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In-game reset
Press [B] + [X] + [Start] during game play.

Alternate ending screen
If you complete the game with 119 Shine Sprites or less you will get an ending screen in which el Piantissimo inspects the paintbrush. However, if you finish it with all 120 Shine Sprites, the ending screen will show all the characters in the game.

There are 240 Blue Coins and 120 Shine Sprites. You need 50 Shine Sprites and have level 7 completed on all seven stages to get to level 8. You only need 117 Shine Sprites to complete the game to get one ending. Get the last three Shine Sprites to see a different ending. Get the shirt and glasses for a different appearing ending.

Ending bonus
Successfully complete and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a shirt covered with Shine pictures from the man wearing sunglasses gives Mario sunglasses normally the game.
Yoshi eats birds and bees
Yoshi can eat the annoying birds flying around Delfino for Coins and Stars. The green ones are worth a Yellow Coin; blue ones worth a Blue Coin; and yellow ones worth a Star. Yoshi can also eat bees.

Yoshi juice
After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies.

Different fruit affects the color of your juice spray. Purple juice turns enemies into floating platforms that go left, right, or straight and back. Pink juice turns enemies into pink platforms that go up and down. Orange juice creates stationary platforms.

While you are on Yoshi when talking to someone, press [R] and you can spray them with juice.

? Yoshi
Go into a manhole with Yoshi and he will turn into a ?.

Higher jumps with Yoshi
Do Mario's spinning technique when on Yoshi to jump higher. He can also spit juice in this form.

Triple jump with Yoshi
If you run and jump three times with Yoshi, you can do a triple jump similar to Mario's, but without the extra animation.

Yoshi's Spritzer Squirt
Press [R], then press [A].

Yoshi sprinkler
Rotate the Analog-stick then press [A], then [R].

Yoshi burst
When you get Yoshi, stand still and start spraying juice. Gently tap [A] and a burst of juice will appear from Yoshi's mouth. If you press [A] too hard, Yoshi will jump and a burst of juice will appear, which can be dangerous in some places.

Yoshi goes away
If you are riding Yoshi and fall in the water, he will go back to his egg. He will do the same thing if his food scale goes all the way down. Also, if you get Yoshi out of his egg and do not ride him much, he will return to his egg.

Keep Yoshi from disappearing
Yoshi will disappear if you leave him out for for awhile. This is because his juice meter decreases even if you are not on him. To stop him from disappearing (in order to use him later), leave Yoshi next to regenerating fruit on the ground. He will automatically eat the fruit there and stay alive for as long as you are in the level.

Sunglasses and shirt Pianta location
The following is where the Pianta man that gives you the sunglasses is located in each level.
Delfino Plaza: Fruits Street.
Bianco Hilles: Near the start point.
Ricco Harbor: Near the start point.
Gelato Beach: Beach house.
Pinna Park: Near the start point.
Sirena Beach and Noki Bay: Not found in this level.
Pianta Village: In the village during the daytime only.
Note: You need a minimum of forty Shine Sprites to get the sunglasses.

Bianco Hills: Extra lives
After you complete episode 3 (The Hillside Cave Secret), go back into Bianco Hills and choose episode 4. Instead of doing that episode, go back to the hillside cave. This time you do not lose FLUDD. There is a secret level up there, where if you press the red plunger you have to collect red coins in the allotted time. Do not hit it. Simply go up to the first wood platform with nails and Ground Pound the right nail three times until the 1-Up appears. Then, using the Hover Nozzle, make your way toward the end of the level. You will see the second 1-Up in the air above the second star. Use the Hover Nozzle again to get it without worrying about your step. Then, simply fall and die. Since you collected two 1-Ups, you will have a net gain of one 1-Up, The game starts you at the beginning of the cave, where you can repeat this as many times as desired to build up your extra lives. Once you get used to it, this will take about 30 to 45 seconds each time. When done, you can either do the red coin deal (gives you a Shine), or jump to the non-lit Shine to exit. Since you did not die, this time you will have a net gain of two 1-Ups.

When you start episode 6 you will see an extra life that you can get each time you die.

Bianco Hills: Coins
Go into episode 3 and kill many enemies to get Coins. Splatter fake flowers against the wall to get three Coins.

Your best chance to pick up 100 Coins is in episode 3. There are lots of easy to find Coins. Do not forget to splat enemies on the ground, in the trees, and the two bird-like things in the air outside of the gate.

Bianco Hills: Yoshi or Turbo Nozzle
If you want Yoshi and the Turbo Nozzle, do the same requirements to get Yoshi, but before you complete Pinna Park episode 4, try to have 25 Shine Sprites. When you get Yoshi, enter Bianco Hills. As soon as you get there, exit, then chase the Fake Mario and get the Turbo Nozzle. When you go by the place you enter Bianco Hills, you can use the Turbo Nozzle or Yoshi

Bianco Hills: Swing
Once you go down the hill at the entrance, go on the cord. Then, jump up on to another one. Use your Squirt Nozzle and you will go in circles.

Bianco Hills: Skip episode
Go to the first level (Bianco Hills), then go to Episode 1 (Road To The Big Windmill). Go to the lake that circles the windmill. Swim around the windmill until you see a spider on the water. Switch to the Hover Nozzle and float over the spider. When you fall back into the water, the spider should be shaking. Before it stops, jump onto the spider. You should go shooting up into the air. Use the Hover Nozzle and hover over to the road that leads up the windmill. Follow the road up until you get to an "M" on the wall. Wait there until you see a platform. Jump onto the platform and ride it up to the roof. Hover onto the roof, where you will see a giant Piranha Plant. A quick intermission sequence will play, then the roof will break. You and the Piranha Plant will fall into the windmill. Defeat the Piranha Plant, and you will be able to skip the next episode and go to the third.

Corona Mountain: Coins
There are ten Blue Coins in Corona Mountain. Try to get all of them in the boat.

Corona Mountain: Lives
Hover to the fourth platform to find an extra life. Then, either exit the level or keep going to the large platform just before you jump on the boat. There is a box on the right side of the platform. Ground Pound it and an extra life will appear. Exit the level and repeat this as many times as desired.

Delfino: Lives
When in Delfino Plaza, go to the beach. There is a hidden sewer grate. Spray around until you see the red circle just past the second umbrella. Ground Pound to go into the sewer ad find a 1-Up Mushroom there. Enter a stage, exit, go back, and repeat as needed.

After getting the turbo booster FLUDD, you can get an easy 100 Coins in Delfino Plaza and build up many extra lives. To the left of where you start is a building with a Shine in it. Use the turbo booster FLUDD to bust through the doors and get it (if not already obtained). Save the game and continue. You will start again at the same place in Delfino Plaza. Collect as many coins and extra lives as desired and use the turbo booster to get the same Shine again. It is now blue and does not give you another shine point. However, it "ends the level" and asks you if you want to save and continue. Choose to save and continue. You will now notice when you start again that you have the same amount of coins as before the save and all the coins and extra lives in the level reset. You can get the same ones again. Do this as many times as needed to build up your extra lives and get the 100 coins Shine for Delfino Plaza early in the game.

When you lose a life, especially in the secret levels, exit the level and return to Delfino Plaza and swim to the island where the person is stranded. Spray the smoke and an extra life will appear. Go into a level, then exit again to get another life. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Delfino Airstrip
Successfully complete the game, then get 10 Coins. Go to the sailor and pay him the 10 Coins. You can now go to the airstrip. There are a lot of Coins and two more Shine Sprites there.

Delfino Plaza: Coins
Spray the wanted of Mario posters in Delfino Plaza to get one Coin each. Some do not always give Coins.

Spray into an open window in Delfino Bay to receive Coins.

In Delfino Plaza, most coins are in the underground manhole tunnels. Also try eating birds with Yoshi.

The best way to get 100 Coins is to defeat Bowser and get access to the airstrip. You can easily get 100 coins there. Otherwise, you can travel the underground pipes to collect coins and spray the "Mario Wanted" posters.

When in Isle Defino, collect 50 Coins to get one life then go to the Pianta who throws you into the window. Pay him one Coin, then steer away from the window and get another coin. You will get another life. Repeat the process for more lives.

When you are on Delfino Island, go to the beach. Go past the man who gives you the Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. There are two umbrellas. Walk in front and behind the second umbrella. When you see a gold ring on the sand, Ground Pound it. You will enter a secret sewer that has a mushroom and 8 Coins.

Delfino Plaza: Shine Sprites
In Delfino Plaza A, go to the far end of the beach near the lighthouse. Spray all over the sand until you find an area where the sparks fly. Focus the water there until a Shine Sprite appears.

In Delfino Plaza B around the lighthouse area, find the pillars in the water. Jump from pillar to pillar using your Hover Nozzle. Jump until you get to a pillar with a pipe on it. Go into the pipe, and complete the obstacle course to get a Shine Sprite.

In Delfino Plaza C, on the west side of the plaza, there is a man on a rooftop with a weathervane that asks you if you want to pay a Coin to be thrown. Face the bridge with the tower on top and ask. You will be picked up and thrown into the tower, where a Shine Sprite is waiting for you.

In Delfino Plaza D, on the left side of the big tower with the defaced Shine Sprite, go into an open building. A man will give you a Shine Sprite if you break all the boxes in the room in 30 seconds or less. This is easy -- just do the Ground Pound ( [A] + [L] ). After that, you can go back and face even more boxes stacked up, and you will get a Shine Sprite. This is more difficult than the first time. Use a group of two stacked up boxes to get to the higher stacks and work your way down.

You can still do the crate mini-game on Delfino Plaza even after you get all the Shine Sprites from it. This will restore all the Coins and 1-Up Mushrooms in the level, but you will keep all the Coins you had when you starting the mini-game. Use this to get as many lives and coins as desired.

In Delfino Plaza E, Go to where the bridge crosses over a harbor where a boat constantly goes under. Get on top of the boat, and where the Coin is floating under the bridge, do a double jump into the Coin. You will surpass it and fly into a level where you must collect eight Red Coins to get a star. Its very difficult, but very fun.

Wash both of the bells in Delfino Plaza to get two Shine Sprites.

Wash the big sprite to get a Shine Sprite in Delfino Plaza. Do this by using the Rocket Nozzle.

Get the Yoshi on the roof then go to the manhole near where one of the boats are located. Go under the bridge, where the Coin hovering under the bridge is located. Go in the manhole and get to the island with the lady with the basket. While waiting for the second boat to come in, spit down a couple of coconuts to save on the ground. When the boat arrives and starts to circle the island, eat the coconut for the long trip, then jump on the boat. When the boat gets to the little tower where the banana is located, hop on the tower and wait for the third boat. When it gets near, eat the banana and hop on that boat. Ride it to the island where the stranded guy is located with the campfire. Spit with Yoshi on the stuff blocking the pipe. Hop into the pipe and it will take you to another star puzzle where you have to get on a leaf and squirt to go downstream and get the Red Coins. If you miss some, try to hover to a ledge and work your way through the channel, picking up Red Coins by hovering over then and landing on the ledge on the other side.

On the eastern part of the town, swim to the island where there is a man , a fire, and a pipe. There will be a yellow bird on the island. Spray the bird about three times and a Shine Sprite will appear on the pillars near the lighthouse.

Get a Rocket attachment and go to the lighthouse. Once there, rocket to the top of the lighthouse. You should be standing on a Black Pad with a fire symbol. Rocket up, and when high up, Ground Pound. The Black Pad should break, giving you a Shine Sprite.

Look for the little island by the place with all the fruit stands. Go there but do not go on the right side. Instead, try to swim towards the left side. You will see a yellow bird. Do not go to it. Stay where you are, enter look mode, then squirt it. If it flies in circles in the sky, remain in look mode and keep squirting it. A Shine Sprite will appear on those mountains by the lighthouse. You will need Yoshi to get it.

To get an extra Shine Sprite on a fairly easy sub-world, get the rocket FLUDD attachment and head towards the red cannon at Delfino Plaza. Swim along the right side near the rocks and pass the sideways hanging palm trees. Just past it, charge your rocket and jump just before the meter fills up. You will be able to enter a pipe on a tiny cliff. The mission is to collect eight Red Coins on one supply of water -- fill up before going there. There are two obvious Red Coins sitting around. To get the other Coins, shoot the red bird that flies around, extinguish the man on fire (shoot only when you have a clear shot to preserve water), jump on the two Flowerheads, shoot one Purple Flowerhead from a distance and jump on him, look around the high grass for an opening where a Red Coin lies just below (look near or around the edges of this area).

To get this Shine Sprite you need the Speed Nozzle (28 Shines required). In Delfino Plaza run around and face the "M" on the statue. Look to your left and you will see a building with swinging doors. It is the building where the man tells you to get the graffiti off his wall. Run up to the doors and charge up your Speed Nozzle. When you release it, it will shoot you through the doors where you can get the Shine Sprite.

To get an extra Shine Sprite on a fairly easy sub-world, get the rocket FLUDD attachment and go towards the red cannon in Delfino Plaza. Swim along the right side near the rocks and pass the sideways hanging palm trees. Just past it, charge your rocket and jump just before the meter fills up. You will be able to enter a pipe on a tiny cliff. The mission is to collect eight Red Coins with one supply of water (fill up before going here). There are two obvious Red Coins sitting around. The way to get the other coins is to shoot the red bird flying around, extinguish the man on fire (shoot only when you have a clear shot to preserve water), jump on the two flowerheads, shoot one purple flowerhead from a distance and jump on him, and look around the high grass for an opening where a Red Coin lies just below (look near or around the edges of this area).

To predict where a Shine Sprite is located in Delfino Plaza, you can usually find where it is by looking for something that is covered in sludge. Clean the sludge off to get a Shine Sprite.

Go to the island with the stranded man. If you press [Y] and go to first person mode, you will see a yellow bird flying around the palm tree. Squirt the yellow bird and you will get a Shine Sprite.

Delfino Plaza: Sunglasses
To get the sunglasses, talk to the man wearing glasses on the beach in Delfino Plaza. The sunglasses tint your screen as if you were actually wearing them. He is also found in many other levels. He will not give them to you if you have less that 20 Shine Sprites. Talk to him again to take them off.

Delfino Plaza: Lighting up Isle Delfino
The more Shine Sprites you collect, the more sun will get though.. When you have collected sixty Shines, all of Isle Delfino will light up.

Delfino Plaza: Hidden tunnel
Walk on the beach by Fruit Street. Get a top down view of Mario and you will see a underground tunnel with the lid covered by sand. If you Ground Pound on the lid, you will find an extra life and eight Coins.

Gelato Beach: Coins
There are four points where you spray the ground and a shape of a sun appears. One is where Yoshi is located, two are to the left and right of the island, and one is in the middle. All are on the sand. You will receive a Blue Coin. Also, there are two or three Blue Coins out in the water.

Bring watermelons to the stand to exchange for Coins. Dive into the watermelon. A Coin will appear. You only get about ten Coins from a watermelon.

Episode 8 is a great place to get 100 Coins. Bring in the watermelons for some Coins and do not forget swings out in the water.

Keep squirting water around the front of the row of trees. If you see a little brown sand, keep spraying. It will turn out to be an outline of a Shine Sprite. A Blue Coin will pop out of the middle.

Get any fruit from the table of the hut that is directly in front of you when you walk straight forward when you enter Gelato Beach. Place the frut on the spinner on the hut where the man who makes the watermelon smoothies is located to get a Blue Coin.

Gelato Beach: Defeating Piantissimo 13
You need the Turbo Nozzle. Go to Piantissimo 13 and he will challenge you to a race. When he says go, use the Turbo Nozzle and jump when necessary, but make sure you do not crash into anything during this. When you get to the place where there are two walls, wall jump (starting with the left wall). When you get to the top, make sure Mario is touching the ground on the left and use the Turbo Nozzle again towards the flag. You should have a time of at least 10 seconds or more if you did not make any mistakes.

Gelato Beach: Shine Sprite
Jump up to the level of sand that is on the same level as the two mirrors. There is a Dune Bud there. Shoot it with water and what looks like stairs going down will appear. Quickly shoot the wall opposite the stairs and a Shine Sprite picture will appear. Once the picture is complete, a Shine Sprite will appear.

Near Gelato Beach (the lighthouse), spray all around the area to uncover a Shine Sprite.

From the starting location, go up beneath the sand bird temple. There is a Dune Bud near the trampoline. Spray it with your FLUDD. In front of you, there is a wall where the steps end. Spray it until a full Shine Sprite appears. A Shine Sprite will pop out of the picture and appear in the middle of the amphitheater.

Gelato Beach: Hidden tree
Go to where the "M" is, hover until you hear rumbling, then keep hovering. You will be on the tree and can jump onto the ledge.

Noki Bay
Stand in the beam of light that appears in town and look up at the sun. You will be transported to a level called Noki Bay.

Noki Bay: Coins
Go to episode 6 and get the Coins on the cliffs and on top of the water.

You will find many of the Coins in the water in Episode 6 (about 50). The other 50 can be found in the walls and near the Rocket Nozzle.

Noki Bay: Mystery door
Go to episode 3 and go to the bottom of the bottle. You can go into one of the notches in the little building. You will see a door. Move the camera around to the other side of the door to see a book on the other side. There does not seem to be a way in the door.

Noki Bay: Secret cave
Go to the part where you see the little Glooper Bloopers. Let them see you and they wil; fall over the cliff. Spray the wall and go through before it closes. When it does, you will be at the end and you must go up the path. You will see Glooper Bloopers and the GlooperBlooper Boss. Kill the Bloopers and take care the Boss. Once you do, a path will open. Fall through and grab the Shine.

Noki Bay: Defeating Piantissimo 13
Go to Piantissimo 13 and after he says go, run towards the wall with the symbol on it. If you stay near the middle of the symbol and the edge, you will get hit by a punching bag, which will knock you very far. Hold [Up] and you will go even further. Once you land on water, jump and dive ( [B] in midair) until you get to dry land. Once there, use any belly sliding technique towards the flag. You should have a time of at least 20 to 30 seconds.

Noki Bay: Reaching the Squid Boss
In episode 2, instead of normally trying to find the path (by squirting the brown squares on the walls), get the rocket nozzle, which is on the path that leads to where the mole on the cork was located. It may be difficult to find if you do not know where it is located. Then, go all the way up on the green platform next to where the mole was located. Rocket up, and you are there.

Noki Bay: Defeating the mole
In episode 1, to defeat the mole you must spray the exploding bombs. When they are blue, pick them up and throw them at the mole three to four times. He will then explode and you will complete the level.

Noki Bay: Defeating the sea monster
In one of the Noki Bay episodes, you have to stop a sea monster. Once underwater, you will start to sink. Get near the monster and wait for him to open his mouth. When he does, spray him with the FLUDD standard nozzle. The teeth will become clean. Do this to all his teeth. Note: This only works when his mouth is open. To stay alive, pick up coins to regain health. Also, avoid the bubbles as they are poisonous.

Pianta Village: Lives
Select episode 5 (Secret Of The Village Underside). Get Yoshi and go to the beginning mushroom. Go to the end, following them and spray Yoshi's juice on the yellow-orange "squiggles". Go into the hole that appears and you should see Chucksters. They throw you behind them -- talk to them at the opposite angle that you want to be thrown to until you reach a place that has pictures with big noses that run after you. Spray three to six of them, then jump on one. All of the ones that are upside down will also die, giving you an extra life. They always return unless you spray the picture of the ones on the wall that is a kind of portal they go through. Repeat this until you have as many lives as needed.

Select episode 5 and hop down to where all the big mushrooms are located at the start of the level. Go to the sixth mushroom and use the Hover Nozzle to hover to the extra life. Then, move over to the ninth mushroom. You now have two choices. Either go to tenth or eleventh mushroom; both have extra lives on them. Hover to one of them then to the other. Then, go back to the fifth mushroom. There is an extra life over on the stump of the tree. Hover to it. As you get it, you will start sliding down the tree to your death -- as you get it, press [Start] and exit the level. Repeat this as many times as desired.

After episode 6, return and do it again. Every person that gave you a Blue Coin the first time will now give you a extra life mushroom, except the two kids (eight lives from ten people). Exit the area and repeat as many times as needed.

Pianta Village: Coins
Go to episode 1 and put out the flames on the mushrooms. Ground Pound them to get Coins. Also Ground Pound the nose of the Pianta tree and concrete basin.

If you need more, destroy all the boxes in the level.

In Pianta Village, select "Piantas In Need" and get all ten Piantas out of the goop and cleaned up. Talk to them, but not the little ones, and each of them will give you a Blue Coin.

You can find Red Coins in Pianta Village at the following locations.
Coin 1 is on a leaf on a branch of the tree closest the village entrance.

Coin 2 is on the understory of the village. You must Jump across the big mushrooms to a gate that you can hit with [B]. Climb up the fence so that you are on top. You can see the red coin if you look in the direction of the starting point.

Coin 3 is under the fruit tree.

Coin 4 is in the small pool.

Coin 5 is near the small tree on the west edge of the village.

Coin 6 is under the bee hive under the Colossal tree near the pool. Note: Beware of bees.

Coin 7 is in one of the boxes on the east edge of the village.

Coin 8 is on top of the stand on top of the Colossal tree in the center of the village.
Pianta Village: Shine Sprites
Select episode 8. Go to the highest part of the stage (the tower on the giant rainbow tree) and look at the sun. Shoot water at it, and an image of a Shine appears. Show the entire image and a Shine Sprite will appear.

Pianta Village: Defeating Piantissimo 13
On one of the episodes on Pianta Village, you have to race Piantissimo 13. This race can be very frustrating. In order to defeat him easily, spray some water on the ground in front of you. Then, run and press [B] (slide). You should be sliding a lot faster than normal and can keep this up for a long time. If you slide to the tree at the finish fast enough, you should be able to run to the top and claim your victory.

When Piantissimo 13 says go, jump over the fence and have FLUDD spray water in front of you. Have Mario dive into it and he should be "slip-sliding away". Move him towards the hot spa area and stop once you get there. Get on the same platform where the big tree is located. Belly slide (no water this time) and jump just before the tree. Mario should be running quickly up the tree. Go towards the flag, but do not stop or you will not be running fast. You should have a time of at least 30 to 45 seconds.

Pianta Village: Enter early
At the beginning of game, go to the Shine Gate. Get up to where the little lake is located, then jump/hover to the grass on the back of the left post. Do a sideflip (stand facing the entrance to Corona Mountain, and jump to the post), jump off the post, and hover to the circle where the big Shine is located. Do not bother cleaning of the Shine, since you will need to get the rocket nozzle to get the Shine. Stand facing the town, and turn around. Do a triple jump and hover to the top of the Shine Gate. You can now enter Pianta Village with only one Shine.

Pianta Village: Easy way up the very big tree
Note: This is not necessary to do, but is fun. Go to Pianta Village and select any episode. Go near the very big tree and you will see platforms sticking out of it. Start climbing them by spin jumping and hovering until you cannot reach anymore platforms. You now need the Hover Nozzle. From the platform you are on, move Mario and use the Hover Nozzle near the tree. If done correctly, Mario should be going up the tree. Then, move him towards the last platform on the tree. Do the same thing again and you should be underneath the wooden platform overhead.

Pianta Village: Easy episode 3
First, slide jump across the bridge and jump to dodge the Air Ghosts. Then, go all the way to the left as far as possible (without falling) until you reach a large part of lava. Walk slowly to the edge to hang on, quickly go to the left before you fall off of the edge of the ground/grass, and tap [A] to climb up. The third largest tree is closest. Go to the left of the tree just next to the lava and side jump to the middle of the tree so that you will not slide off. Run to the top. Then, go to the giant leaf on the right (since the one closest to the Mayor is too steep). Press [A] + [B] toward the steep leaf toward the village and go to the edge of that leaf. Look down; you should see a lot of lava and a gold mushroom. Walk back, run, and nosedive ( [A] + [B] ) while holding "Analog-stick Up" to land in front of the lava unharmed. Jump up onto the building to get FLUDD. Equip the Hover Nozzle, spin jump high going slightly away from the golden mushroom. and hover on top to wash off the Mayor.

The following is an easier shortcut to the Pianta Mayor in episode 3. First, cross the bridge and dodge the ghost-like creatures. Move over to where the water is located and swim to where the tree used to be. Then, get out of the water and use a side-somersault or spin jump to splash the water on top of the burning slime. Continue the process until there is a bit of slime between the water and the platforms the yellow mushroom is on. Side-somersault then slide over the slime, but try not to touch it. If you do, you will lose heath. There are some coins in the boxes over where the hot spring is supposed to be. Note: You might need the hot spring in the daytime in episodes 4 and 8. Then, while you are overwhere the platforms are, climb them until you reach FLUDD. Then, hover on top of the yellow mushroom and wash the Pianta.

Pinna Park: Get Yoshi
Go to Pinna Park and complete Story #4 . You will now be back in town. The Fake Mario will appear with an egg. Chase him down to get Yoshi.

Go to Pinna Park and complete Story #4 . You will now be back in town. The Fake Mario will appear with an egg. Chase him down to get Yoshi. Then, play Pinna Park again (Act 5 and above) . Go to the all the way to the right and just follow the path. You will se a funny looking tree. Go to the side and you will see Yoshi. Get the fruit from the tree next to him and feed it to him.

Pinna Park: Coins
Go to episode 2, but do not destroy the cannon. Let it shoot Bullet Bills at you . Spray them to get Coins. Gold Bullet Bills contain a lot of coins.

You can find some more coins by spraying the sand.

To get the blue coins in Pinna Park's beach inside the baskets, play the second mission. Instead of heading towards him to defeat him, stand behind or on top of the baskets and wait for either a Bullet Bill or Missile Bill to come at you. Jump out of the way and the baskets will break apart, allowing you to access the Coins.

Do not enter the park. Instead, go to the right where you will find a tree and the Yoshi egg. To the left of the Yoshi egg, spray the sand until you see yellow sparks. Keep spraying it until an image of a blue Shine Sprite appears. Keep spraying until a Blue Coin appears from the middle of it. Do the same thing on the sand around where the red cannon is located in Pinna Park, once again, without the park.

Pinna Park: Easy 100 Coin Star
Go to episode 6 (The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret). Stay at the beach and kill the floating enemies by shooting them down with your FLUDD and jumping on them. They give you 5 Coins each. There are about eight of them, giving you about forty Coins. Next, go up and down the beach spraying your FLUDD at the ground left and right. Random Coins will appear. Also, spray the flowers; they give you one to five Coins.

Pinna Park: Stolen hat
Select episode 6. On the beach area to your right, you should see some odd looking flying creatures. If you destroy one of them (they usually appear in pairs) and stand under the other one's shadow, it will fall on you and steel your hat. If you do not get it back, Mario actually starts to lose health.

In episode 6, to the right on the beach will be a flying enemy. Stand under the enemy and it will come down and steal your hat. If you look up at him, he will be wearing the hat and a mustache that resembles Mario's.

Pinna Park: Get rid of the cannon
Run up to it when you enter the level. Avoiding bombs, run around the cannon in a left to right direction. After a couple of revolutions, the bomber will blow himself up, allowing you to enter through the cannon hatch into a challenge for a Shine Sprite.

Pinna Park: Unlimited lives
Next to the cannon that leads to Pinna Park underwater, there should be an extra life. Collect it, go to Pinna Park, exit, and get the life again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Pinna Valley
Jump onto the top of the Shine Statue in Delfino Plaza. Enter the red pipe there to get to Pinna Valley.

Rico Harbor: Coins
In the Rico Harbor level, go to the episode when you must defeat the giant Bloober. At the construction area (where the big tower is located) spray water on the left of the big cliff, but not on the cliff. A blue Sun Sprite outline will appear and you will get a Blue Coin. Squirt it multiple times to get six Coins.

Episode 3 is an easy place to rake in 100 Coins. After scouring the tunnels for coins, check the catwalks and jump on the Bloopers. You willl uncover a good chunk of change.

In episode 6, follow the regular Coins and they will lead you to the Red Coins.

Rico Harbor: Shine Sprite
Instead of jumping on the trampolines to get the Shine Sprite after you get the Rocket Nozzle, go to the platform directly under the cage. Use the Rocket Nozzle. If done correctly, you should catch on to the bottom of the cage. Swing to the door and press [A] to flip over, stand in the cage, and get the Shine Sprite.

Instead of waiting to get the Rocket Nozzle, use the following trick. This only works for the bell tower by the Rico Harbor portal (the one with the clothesline). Look at the building that is connected to the bell tower by a clothesline. Use the clothesline to bounce to a small ledge just below its top roof. Once on the ledge, do a spinning jump (or any high jump that is easier for you) and use the Hover Nozzle to safely get to the very top. From there, switch to look mode and spray the bell that is in the tower. When it is clean, the Shine Sprite drops lower into the caged part of the tower. Then, take the sewers that lead you underneath the tower, jump out, and the Shine Sprite is yours.

Use the following trick to get the Yoshi's Fruit Adventure Shine easily, instead of having to go to the palm tree and having Yoshi eat the green coconuts for the platforms to raise up. You must get that strange fruit that you cannot pick up and give it to Yoshi. Once you spray the fish and get approximately to the third or fourth platform, simply aim Yoshi with first person view and wipe off the yellow "goo" far from there. The yellow goo will return eventually, but it will give you plenty of time to get the Shine. After that, just leave Yoshi. Jump off the platform and swim nearby to get the Rocket Nozzle, which should be located behind you on top of a floating device, under the helicopter pad. Grab it, then swim back to the platform and rocket jump up there. Keep rocket jumping up by moving forward slightly in order to reach the highest platform. You will notice the goo will still be gone, and you can get your Shine easily.

Complete episode 2 in less than forty seconds to win a secret Shine Sprite. Select episode 4, and collect 8 Red Coins and get the Shine Sprite.

Rico Harbor: Easy lives
Dive down in the second water space between Rico Harbor and the cannon that shoots you to Pinna Park to find an extra life. After you get it, go to any world (Rico Harbor is closest). Press [Start] and choose "Exit Area". When you get back, the extra life will appear again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

In any episode, find the man standing on a pile of boxes. Look to the left of him to find a crate in a corner. Ground Pound the crate and an extra life mushroom will appear. Once you get it, exit the level and repeat as many times as desired.

Sirena Beach
When you have Yoshi, go to the roof above the fountain where you started. Have yoshi eat the pineapple in the warp pipe on the roof. Go inside to get to Sirena Beach.

Sirena Beach: Lives
Go to the Sirena Beach level (with the haunted hotel and casino), preferably in the second episode. To the left of where you begin are three boxes. The middle one has an extra life in it. You can get it, exit the level, and repeat this as many times as desired.

Use the following trick to get five extra lives in less than a minute. Play episode 6 (Scrubbing Sirena Beach). You will have to complete this level at least once or you will only receive four extra men. The first extra life is in the middle crate to the left of the start. There are four people on the first deck covered in goop. Wash them off and talk to them. If you have never talked to them they will give Blue Coins. If you have already gotten the Blue Coins, then they will give you a 1-Up Mushroom. Press [Start] to exit, then repeat the process to get many lives very quickly.

Play episode 2 and get to the ghost mouth on the third floor. You must have finished this level once before trying this trick. When you are in the mouth, you will have to finish the known level (race to the Shine). When you start, you will see three enemies. Squirt them, and when they are all on there back, slide the first enemy. All three enemies will disappear and a 1-Up will appear. Collect it, then get to the first block that is above your head, Note: It is before the melon block, not under it. A 1-Up will appear. Collect it, kill yourself and begin again at the start of the race to the shine level. Repeat this to get an extra life about once every twenty seconds.

In episodes 4 or 5, once you are at Casino Delfino, press "Analog-stick Up" then press [Y] and face the light. Qquirt it and get the extra life.

On the Scrubbing Sirena Beach level, wash the people and they will give you lives. Note: Wash the island first, then wash the people. Also, you can get extra lives by the level where you have to clean the people ten times. Even if you did not start, they will give you Blue Coins first

Sirena Beach: Coins
Go to episode 1 or 4. In episode 1, spray the entire area of ground to get Coins. In episode 4, play the slots to win Coins.

To get 100 Coins, in episode 1 battle the ray and spray the gunk. Collect at least 66 coins. The other 34 can be collected from the treetops and safe areas under the tents.

Sirena Beach: Mantas
In episode 1, when the big manta appears, spray it with water. Eventually, they will turn purple and come after you. Go near a hut and do the Spin Jump, spraying water at the mantas. This will help you complete the level.

Clean the big square first, then talk to the man next to it. The Manta will appear. Start shooting water without moving (camera-mode). After they break-up, go to the center of the square and do the spin-jump while shooting water. You will complete it in about two minutes.

During the manta storm in episode 1, do a triple jump and hold [R] while doing the flip. This will destroy everything in front and behind you. If things are chasing you, it rains down on them from the shots that went to the sky. This takes up little water -- use it often.

In episode 1, stay in the water area at the beach to avoid being shocked. Then, use the Hover Nozzle to kill the manta.

An easy way to kill the mantas is to stand in the shallow water on the beach after talking to the hotel manager. When the manta appears, shoot it with water, then run to the shallow water. Stay in it, and you cannot get shocked by the paint-goo. Use the hover nozzle and just float across the beach.

In episode 1, you are attacked by a manta. To defeat it, swim out into the water as far as possible. The manta will follow you but will not go past a certain point. Stop and enter look mode. Aim your water at it. The manta will break up, but will not go past that point. Eventually the manta will die.

Sirena Beach: Defeating Boos
When you get to level 4 or 5, go to the table in the center and pound on the purple square. You will enter kind Boos place. Spray the slot and wait until you get fruits. Pick up a Pepper and throw it at Boo's face then quickly throw a fruit (not a Pepper) at his face to defeat him. If not, throw one more Pepper at him while he is hypnotized.

Obstacle courses: Secret levels
After almost every obstacle course, there is secret level in which you go to the obstacle course and Ground Pound a red button to find eight Red Coins in a certain amount of time.

Obstacle courses: Lives
To get extra lives in the obstacle courses, try nailing in the nails by Ground Pounding them.

Go to the second obstacle level (with spinning cubes and platforms) and get the extra life on the star and the one floating by the spinning cube (second). Exit the area and repeat this as many times as desired.

Obstacles courses: Get around obstacles
You can usually get up or around obstacles on either side by jumping to wall kick. Then use your Hover Jets to get the rest of the way up, or just side jump to Hover Jet. This is especially useful when taking shortcuts around large obstacle courses.

Tricky Ruins: Reaching Boss
At the Boss of Tricky Ruins, go up to where the Gopher was last seen. Then, turn around there you will see a trampoline. Move the trampoline over to the right so that you can jump onto the ledge above it. Then, do a flip jump and use the hover nozzle to make your way up to a little sloping ledge. You may need to try this a few times. Gooper Blooper will be at the top of the ledge. Fight him then go down the tube to get the Shine Sprite.

Easy lives
Whenever you complete a level, go to the water directly next to where the boats go in and out. Dive all the way to the bottom and you will see a 1-Up Mushroom. Whenever you return from a level or start from the beginning, it will be there.

Go to the island where the man is stranded and spray the fire. A 1-Up Mushroom will appear.

Anybody that gives you a blue coin the first time you wash them off, or get them fruit, will also give you a 1-Up if you wash them off or get them fruit again.

There is a manhole near the fruit stands near the lighthouse. Hop in it and go towards the lighthouse. As soon as you have a choice to go towards the water, do so. Follow the path to a 1-Up Mushroom.

When you do a mini-game (when Fake Mario steals FLUDD) and you die, there is always a life, If you get one each time you die you will not get a game over.

Finding Shine Sprites
Go out to the island where the man is stranded. You will see a gold bird flying around. Shoot it with your water cannon and a Shine Sprite will appear.

Get the turbo power-up. Turbo through the door where you first met the police. You will enter to a special area made especially for the turbo.

Whenever you see a yellow bird flying around, shoot it with water and it will turn into a Shine Sprite. One can be found in Isle Delfino, around the island where the man is stranded. A second can be found in Noki Bay; at the upper left part of the bay is a square in the ground (where Mario appears) and a palm tree. The yellow bird will be sitting on the palm tree, or flying around it.

Go into the side of the boat house to buy Shine Sprites with Blue Coins. Each Shine Sprite costs ten Blue Coins. You can only buy up to 24 Shine Sprites because there are only 240 Blue Coins in the game.

Go to the Star Gate. To the right will be a woman wanting your help. Jump on the edge of the basket and double-jump. Water jet towards the mountain. You will end up on the mountain. Go on the right side (facing the Star Gate)and Wall Kick the left side of the gate until you get to a ledge. Clean off the star completely. A Shine Sprite will appear high on top of the gate.

Finding Coins
Find a patch of flowers and spray them all quickly. Four or five Coins will appear from the middle of the patch.

If you wash off a person with sludge, they may give you a Blue Coin.

Go on top of trees and you might find some extra Coins.

Eat the green birds with Yoshi to get regular Coins. Eating blue birds will give you Blue Coins.

You can get Blue Coins for helping the people in Delfino Plaza get fruit and putting them into a basket.

Spray a symbol ( [X] ) with water until it goes away. A blue coin will appear from another symbol (and vice versa).

If you wander around in the manhole (usually in underwater tunnels) you will find yellow and blue coins.

Get coins in the harbor (with Bloopers) by going onto the sky walks. There are tons of coins up there.

During the first level, when you approach a red circle on the beach, stomp there to find the question mark coins.

Go to the island with the stranded man on it with Yoshi. Spray the yellow thing on the pipe to make it disappear . You will play a lily pad game in which you have to get 8 Coins.

If you see a blue butterfly, eat it with Yoshi and a Blue Coin will appear. This also works with blue birds, but spray them with your water cannon three times.

On the ground at the Theme Park level are hidden blue Shine Sprite symbols. They are on the ground outside of the theme park on the beach. You will receive a Blue Coin from them.

On the Theme Park level on the Yoshi Merry-Go-Round episode, spray the flying things, then jump on them. Each time you do so, you get five Coins. After you kill all of them, get Yoshi (the fruit is hidden in the ground; spray the ground to get it). Eat the yellow and green butterflies to get more Coins. Spray the ground to get the rest of the Coins that are hidden there.

To get all Red Coins on the sand bird, get all the ones on the bird then there will be one on a platform at the end of the level.

Do the Watermelon Festival mission and dive into the watermelon. A Coin will appear. You only get about ten Coins from a watermelon.

Find a sketch of Fake Mario and spray it with water to get Coins. Note: Only some sketches will give Coins.

Once you have the rocket-pack, spray these things in the following order to get three Blue Coins: first bell, big Shine Sprite, second bell.

After you defeat Mech Bowser, do not get the Shine Sprite. Instead, go to the place in the act where there are little round guys. Kick them all off the big one, then jump on the big one for a Blue Coin.

To get 999 Coins, go to either Delfino Airstrip (after completing the game) or Pinna Park. Get all the coins you can and keep returning. You will can get 999 Coins and over 10 extra lives. Note: This will take awhile.

Ground Pound the nails in secret levels (i.e. The Secret Of Ricco Harbor) to get a Coin or sometimes an extra life. Note: This does not always work.

Hint : Extra stars on secret levels
After you complete a secret level, go back to that episode and replay the secret level. This time there will be a red hump on the ground. Ground Pound it and get the red coins. There will be a time limit, but you have FLUDD to help you.

Easy cleaning
Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps.

Breaking doors
After getting the Turbo Nozzle, find a door and stand in front of it. Hold [R] with the Turbo Nozzle and Mario will bump into the door and break it. Note: Some doors contain Shine Sprites and one door has an obstacle course.

This trick requires the Rocket Nozzle. Charge with [R]. When you blast off, press [B] while holding "Analog-stick Up". Although this is not true flight, it covers a lot of ground quickly.

You can slide over wet surfaces by pressing [B] to jump and slide across them. You can do this indefinitely very easily. Shoot some water onto the floor, then run and press [B] to slide across it. Mario will continue to slide across the ground despite of the surface that he is on (but it does not work over water). This will continue until he runs out of momentum, for example by sliding up a hill. This is a useful trick if you want to get somewhere quickly, because Mario will gain speed.

Jump onto buildings
Use a Ground Pound on a manhole cover then immediately jump up. This will send you high into the air. Use a Hover Nozzle to get on the building. Note: Some items, such as Shine Sprites and Blue Coins, can be found on roofs.

Jump higher
Run in one direction, then turn in the other direction quickly enough so that Mario stirs some dirt up. Then, jump immediately in the air. Mario will jump higher and do some flips.

Jump farther
Press "Analog-stick Up" and [Analog-stick Down] rapidly then press [A] to get a triple jump without jumping three times.

Spinning jump
After jumping, you can do a spin by rotating the Analog-stick once in a circle.

Super Turbo Spin jump
Strap on the Turbo nozzle then go to a body of water. Get up to full speed, spin the Analog-stick, and jump as you would in a normal spin jump. This is a lot higher and covers more land with water. This can also be used on land -- it is more difficult to avoid obstacles.

Sprinkler Water Spray
To execute the Sprinkler Water Spray easily, do a Spin Jump and hold [R].

Cover more area with your FLUDD
Jump three times to do a forward somersault. As you roll, shoot your Nozzle Cannon and spray a long distance in front, behind, and below you.

Different nozzles
There are four different nozzles for FLUDD; the squirt nozzle, hover nozzle (like a jetpack, but shorter time in the air), turbo nozzle (go very fast and jump high; unlocked with 25 Shines and after level 4-4), and rocket nozzle (go up like a rocket; unlocked with Yoshi's egg, the turbo nozzle, and 30 Shines). With the rocket nozzle, when jumping at the correct time and are high enough, when Mario falls, he will scream as if falling off a cliff.

Avoid losing health when falling
When falling from high places, press [L] to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health.

Avoid dying
Pause game play when you are about to die and select "Exit Area". You will be teleported in front of the level you were at and not lose a life. Note: This does not work if you are falling.

Faster movement
To make Mario get around a little faster, use the single spray nozzle and shoot a small amount of water in front of him. Run and press [B] to do a belly slide. He will slide through the water and keep going at a high speed. This will continue as long as you do not hit anything.

Note: Keep belly hopping rapidly to go very fast. This is especially helpful in the timed and racing episodes.

While moving, press [B] to dive. While you are sliding press [A] to get up. Do this repeatedly when still moving and you will go faster.

To move faster in the water, equip your Hover Nozzle in the water and hold [R] while repeatedly pressing [A].

Double Bloopers
When doing the Blooper race, go on a Blooper on the dock and turn around. Go back onto the dock, then jump on another Blooper to ride on double, triple, or quadruple Bloopers. Note: This will not increase your speed.

Run up steeper slopes faster
Dive (press [B] ) at the slope while running at it. As soon as you hit the slope, jump and continue pressing "Control-stick Up". This should cause Mario to run very fast. If you hit a wall or another object in this state, he will bounce off it.

High dive from ground
In any level, just press [A] + [B]. Mario will dive as if on the ground, except in the air.

Press [R] and press [A] with the Analog-stick.

Swim faster
When swimming, switch to your Hover Nozzle and press [R]. It will give you a little boost while swimming.

Not only can you hold [R] with the Hover Nozzle while pressing [A] to swim fast; if you hold [C-stick Up] as well, you can swim very fast. The [C-stick] trick also works when Mario is wearing his "scuba gear", which is great for the Red Coin fish stage.

Faster cleanup
To clean up goop quicker, press [R] + [A]. You will basically do the same thing as a backwards somersault, only staying in place.

Il Piantissimo races
If you are having trouble defeat Il Piantisimo or need to get somewhere faster, just spray water while you are running and press [B] to dive into it.

When Il Piantissimmo asks you to race against him, observe him closely. You should notice that it seems to be a man dressed in a Pianta costume.

Getting to the Island Resort
You need Yoshi to do this. Go to the rooftops and find the pineapple. Have Yoshi eat it and you can go to the Island Resort. Make sure you talk to the person that is standing in front of the giant wad of goop. Do not try to clean all the goop first -- just talk to the man. A giant stingray will appear . You have to look at FLOOD and he will tell you how to defeat it.

Defeating Bowser
Bowser will shoot flames at you. Use the Rocket Nozzle to jump over them. Also spray the Bullet Bills that Baby Bowser shoots out. Go to each of the five fire symbols and shoot the Rocket Nozzle directly above them. Then, at your highest point, do a Ground Pound. Watch out though; the ledge falls off when you pound it. If you fall, use the Rocket Nozzle to try and get back up. Do this on all five of the symbols.

Defeating the gopher
To defeat the gopher in the cannon at Galeto Beach, spray the bombs he throws (they will turn blue), then throw them at him.

Defeat giant eel
Go into the bottle in Noki Bay that the old man has. Spray all of the eel's teeth when his mouth opens.

Defeating Gooper Blooper
When he punches you with his arm, jump on it and it will flatten. Then, press [B] and pull his arm off. Do this for each arm. When the arms are gone, pull off the nose. Do this process twice to win.

When facing Gooper Blooper the second time, do the same thing before, however you can sometimes just pull his nose off twice to win.

When facing Gooper Blooper the third time, use the same tactics used in the first two encounters.

When facing Gooper Blooper, instead of pulling off his arms, go directly to his nose and pull it off. It will turn red and fall over. When it gets back up, do the same thing and it will fly away with arms flailing.

Defeating King Boo
Spray King Boo to get him to do the slots. When it lands on the fruits, throw a red pepper into his mouth, then throw any fruit at him. Do this three times to win. Note: Land on coins for coins and ? for enemies.

Watch the ground. If you see a purple square, do a Ground Pound on it to keep that part of the ground from rotating. Stopping the ground will make your battle easier. King Boo makes the ground rotate again after he throws coins, fruit, or enemies.

Notice that on each separate part of the roulette is one blue square. Ground Pound those three squares to make your battle much easier.

Go into the Hotel and go to the Casino Room. Go to the middle, where the big spinner is located. Stomp on any of the three purple tiles. You will begin fighting King Boo, Spray him until he swishes his tongue onto the casino machine and it starts up. Keep doing this until it lands on the Fruit and find a Chili Pepper. Press [B] to throw it into his mouth. He will start to heat up and panic. Throw any other fruit on him anywhere except behind him. He will lose one of his three lives. Do this two more times and you will earn your Shine Sprite.

Defeating Mecha-Bowser
Get a rocket and when you get close to him, shoot it at his head. Squirt the Bullet Bills with water, and also squirt the flames to avoid getting hit. Do this three times to win.

First, go to the amusement park level and follow Fake Mario to the pool. Watch out for the electric Koopas. You can deafeat them easily when they shoot their shells -- squirt them and they will die. After following Fake Mario, he will be on Mecha Bowser. Talk to the little shell guy and get on the roller coaster. Shoot Bowser with the rockets on the head or body. FLUDD will tell you when he fires Bullet Bills at you. All you need to do is water them. After you hit him three times, it will explode.

Defeating Mantas
Hide in the hut where the "girl" is located during the Manta fight in Sirena Beach Episode 1. If you talk to her before the fight, she tells you that it was safe there during the first attack. When they pass over, they go on the rooftop over Mario and you will not get hurt. Run out, squirt them, then run back inside.

Talk to the hotel manager and Mantas will appear. Go onto a tree and spray it. It will split every time you spray it. This takes a long time but is not difficult.

Defeat Piranha Pete
When he opens his mouth, keep spraying water into it until he falls down. Then do a Ground Pound onto the little bump on his stomach . Do this three times to defeat him.

In the second battle with him, get to a high place and spray him with water. He will fall to the ground. Then, go face to face with him and he will try to spit sludge. Before he does, spray water into his mouth and repeat the process as done during the first battle. Do this three times.

Defeating Piranha Plants
You can defeat all Piranha Plants by squirting them when they have their mouth open.

To defeat Piranha Plant 2 easily, jump onto the roof just above the fountain with the pineapples in it. Face the big pile of Goop and switch to Mario Cam mode. Direct your spray to the center, and spray until the plant is summoned. Spray again in its mouth three times. In Mario Cam mode, the nozzle will not automatically go back to its neutral position, and while you are on the roof the little bubble monsters cannot reach you. You will defeat the plant with ease.

You can defeat the Piranha Plant that leads to Ricco Harbor and the one that leads to Gelato Beach with the same method as the one that leads to Bianco Hills. Stand on a building and switch to Mario Cam mode.

Defeating Shadow Mario
On any level, just before he jumps spray water in the place where he will land. When he lands he will slip and fall over, allowing you to capture him.

Defeating Wiggler
Water one of the Dune Buds and it will make a hill. Wiggler will run into it and turn over. After that, do a Ground Pound onto his stomach. Do this three times. Note: To fight Wiggler, you first have to do the mission with the mirrors to get him off the tower.

There are birds in almost every level in the game. Spray a green bird for a Yellow Coin, a blue bird for a Blue Coin, and a yellow bird for a Shine Sprite.

Easy Blue Coins
Use Yoshi to spray down beehives, and then eat all the bees that appear to get a Blue Coin. You can also get them by eating blue butterflies in each level.

Big puddles
If there are big puddles nearby, hold [R] and press [A] to do a flip and spray water in a range of about the entire screen in front of you. This works well when the manta babies start to turn red and attack you and during Fake Mario battles. If you hit him first, he will run immediately instead of you needing to walk up to him.

To make it seem as if it is raining, have the sprayer equipped and do a triple jump. Then, hold [R] after you land. Drops will be falling from the sky.

Sleeping Mario
Remain idle during game play and Mario will fall asleep.

Hint Mario drinking water
Go anywhere in a corner with Mario and spray water. Mario will appear to be drinking it.

Mario washes face
Go into any corner and enter Mario Cam. Spray water with the Squirt Nozzle and look down. It will appear as if Mario is washing his face. Note: Do not change to the Hover Nozzle while doing this, as it will exit Mario Cam.

Toad trampoline
After completing the first level and getting the first Shine Sprite, exit the statue area. Princess Peach's toads will be in the area. You can jump on top of them. If you jump on top of the normal colored toad correctly, Mario will continue to jump up and down on it.

Mario game clips
During the intermission sequence where FLUDD (the water backpack) identifies Mario, you can view short clips of past Mario games, including Super Mario 64, in the lower left corner.

Select files with moves
When you are selecting a file you can do a Spin Move and the Side Jump to get onto the blocks.

Professor Gadd references
When you get FLUDD, he will say, "Thank you for purchasing this item from Gadd Science Inc." Professor Gadd is from Luigi's Mansion and invented the vacuum in that game. Go to episode 1 of Pinna Park and defeat Mecha-Bowser. During the intermission sequence, Bowser Jr. will say, "This is my magic brush. When I draw with it, all my wishes come true. A strange old man in a white coat gave it to me." Professor Gadd had a white coat.

Mario vs. Bowser references
When you first get FLUDD, look in the bottom left hand corner as he is looking at Mario. You will see scenes from the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario 64, with all of them showing Mario fighting Bowser.

Glitch: Extra crane
Go to Rico Harbor and go to where the Void level is located (on the very left). Go below the secret area and talk to the man on the boxes. Then, talk to him ten times in different positions. Once out of the ten times you will see a crane halfway in the wall, but when you are done talking to him the crane will disappear.

Glitch: False reflection
Go to Delfino Plaza. Go to the area where the lighthouse stands (Gelato Beach). Splash into the ocean behind the light house and climb onto the rocky platforms. Then, go up the platforms and you will see a pipe. Turn on your Hover Nozzle. Next stand close to the edge of the platform, but face the pipe. Finally, use your Hover Nozzle into the pipe. You should see Mario in the reflection of the water when he is falling down the pipe, even though you are supposed to see the pipe.

Glitch: Hard cloud
When on top of the Sandbird in Noki Bay where you have to find the Red Coins, there are many clouds. When you get very high up, jump down and land on a cloud. Mario will get hurt as if he fell on something hard.

Glitch: Get in cannon
Go up to one of the red cannons (which has not been unlocked). Jump above the guy and stomp. It may take a few attempts, but if it works, you should be in the cannon. If you look up, the guy's body will not be complete.

Glitch: Go through building
From where you start, go right towards Noki Bay. Around that area is a lady who wants bananas. Wall Jump on that building and hover back towards it. Make sure that you are in between the ledge and the top of the window. If done correctly, you should go through the building. If you land in it, you will lose a life. This may require a few attempts.

Get the hover nozzle and go to Delfino Plaza. There is a fruit basket lady behind the house with the pipe on the roof, leading to Delfino's hotel. Go to her basket, but not

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