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Jan. 05, 2006
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Restore all sand slots
Hold [B] on controller four and quickly press [X]x2, [A], [B]x2, [A], [Y]x2 on controller one during game play.

Alternate ending
Complete the game with all nine Life Upgrades.
Defeating The Empress Of Time
To defeat the Empress Of Time for the last time, dodge all her attacks, especially the kicks. Do not let her get near the girl in red. When only a little of her life remains, keep blocking and press [Y] or [B].

A good, but slightly cheap way to defeat the Empress Of Time during the normal ending is as follows. At the end of the intermission sequence, immediately jump backwards towards the edge of the "arena". Simply back away off the edge. It is impossible for her to attack the Prince while he is hanging from the ledge. Shimmy over a few feet from her (she usually will not follow). Anytime you are ready, simply pull yourself up and do a three-hit combo on her. If she blocks one of the attacks, jump back quickly to the edge to avoid a combo from her. If she slows down time, immediately go back and hang from the ledge until time returns to normal. Doing so is a good way to save your Sand Tanks until you find a better opportunity to use them. Once you feel like it, use one of your own sand tanks to slow down time. Then use the [B]x3, [Towards], [A]x6 combo. Once you finish this combo, jump back towards the ledge. You may then choose to either use the three-hit combo or the Slow Time combo described above. Any time she uses the whirlwind attack, just run away. Using your Sand Tanks to slow time for this attack is not recommended, as it only takes away two to three seconds of the whirlwind. Try to keep all of the whirlwinds away from the camera. By doing this, you can run towards the camera without worrying about hitting a whirlwind. Once the winds are done, repeat the strategy discussed earlier. It may take a while to complete and is cheap, but it is much easier than actually trying to dodge her attacks.

Defeating The Dahaka
You must have all nine Life Upgrades to gain the final sword, The Water Sword, to fight The Dahaka and receive the alternate ending. Before you enter the Central Chamber the second time, make sure you go to the pedestal in the middle of the hourglass room to receive the Water Sword. Enter the Central Chamber to trigger the intermission sequence. Then, chase the empress to trigger the alternate Boss fight with The Dahaka. This can be a very tricky Boss (especially under the hard difficulty setting), and he may seem very cheap at first. Immediately when the fight starts, trigger the Ravages Of Time attack against the beast. Do this twice, then run around and refill your Sand Tanks. The Dahaka will try to shoot his tendrils up through the ground in front of you. The best tactic to avoid them is to run around in a circle -- they will not touch you. After your Sand Tanks are filled, go back towards him. When you get close to him, he will shoot tendrils out of his stomach at you. Roll under them then activate Slow Time and hit him until his health is about half way down. An intermission sequence will start, and the beast will be hanging on the side of the cliff. Run over to him and use Ravages Of Time as much as possible. When his health gets too low, he will jump up into the center of the stage and regain half of his health. This is when he becomes angry and things get tricky. He will try to jump on you multiple times. Run around the stage collecting the sands, rolling out of the way when he jumps towards you. If he misses you, he will try to shoot his tendrils at you; just run or roll away from him. Eventually he will go back to shooting tendrils out of the ground. When your sands are full, run towards him and use the same tactic as before. When your down to a couple of Sand Tanks, fill up again. The strategy is to get his health as low as possible before he gets knocked to the side of the cliff, then use either Slow Time or Ravages to kill him off before he jumps back up again.

Get the Light Sword. Ensure that you do not throw the Light Sword. Hang onto it until the Dahaka fight. Beat on him as instructed above, but when he hangs on the ledge for the first time, slow time and hit him with the Light Sword (not the Water Sword). He should die before he is able to jump back up. If not, you will defeat him the second time.

Slow down time and attack until he falls off the edge. When he does, slow time again and attack until his life is gone. If you need more sand, there is some scattered around the platform.

Defeating Shadi
This is an easy but precise way to defeat Shadi. Attack her until you hear a large "clank", which indicates that she has blocked. Then, roll to the side of her. When this is done, most of the time you will be able to get behind her and repeat the attack. You should get to hit her about four times (and possibly up to six times) before she blocks. However, sometimes you may only hit her about two times before she blocks. You must listen for the "clank".

Defeating the first Boss
Block and do the attack were you jump behind her, and attack her twice. Remember to block immediately after this or she will hit you down.

While fighting the first Boss after you become the Sandwraith, use slow time to easily kill it. It will rarely get a hit on you, and your Sand Tank will regenerate during this time. Whenever it runs out, immediately start slow time again. Remember to stay behind it or its attack will knock you off the platform.

Defeating the Giant Troll
Hit it on the back of the legs. After you get it to fall on its knee, press [A] to jump on it. After you are on its head, use slow motion. Keep pressing [B] during slow motion and eventually it will not grab you.

Defeating the Golem Boss
To defeat the harder Golem Boss that throws exploding monsters at you, have at least five Sand Tanks full. Activate Ravage Of Time (press [R], then tap [L]) and hit him behind his legs (which has no armor). Then, jump on his back and onto his head. Immediately activate Ravage Of Time again so you can hit his head faster. When it wears off, activate Eye Of The Storm (press [L]), then keep hitting him. You should then finish him off.

Defeating the mechanical tower Boss
To defeat the large Boss on the mechanical tower stage, continuously hold [R] to block, and dodge all his attacks by pressing [A] while blocking. Control the direction of your dodge by moving the Analog-stick. Note: Dodging to the left or right is best. Blocking his hits will not work, as you will die after four hits. He has no armor on the back of his legs; when you get behind him, hit his legs and prepare to dodge again. After a few times of doing this, he will fall to his knees. You will be able to jump on his back by pressing [A]. Strike him in the head with your sword five to eight times. He will then throw you off if you do not jump off in time. Repeat this three or four and he will die.

Roll under his legs (it is a lot easier than trying to go around) and slash at the back of his ankles. When he drops to one knee, press [A] to climb up his back. About halfway up his back, slow down time and begin slashing at him. You should be able to kill him before he can throw you off his back. Also, when he dies he gives you a sand tank, so it is like earning it back.

Defeating enemies quickly
When you are on a cliff or platform with areas to fall off and enemies start attacking in groups, just throw them off instead of wasting Sand Tanks or fighting them all head on. This saves time, especially when you reach The Cliff as the Sandwraith.

Use the following trick to easily defeat any of the large enemies that require you to jump on their backs and get hits. Use Slow (tap [L]) when you are climbing up its back. Once you get up there, start hitting it as much as possible. Eventually, before time runs out or it has the chance to throw you off its back, you will be able to stab it in the neck and it will fall. By doing this, you will only use one Sand Tank and it will be refilled by its death. Note: Do not use any other Sand Tanks prior to jumping on its back, or else you will waste them and not get them back too quickly. Note: You may have to use two Sand Tanks while on its back if it is used too early.

Hockey stick
After getting a sword that can break walls, return to the Central Hall during the Throne And The Mask level. Turn the lever to cover the ground level gap. Follow the same path used to get the Life Upgrade in this area. However, instead of entering the door, turn right and break the part of the wall with sand coming down with your sword to find a weapons rack that is hiding the hockey stick weapon.

Rayman's glove
Get to the main tomb in the Catacombs. Exit this area to begin a Dahaka chase. Notice that the passageway branches during the second and third Dahaka chase. Turn left here and find the weapon rack immediately to your left. Break the weapon rack to collect Rayman's glove. One hit from it can knock anything except Bosses to the ground.

Teddy bear
One of the miscellaneous secondary weapons is the teddy bear. Locate it after earning the Scorpion Sword in the clock (west) tower. There are three encounters with a giant golem enemy in the clock tower when you initially go through it. The first is before you start negotiating the vertical climbing of the tower (past); the second is atop the clock tower (past); and the third is stationary and throws exploding monsters in the clock tower's second area (past). Look for the room where the second giant golem enemy is found. You need to be in the present (find a time portal) and drop into the water-filled dead end past the golem's room. Break the wall and retrieve the teddy bear. The teddy bear is almost unbreakable and does almost no damage, but has the ability to restore lost life to the Prince with each successful blow on an enemy.

Finding your way at the clock tower
Once you get to the huge room in the clock tower, the camera will zoom in on the Sand Troll with boxes. When you defeat the enemies, the troll will keep throwing the exploding Sand Dogs. There are two weak walls on the left and the right. Go to the right one first. You will see a weak wall. Stand by it and look at the troll. When you see the troll throw those dogs, get out of the way. Look in the hole and you will see a water fountain. If you are running low on health and want to save a game, go right first. Do the same exploding tactic with the troll.

Listen To Dahaka
Dahaka speaks backwards. If you rewind time when he speaks you be able to understand what he actually says. Some phrases include, "You cannot escape the Dahaka", "You cannot escape your fate" and "You will be removed".

Glitch: Blood continues to pour
Only have your primary weapon. Find a low level enemy (for example, Raiders, Blade Dancers, etc.). Run towards them and press [Y] to jump over and grab them. Once you have grabbed one, press [X] rapidly until the Prince steals its weapon and cuts its head off. If the Prince cut it in half, just find someone else. When you see blood appear, pause game play. Remain idle, and the blood will keep gushing.

Glitch: Strange waterfall
When going towards the third life upgrade after you obtain the Serpent Sword, the door that leads to the hallway has a waterfall. When walking through it, the Prince will become invisible. For the strangest results, walk slowly back and forth through the waterfall. Sometimes only the Prince's hair and sword will be visible. When this happens, walk slowly and his hair and sword will sink through the ground and disappear. After you get the upgrade, if you look through the waterfall everything will be black until you walk past it.

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