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Sep. 13, 2006
Author: KoritheMan143KB
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Ms. Mowz
Take the trouble center quest that is given by a person marked as "???". Once you get the badge on top of the cook's shop the mouse thief will join your team.

Infinite Shop Points
First you will have to have given Zest T. her new contact lense. Then buy a lot of mushrooms at the shop in RoguePort for 5 coins each. Then cook them all into Shroom Frys at Zest T.'s. You can sell the Shroom Frys back for 5 coins, the same price you paid for the mushrooms. Using this you can gain free shop points. Note: This trick only works once you have Zest T.
Easy Money
Once you've gotten to PetalBurg in the First Chapter you can use a trick to make easy money. First go to RougePort and buy as many sleepy sheep as you can carry, making sure to fill up your storage box aswell. When your pockets and storage box is full, head over to PetalBurg. Once at Petalburg, go into the Item Shop to sell your sleepy sheep for a 2 coin profit per sheep. Make sure you remember to withdraw and sell all the sleepy sheep you stored. To increase productivity, on the way back to rougueport, stock up on turtley leaves, again filling up the storage box, and sell them at the item shop where you picked up the sleepy sheep to gain 2 coins per leaf. After getting Taste T. you can cook the leaves into koopa tea for an extra 1 coin per leaf.

Directly after a hammer attack, or at the highest point after a jump attack, tap A again and Mario will do a stylish trick earning him more star points. This works for his allies as well. Tap A directly after doing Koops shell throw and he will spin on his back earning more style.

Yoshi's color
When naming a game, use a color for your name and Yoshi will be that color.

Rewards available in the Pit of 100 Trials
For every 10 levels you complete in the Pit of 100 Trials, you'll earn a new badge or other item:

Bump Attack Badge - Complete levels 71-80
Double Dip Badge - Complete levels 51-60
Double Dip P Badge - Complete levels 61-70
Fire Drive Badge - Complete levels 11-20
Lucky Day Badge - Complete levels 81-90
Pity Flower Badge - Complete levels 31-40
Return Postage Badge - Complete levels 91-100
Strange Sack (doubles inventory space) - Complete levels 41-50
Sleepy Stomp Badge - Complete levels 1-10
Zap Tap Badge - Complete levels 21-30

Whack a Mole
In chapter 5 on Keelhaul Key, walk to the northwest of the camp. Talk to the mole and hit him with your hammer he will leave behind a bump, get the bump. You can leave the area and go back there again to repeat this. You can sell the bump at the store for 50 bucks.

Free Tattle
Go to Profesor Frankly's office and press the big green button (A) at his garbage and info about a random enemy and is transferred to your tattle log.

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