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Bonus players
Create a player using one of the following names of members of the band Alien Ant Farm: "Terence Corso", "Mike Cosgrove", "Dryden Mitchell", or "Tye Zamora". The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that band member.

Create a player using one of the following names of members of the band Gob: "Theo Gobzinakis", "Gob Stomper", "Tom Whacker", "Pat Wolfman", or "Craig Would". The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that band member. Note: In the Gamecube version, entering "Gabe Metal" (another band member) will cause the game to freeze.

Look at the credits screen in the game and choose any name from the EA development team. Enter that name at the create player option. The game will tell you that it has this player in its database, and automatically adjusts the stats and appearance accordingly. For example, try the names "Roy Armes", "Dean Richards", "Pin Tang", or "Dave Warfield".

Go to the "Create A Player" option in the "My NHL" selection. Then enter "Niklas Kronwall" as a player name. A message similar to "This player already exists. Would you like to create the same player?" will appear. Select "Yes" and the game will create Niklas Kronwall. Sign him to his original team, the Detroit Red Wings.
Dynasty mode: 2 upgrade points
Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

Commentators: Deep voice
Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

Big head mode
Reach level 8 in your EA Sports Bio.

Dynasty mode: 2 GM office rewards
Reach level 12 in your EA Sports Bio.

Dynasty mode: 3 Upgrade Points
Reach level 18 in your EA Sports Bio.

Mile Wide Stadium
Reach level 24 in your EA Sports Bio.

Commentators: Chipmunk voice
Reach level 32 in your EA Sports Bio.
Easy goals
When you have the puck, swing around the opponent's net. If the goalie is on the other side, then shoot with back hand shot. Note: This best works with two players, so that other person can distract the goalie.

Use the following trick to get an easy goal about 75% of the time. Take the puck down the ice very fast with your winger (either side works). Stop at the goal line at the board. Make sure that nobody comes and picks the puck from you. Your center man will most likely be standing directly in front of the goal. Wait until you have a clear pass to him then do a one-timer and he will score. You will probably have to move around a lot to get the open slot, and to keep from getting picked off.

Set the game on the beginner difficulty setting, then skate across the goal crease and shoot once you get to the other side. You will score about 98% of the time. Note: Do not let anyone block or the goalie to steal the puck when you shoot.

When you get the puck, skate down to the opponent's end and go directly to the bottom of one of the circles. Then, make a straight dash in front of the net. Just when you pass the goalie, shoot the puck and it will go in almost all the time.

Go behind the net with a player and then press the Analog-stick in the opposite direction. This will make the player stop. When this is done, no players will go behind the net. You can now look for space and make a breakaway pass. This is very effective for breakaway goals.

Take a fast player down the rink and skate around all the players until you get in their end zone. Then, go up to the goalie, go to the other side of him, and shoot. About 90% of the time you will score. Try it with someone like Jagr or Iginla.

Pause game play, then select "Controller Set Up" and switch sides. Take that goalie out, then switch back to your original team. You will be able to shoot at their open net until a whistle or faceoff.

If you have a player on your team with the Speed and Sniper icons, take him behind your net. Hold "Speed Boost" and go down the boards while avoiding the opponent's players. Cut across the front of your opponent's net and shoot. You should score most of the time.

Take one of your snipers and skate him into the opposing team's corner with the puck. Skate from the far corner at a angle (for example, 45 degree) to the edge of the face off circle closest to the goalie holding [Turbo] and then shoot. Make sure your shooter is of the opposite hand of the side you are shooting, and that no players can pick you off or block. You can score as much as desired by doing this under the beginner and easy difficulty settings.

Easy experience points
For easy experience points in GM mode, sign a free agent during the regular season and trade him for a draft pick or for nothing. This should net you 20 experience points each time it is done. Note: The game eventually stops giving you points for doing this.

Fat rebounds
Take your "big shooter" player with the puck, skate him into the opposing team's zone holding [Turbo] and blast the puck near the red dot (just outside the blue line), but be onside. This shot causes rebounds and unexpected goals. Remember, it is better to shoot from the red dot on the side of the goalie's blocker so he cannot glove it. Using a sniper will result in rebounds not as large, but have a better chance for a goal. Using an all out attack is the best strategy for this trick.

Bouncing puck
Go to game settings menu and adjust the "Puck Friction", "Puck Gravity" and every option you can adjust on that screen that has to do with the puck. Go to a game and shoot the puck down the ice. If it does not hit the goalie, the puck should be bouncing all over the place until it runs out of speed.

Get puck back
If you are down by a goal late in the game and the other team has the puck, move your "Offensive Quick Play" to "All Out Attack" and your "Defensive Quick Play" to "High Pressure" to put maximum pressure on the opposing team so you can get the puck back in your possession.

Goalie scraps
Take one of your enforcers and get as close to your goalie as possible. Then, smash another player into your goalie. This causes interference with the goalie and will make him mad. If this is done correctly or enough times, you should see your goalie grappling with a player then he will fight with the other goalie. It is difficult to get him to scrap, but when he does it is well worth it. Note: It will take some time to get this to happen.

Getting good players
In dynasty mode, rack up on draft picks by signing unwanted free agents and trading them to random teams for draft picks. Doing this also earns you GM experience points.

Use the following trick to get high draft picks without trading good players. Once a draft is completed, see which teams took the first few picks and remember their names. Go to the "Trade Players" screen in the GM menu. The team that just took their first round pick will usually trade away that player for a third or first round pick. Note: You do not receive your draft picks to trade until the beginning of the next season.

You can easily make all the other teams in the league in dynasty mode go broke by simply trading them salaries. Go to the Free Agency screen and sign anyone desired (the worse the better) for long-term contracts and millions of dollars. Then, trade those players to the other teams. The CPU will accept any trade if they do not have to give up anything in return (for example, a trade for a 50 overall defenseman with a 6 year deal worth $25 million a season). Doing this allows you to sign free agents in the off season very easily, as no one else will be able to afford them.

Before you go into dynasty or season mode, create every player or most players on that team. For example, create Markus Naslund. It will say that this player is in the database. Choose "Yes" and make his stats 97 or 98 because your practice rink and the trainer upgrades will make the player. Then, start dynasty mode and you will have those player(s).

Getting rookies
In order to get new rookies such as Atlanta's Kari Lehtonen and Detroit's Niklas Kronwall, look at the European Elite League teams. There are many rookies that can be found there and can be traded onto their proper teams.

Glitch: Freeze game
When in Create A Player, typing in a certain name will cause the game to freeze. While typing in one of the members of Gob (Gabe Metal), the screen will freeze. For example, typing "Metal", then "Gabe" will freeze the screen, as well as typing "Gabe", then "Metal".

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