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Rose Bowl stadium
Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

Butter Fingers cheat
Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

Orange Bowl stadium
Reach level 8 in your EA Sports Bio.

Fiesta Bowl stadium
Reach level 12 in your EA Sports Bio.

2002 All-American team
Reach level 18 in your EA Sports Bio.

All-Time Notre Dame team
Reach level 24 in your EA Sports Bio.
Touchdown celebrations
When you score a TD, the word "Touchdown" appears. When it first appears, press the following button combinations. Note: This could also get you an 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.
[L] + [B] : Player spikes the ball, points to the crowd, then beats his chest.

[L] + [Y] : Player bows to the crowd.

[L] + [X] : Player spikes the ball, then shrugs his shoulder.

[L] + [A] : Player does Heisman Trophy pose.

[R] + [B] : Player will dunk on the Goal Post.

[R] + [Y] : Player will punch the ball towards the crowd.

[R] + [X] : Player will kick the ball into the crowd.

[R] + [A] : Player will throw the ball to the crowd.
Extra campus challenge points
Play several games at the Heisman level, however alter the AI settings in the settings menu before playing. Set the CPU levels at their lowest, and the Human levels at their highest. This will force the CPU to make a lot more mistakes and you to allocate challenge points, which can be used to purchase pennants and unlock other secrets within the game. The play level is still very difficult, but with your added AI, you should be able to be successful.

CPU control
Snap the ball. Do not press anything else. The CPU will sense that you are not playing and will play for you. They will almost get a touchdown or a very good pass or run. If you press anything after the snap, you will have to play. This works best on pass plays, and only works on offense.

Easy sacks
You can get an easy sack by doing a linebacker, line and coverage audible and press [Down]. When the ball is snapped, rush the QB. He will throw a bad pass or get sacked.

Press [Start], go to "Setting", then choose "Penalty Settings". Turn off offsides. Before the ball is snapped, hold [Down]. You will begin to run and have a head start on the offense. This works best in 5-2.

When playing on defense and you are having trouble putting pressure on the quarterback, select the Nickel Defense, down arrow once and choose the center play for the Cornerback Blitz. It is also very effective at stopping toss plays and full back dives. If you pay attention to the offensive line, you can usually alter your coverage audible to close coverage, which helps stop the run as well.

Choose the 3-4 formation and select Fire 2 defense. You will always have pressure on the QB.

Easy two point conversion
Once you score a touchdown, go to goal line then rollout. When you line up make, sure your wingback is on the right. Snap the ball, then rollout right. Your quarterback now has the option of throwing (to the tight end recommended), or running it in.

Easy punt blocks
To block punts, its easier to turn the offsides penalty off to get a head start on the offensive line. Choose a corner or a running back (someone that is fast enough and tall enough) and do one of the two; blitz the kicker and tackle him, which takes yardage off your opponent's rushing yards in the game, or jump and block the kick. This is not a play that works all of the time. However it usually works in the punt return play, and not the punt block play. Also, it never hurts to use a little play action once every series or so.

Longer punts
Choose to punt out of bounds left or right. The defense will not go into punt coverage. Simply move the arrow to the middle of the field and just boom it. If a returner does get back in time to field it, he will muff it most of the time. This works great for making sure the opposing team has a long field to work with, as well as getting your Punter All-American status.

When you line up to punt the ball away, point the arrow straight down. If timed correctly, you will punt the ball at least 70 yards almost every time.

Quicker tackle
When you are defending a receiver and they make a catch, press [Y], You can use that as quicker tackle, as well as intercept passes.

When kicking off, choose "Kickoff Left" or "Kickoff Right", whichever way the wind is blowing. The CPU will almost always pick "Return Middle". When you kick the ball, the return man will be alone and your coverage can nail him around the 15 yard line. Be careful not to kick the ball out of bounds.

Big plays
When you get a QB crossed over the line by having a profile to get, you can cross the line of scrimmage and still throw the football.

Winning College Classics
To win all of the College Classics, play one of them. Go to the AI settings and change the CPU's settings to all negatives and yours to all positive.

Easy trophies in Dynasty
This trick requires a decent amount of free space on your memory card to create twelve teams. Make all of them juggernauts and increase all of their players' stats very high. After you have made all of the teams, go to dynasty mode and sign on the twelve teams you created. Then, if desired, change all of their schedules so that they play all the top ranking teams. Your created juggernaut teams will rarely lose. Simulate the entire season. For better measures, put all of the teams in a different conference so that at the end of the season you will get all conferences, most of the bowl games, the Heisman trophy, and all the individual trophies. You will not always get all trophies, as the season stats and games will vary each year, but you will defiantly get the bulk of them.

Recommended defensive plays
Play as Oklahoma and go to the 4-4 Defense. Call Mad Dog Blitz and no play can get past it.

Identifying man-to-man coverage
When on offense, set a person in motion. If he is followed, the defense is using man-to-man coverage.

Send a man in motion. If someone follows them, they are using man coverage. If nobody follows, then they are using zone coverage.

Cornerback commentary
If you go to the rosters, you can edit a player's ranking skills. Set catching, carrying, and speed as high as possible for a cornerback and you can make him an effective wide receiver for your team. However, if he drops a pass Lee Corso will say " He's better at deflecting passes than catching them!" Note: Corso only says this if he was not already set as a receiver. The message usually is heard with a created cornerback put into the WR position.

Crowd chant
If you are playing at home and score a high amount of points and dominate the other team, each time you make another big play the crowd will start chanting "We are number one". Note: You also may need to be ranked number one.

Play against a Top-10 team. If you are winning late in the fourth quarter, the crowd will start chanting "Overated".

During home games, if you happen to get the ball spotted a few short yards within the first down marker on fourth down, the crowd will chant "Go, go, go, go..." They will either cheer or boo depending on if you do or do not go for it (respectively). If you fake the punt or kick though, somehow the crowd will know it and cheer for you.

Glitch: Stopped score
Once you get to the score of 255, the game will not let you go higher (even in stats). The only thing you can do is build your stats.

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