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Challenge mode option
Save the game at any point to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option at the main menu. Select that option to replay previously completed sections in a time attack type scenario. Collect as many Pikmin as possible before nightfall.

Alternately, complete one full day on The Impact Site. Get both parts while in the day. You will then unlock the "Challenge Mode" option when the Gamecube is restarted.

In-game reset
Hold [A] + [B] + [X] + [Y] + [Start] during game play.

Invincible Captain Olimar
Press [Down] and Captain Olimar will lay down. He cannot be harmed in this position.
Captain Olimar's attack
If you have a small number of Pikmin and they die, you can still attack the enemy. Press [A] as if you were going to throwing a Pikmin. Instead, Captain Olimar will punch the enemy for minor damage. Note: This does not work on enemies such as the Armored Cannon Beetle and Beady Long Legs.

Captain Olimar as a Pikmin
If at the end of the game you do not have all the parts to the ship, your ship will blast off and you will crash. After game data display is done, there will be a scene where the Pikmin are carrying a dead Captain Olimar to a Red Onion. Captain Olimar will be sucked up by the Onion and a seed that is Olimar's head will pop out. His head will appear from of the ground and will have a stem like a Pikmin.

Captain Olimar distracts enemies
If your Pikmin are building a bridge or carrying a piece back to the ship, and you do not want to lose Pikmin killing the enemies, it is possible for Olimar to distract them. Most of the time, if you run around near an enemy, it will follow you and try to attack you, keeping your Pikmin safe. If the Pikmin are carrying a ship piece, you may leave the enemy after the Pikmin have carried the piece a safe distance away.

Get more Pikmin
Note the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to their "Onions." The destination that Pikmin will carry objects to depends on the members of the group. If there are more blue Pikmin than red Pikmin in the group, they will bring it to the blue hive. When the same color pellet is brought to the corresponding hive color it will produce more new Pikmin than if the colors does not match.

Use the following trick to get 600 Pikmin in nine days. Before doing this, getting lots of ship parts in as little days as possible.Go to the first level and have at least 30 Blue Pikmin. Go up the bow ramp and break down the wall. You will see clams. Go up to attack them and get the pearl. Do this repeatedly, then keep doing it for nine days

Blue Pikmin
Blue Pikmin are amphibious. They can be on both land and water. They also can serve as lifeguards for drowning Pikmin (Red or Yellow).

Red Pikmin
Red Pikmin cannot be harmed by fire. They work well in the Distant Spring and the Navel areas.

Purple Pikmin
If the Puffstool in the Forest Naval spores your Pikmin, they will become Purple and sprout a mushroom on their heads. They will run around, attacking you and nearby Pikmin. If you are out of it range it will be near the Puffstool. Note: The spores only last for awhile.

Flower Pikmin
When Flower Pikmin die, they leave a seed behind. It will sprout into a Leaf Pikmin the next day.

Faster Pikmin
If you have a single Pikmin that is slow, hold [A]. You will pick up your Pikmin and can run at the same speed you move without the Pikmin in your hands.

At sunset any Pikmin not in their Onions will be eaten. However, if there are Pikmin in the landing zone or with Captain Olimar they will go to their Onions. Pikmin with Captain Olimar will be dismissed before he heads into his rocket.

Start with 24 flower Pikmin
At the start of the first day at the Impact Site, notice that you will have no time at the top. Feel free to get all the Pikmin you can into the Onion and then just wait, or run Omar around and practice moves. Because there is no time limit, wait until all your Pikmin grow to the flower stage. This gives you 24 free flower Pikmin to start the game

Quick game completion
Use the following trick to get all parts in just 14 days.
Day 1 Impact Site: On your first day, take the time to cultivate 24 flower flowering Pikmin, then collect the ship's Main Engine.

Days 2-3 Forest of Hope: Use the second day to collect yellow Pikmin, the External Fuel Dynamo, the Whimsical Radar, and the Extraordinary Bolt. Follow up on Day 3 with the Nova Blaster and the Shock Absorber.

Day 4 Forest Navel: Start by destroying the white gate, then go up to the Blue Onion and confront the Breadbug to collect the Space Float. Then, go for the Automatic Gear and the #1 Ionium Jet. If you are multitasking, you should have time to collect the Gravity Jumper as well.

Day 5 Impact Site: With Blue Pikmin at your side, you will be able to collect the Positron Generator and add a lot of Pikmin. Each Pearl will produce 50 Seeds.

Days 6-7 Forest Of Hope: When you land in the Forest of Hope with Blue Pikmin, put some of them to work on building bridges to the Sagittarius, while you get another group to break down the white gate in the path of the Radiation Canopy. Use Day 7 to go up against the burrowing Snargets and collect the Geiger Counter.

Days 8-9 Forest Navel: When you return to the Forest Navel, assign Red Pikmin to defeat the Blowhogs on the beach and press [X] while they are fighting so they do not follow you when they are done. Lead Blue Pikmin to the Anti-Dioxin and Analog Computer, while you get Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin to retrieve the Libra. On the next day, concentrate your efforts on the Guard Satellite and Omega Stabilizer. You can break down the blocking gates quickly with bomb-rocks.

Days 10-13 Distant Spring: On your first day in the Distant Spring, use one group of Blue Pikmin to collect the Repair-Type Bolt while you get another Blue Pikmin army to create a bridge to the Message Machine and Bomb-Rocks. You should have time to collect Bomb-rocks with Yellow Pikmin and bomb your way to the UV-Lamp. On Day 11, assign one group to build bridges to the Gluon Drive, and send another group to collect the Interstellar Radio. If you have extra time, get some Yellow Pikmin to bomb the rock wall on the path of the Zirconium Rotor. The next day, collect the rotor, then go up to the Pilot's Seat and the #2 Ionium Jet. If you are on schedule, you should be able to collect the Bowsprit and the Chronos Reactor on Day 13. While a group of Red Pikmin is taking the Bowsprit back to the ship, recruit another army to collect the reactor.

Day 14 Final Trial: It is difficult, but you can make your way up to the Emperor Bublax and defeat the creature in a single day. If you have made your way up to the final battle in 14 days, you should be up to the task.
When you are trying to blow up walls with your Yellow Pikmin and have bombs remaining after the task is completed, keep them. They are very useful for killing enemies. Keep the Pikmin with the bombs away from the group. If a bomb explodes, your entire group may die. To use the Pikmin with the leftover bombs, simply throw them at the target and call them back. This will either injure or kill the enemy. If the enemy is not dead just call your group and finish it off.

#1 Ionium Jet
Get 15 to 20 Blue Pikmin and jump down to the to the river, so that you see the part. Gather the Pikmin and have them get the part. If you get lost, follow the Pikmin. They will know the way.

First, clear out the Spotty Bolborbs and their infants. Next, get 30 Red Pikmin and kill the beetle. Build the ramps and knock down the wall. Also, you need 50 Pikmin to grab the part. Next, there should be another door with ramps and a wall. Build the ramp and knock down the wall. If you already have not done so, blow up the wall leading to the ship. Grab the part and you will safe.

Gluon Drive
You need at least 90 Blue Pikmin. Have them kill the frog and bugs guarding the part Next, have them build the bridges connecting to the land. Before you grab the part, get rid of the monsters that are blocking the way. If you do not have a least 50 Pikmin, then get some more and send them to get the part back to the Dolphin.

To get the part that Captain Olimar's daughter gave him, get 30 to 40 Red Pikmin to knock down the wall and build the bridge. When they are done, take them to kill the fire shooting enemy. Next, take all but 15 to 20 Pikimin back to the Onion. Get 15 to 20 Yellow Pikmin and 5 Blue Pikmin and carefully take them to the floating island. Shoot the Yellow Pikmin onto the ledge and have the Blue Pikmin activate the geyser. On top of the ledge with the Yellow Pikmin, call them back and launch them to the part. They should bring the part down. Call them back and have the Red Pikmin grab the part. You should now be able to take the part back.

Get 60 Red Pikmin, 20 Yellow Pikmin and 20 Blue Pikmin. As soon as they all come out of their Onions, dismiss them and get the 60 Red Pikmin to kill every Fiery Blowhog and the single Wollywog next to the shore. It is not necessary to defeat the other two Wollywogs. Once the aforementioned enemies are dead, get all your Pikmin and have them work on the gate. Do something else while you wait. When you hear the completion sound, go over to the now broken gate and call them back. Now, have the 60 Red Pikmin work on the bridge and call them back when they are done. Then, call the rest of them back and dismiss them again. Get the Blue Pikmin. Go through the flame jet path, making sure no Pikmin hit the flames. Have the Blue Pikmin activate the geyser in the water. Then, do the flame jet path. Next, call them all and dismiss them yet again. Choose the Yellow Pikmin and do the flame jet path again. Throw them up to the Libra, and when they are half way over the bridge, call them back and go through the flame jet path once more. Then, choose at least 20 Red Pikmin to carry that part back.

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