-Ups, you will have a net gain of one 1-Up, The game starts you at the beginning of the cave, where you can repeat this as many times as desired to build up your extra lives. Once you get used to it, this will take about 30 to 45 seconds each time. When done, you can either do the red coin deal (gives you a Shine), or jump to the non-lit Shine to exit. Since you did not die, this time you will have a net gain of two 1-Ups.

When you start episode 6 you will see an extra life that you can get each time you die.

Bianco Hills: Yoshi or Turbo Nozzle
If you want Yoshi and the Turbo Nozzle, do the same requirements to get Yoshi, but before you complete Pinna Park episode 4, try to have 25 Shine Sprites. When you get Yoshi, enter Bianco Hills. As soon as you get there, exit, then chase the Fake Mario and get the Turbo Nozzle. When you go by the place you enter Bianco Hills, you can use the Turbo Nozzle or Yoshi

Bianco Hills: Skip episode
Go to the first level (Bianco Hills), then go to Episode 1 (Road To The Big Windmill). Go to the lake that circles the windmill. Swim around the windmill until you see a spider on the water. Switch to the Hover Nozzle and float over the spider. When you fall back into the water, the spider should be shaking. Before it stops, jump onto the spider. You should go shooting up into the air. Use the Hover Nozzle and hover over to the road that leads up the windmill. Follow the road up until you get to an "M" on the wall. Wait there until you see a platform. Jump onto the platform and ride it up to the roof. Hover onto the roof, where you will see a giant Piranha Plant. A quick intermission sequence will play, then the roof will break. You and the Piranha Plant will fall into the windmill. Defeat the Piranha Plant, and you will be able to skip the next episode and go to the third.

Corona Mountain: Coins
There are ten Blue Coins in Corona Mountain. Try to get all of them in the boat.

Corona Mountain: Lives
Hover to the fourth platform to find an extra life. Then, either exit the level or keep going to the large platform just before you jump on the boat. There is a box on the right side of the platform. Ground Pound it and an extra life will appear. Exit the level and repeat this as many times as desired.

Delfino Airstrip
Successfully complete the game, then get 10 Coins. Go to the sailor and pay him the 10 Coins. You can now go to the airstrip. There are a lot of Coins and two more Shine Sprites there.

Delfino Plaza: Shine Sprites
In Delfino Plaza A, go to the far end of the beach near the lighthouse. Spray all over the sand until you find an area where the sparks fly. Focus the water there until a Shine Sprite appears.

In Delfino Plaza B around the lighthouse area, find the pillars in the water. Jump from pillar to pillar using your Hover Nozzle. Jump until you get to a pillar with a pipe on it. Go into the pipe, and complete the obstacle course to get a Shine Sprite.

In Delfino Plaza C, on the west side of the plaza, there is a man on a rooftop with a weathervane that asks you if you want to pay a Coin to be thrown. Face the bridge with the tower on top and ask. You will be picked up and thrown into the tower, where a Shine Sprite is waiting for you.

In Delfino Plaza D, on the left side of the big tower with the defaced Shine Sprite, go into an open building. A man will give you a Shine Sprite if you break all the boxes in the room in 30 seconds or less. This is easy -- just do the Ground Pound ( [A] + [L] ). After that, you can go back and face even more boxes stacked up, and you will get a Shine Sprite. This is more difficult than the first time. Use a group of two stacked up boxes to get to the higher stacks and work your way down.

You can still do the crate mini-game on Delfino Plaza even after you get all the Shine Sprites from it. This will restore all the Coins and 1-Up Mushrooms in the level, but you will keep all the Coins you had when you starting the mini-game. Use this to get as many lives and coins as desired.

In Delfino Plaza E, Go to where the bridge crosses over a harbor where a boat constantly goes under. Get on top of the boat, and where the Coin is floating under the bridge, do a double jump into the Coin. You will surpass it and fly into a level where you must collect eight Red Coins to get a star. Its very difficult, but very fun.

Wash both of the bells in Delfino Plaza to get two Shine Sprites.

Wash the big sprite to get a Shine Sprite in Delfino Plaza. Do this by using the Rocket Nozzle.

Get the Yoshi on the roof then go to the manhole near where one of the boats are located. Go under the bridge, where the Coin hovering under the bridge is located. Go in the manhole and get to the island with the lady with the basket. While waiting for the second boat to come in, spit down a couple of coconuts to save on the ground. When the boat arrives and starts to circle the island, eat the coconut for the long trip, then jump on the boat. When the boat gets to the little tower where the banana is located, hop on the tower and wait for the third boat. When it gets near, eat the banana and hop on that boat. Ride it to the island where the stranded guy is located with the campfire. Spit with Yoshi on the stuff blocking the pipe. Hop into the pipe and it will take you to another star puzzle where you have to get on a leaf and squirt to go downstream and get the Red Coins. If you miss some, try to hover to a ledge and work your way through the channel, picking up Red Coins by hovering over then and landing on the ledge on the other side.

On the eastern part of the town, swim to the island where there is a man , a fire, and a pipe. There will be a yellow bird on the island. Spray the bird about three times and a Shine Sprite will appear on the pillars near the lighthouse.

Get a Rocket attachment and go to the lighthouse. Once there, rocket to the top of the lighthouse. You should be standing on a Black Pad with a fire symbol. Rocket up, and when high up, Ground Pound. The Black Pad should break, giving you a Shine Sprite.

Look for the little island by the place with all the fruit stands. Go there but do not go on the right side. Instead, try to swim towards the left side. You will see a yellow bird. Do not go to it. Stay where you are, enter look mode, then squirt it. If it flies in circles in the sky, remain in look mode and keep squirting it. A Shine Sprite will appear on those mountains by the lighthouse. You will need Yoshi to get it.

To get an extra Shine Sprite on a fairly easy sub-world, get the rocket FLUDD attachment and head towards the red cannon at Delfino Plaza. Swim along the right side near the rocks and pass the sideways hanging palm trees. Just past it, charge your rocket and jump just before the meter fills up. You will be able to enter a pipe on a tiny cliff. The mission is to collect eight Red Coins on one supply of water -- fill up before going there. There are two obvious Red Coins sitting around. To get the other Coins, shoot the red bird that flies around, extinguish the man on fire (shoot only when you have a clear shot to preserve water), jump on the two Flowerheads, shoot one Purple Flowerhead from a distance and jump on him, look around the high grass for an opening where a Red Coin lies just below (look near or around the edges of this area).

To get this Shine Sprite you need the Speed Nozzle (28 Shines required). In Delfino Plaza run around and face the "M" on the statue. Look to your left and you will see a building with swinging doors. It is the building where the man tells you to get the graffiti off his wall. Run up to the doors and charge up your Speed Nozzle. When you release it, it will shoot you through the doors where you can get the Shine Sprite.

To get an extra Shine Sprite on a fairly easy sub-world, get the rocket FLUDD attachment and go towards the red cannon in Delfino Plaza. Swim along the right side near the rocks and pass the sideways hanging palm trees. Just past it, charge your rocket and jump just before the meter fills up. You will be able to enter a pipe on a tiny cliff. The mission is to collect eight Red Coins with one supply of water (fill up before going here). There are two obvious Red Coins sitting around. The way to get the other coins is to shoot the red bird flying around, extinguish the man on fire (shoot only when you have a clear shot to preserve water), jump on the two flowerheads, shoot one purple flowerhead from a distance and jump on him, and look around the high grass for an opening where a Red Coin lies just below (look near or around the edges of this area).

To predict where a Shine Sprite is located in Delfino Plaza, you can usually find where it is by looking for something that is covered in sludge. Clean the sludge off to get a Shine Sprite.

Go to the island with the stranded man. If you press [Y] and go to first person mode, you will see a yellow bird flying around the palm tree. Squirt the yellow bird and you will get a Shine Sprite.

Delfino Plaza: Lighting up Isle Delfino
The more Shine Sprites you collect, the more sun will get though.. When you have collected sixty Shines, all of Isle Delfino will light up.

Gelato Beach: Coins
There are four points where you spray the ground and a shape of a sun appears. One is where Yoshi is located, two are to the left and right of the island, and one is in the middle. All are on the sand. You will receive a Blue Coin. Also, there are two or three Blue Coins out in the water.

Bring watermelons to the stand to exchange for Coins. Dive into the watermelon. A Coin will appear. You only get about ten Coins from a watermelon.

Episode 8 is a great place to get 100 Coins. Bring in the watermelons for some Coins and do not forget swings out in the water.

Keep squirting water around the front of the row of trees. If you see a little brown sand, keep spraying. It will turn out to be an outline of a Shine Sprite. A Blue Coin will pop out of the middle.

Get any fruit from the table of the hut that is directly in front of you when you walk straight forward when you enter Gelato Beach. Place the frut on the spinner on the hut where the man who makes the watermelon smoothies is located to get a Blue Coin.

Gelato Beach: Shine Sprite
Jump up to the level of sand that is on the same level as the two mirrors. There is a Dune Bud there. Shoot it with water and what looks like stairs going down will appear. Quickly shoot the wall opposite the stairs and a Shine Sprite picture will appear. Once the picture is complete, a Shine Sprite will appear.

Near Gelato Beach (the lighthouse), spray all around the area to uncover a Shine Sprite.

From the starting location, go up beneath the sand bird temple. There is a Dune Bud near the trampoline. Spray it with your FLUDD. In front of you, there is a wall where the steps end. Spray it until a full Shine Sprite appears. A Shine Sprite will pop out of the picture and appear in the middle of the amphitheater.

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