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Enter these cheats on the codes screen in My NBA Live:

YISS55CZ0E - Get 50,000 Dynasty points
PRYI234N0B - All Classics Hardwood Jerseys
FHM389HU80 - All shoes
1NVDR89ER2 - All team gear
VNBA60230T - Huarache 2K4
XVLJD9895V - Nike Air Unlimited
234SDJF9W4 - Zoom Generation Low
0984ADF90P - Nike Bg
2388HDFCBJ - Shox Elite
1KENZO23XZ - Zoom LeBron II
JRE7H4D90F - Alternate Hornets Jersey
BHD87YY27Q - Alternate Sonics Jersey
XVLID9895V - Air Unlimited shoes
09B4ADF90P - BG Rollout shoes
23B8HDFCBJ - Nike Shox Elite shoes
HDI834NN9N - Atlanta Hawks alternate jerseys
XCV43MGMDS - Boston Celtics alternate jerseys
AAPSEUD09U - Dallas Mavericks alternate jerseys
NAVNY29548 - Golden State Warriors alternate jerseys
JRE7H4D90F - New Orleans Hornets alternate jerseys
BHD87YY27Q - Seattle Supersonics alternate jerseys
Unlock Teams and Jerseys
Unlock all teams and jerseys by winning the slam dunk contest.

Between the Legs 360: Go to the basket with [R1] then press [X], rotate left analog-stick 360 degrees clock-wise.
Rock The Baby dunk: Hold [R1] when running to the net, press [Square] as your gather, and press [Square] again.
Rock The Cradle dunk: Hold [R1] and move toward the basket with [Square], then tap [Triangle].
360 Pump dunk or 180 Pump dunk: Hold [R1] and move toward the basket with [Triangle]. Rotate the Left Analog-stick 360 or 180 degrees, then tap [Triangle] again.
One Hand Windmill: Hold [R1], move toward the basket with [Circle], tap [Triangle].
Two Hand Windmill: Hold [L1], move toward the basket with [Circle], tap [Triangle].
Two Hand Reverse Windmill: Hold [L1], move toward the basket with [X], tap [Triangle].
Between Legs dunk: Hold [R1], move toward the basket with [Circle], tap [X].
One Hand Tomahawk: Hold [L1], move toward the basket with [Circle], tap [X].
Under The Legs Two Hand reverse: Move toward the basket with [Triangle], tap [X].
Hang on rim by armpit: Hold [L1] and press [Square] for the gather and [Circle] for the dunk.
Throw ball off screen: Hold Left or Right then tap [Right Analog-stick Up].
Throw ball off the camera: Hold D-pad Up and tap [Right Analog-stick Up].
Throw ball off shot clock: Hold [L1] + [R1] and press the Right Analog-stick in any direction.
Under the rim Windmill: From the 3 point corner, hold [L1] + [R1] and move toward basket with [Triangle]. Tap [Triangle] again to dunk.
Dee Brown's Cover eyes dunk: Hold [L1] + [R1] and move toward the basket with [Circle], then hit [Square].
Behind the back dunk: Hold [L1] + [R1] and move toward basket with [Square], tap [Circle].
Between legs twice dunk: Hold [L1] + [R1] and move toward basket with [Circle], tap [Circle] again.
Back Flip under the legs: Toss the ball, while pressing the [L1] + [R1], press the [Circle] for the back-flip, gather and finish the dunk with the [X] button.
T-Mac's All-Star Game Backboard Toss: Only in a All-Star Game, Press R3 to throw the ball off the backboard Slam it down with [Square].
Statue Of Liberty: Move towards the basket, tap [X] once then rotate the Left Analog-stick 360 degrees and tap [Circle].
Rainbow Gather: Hold [L1] + [R1], rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise starting from down.
Soccer Gather: Hold D-pad Left, press the [Right Analog-stick left] and rotate it clockwise 360 degrees.
720 Dunk: Hold [R1] and press [Triangle] to gather. Rotate the Left Analog-stick twice quickly and press and hold [Circle].

Easy points
To get easy points, give the ball to your PG and use [Direct Switch] with your best dunker on the team. Then, set a pick and roll for the PG (or the ball handler). Move your person in the opposite direction of where the PG moved. When you are a few steps from the basketball, press [Alley-Oop]. This works at least 80% of the time. The best teams for this are those that have flashy players (the Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, or just a team that has a few dunkers).

Easy dynasty mode
Before you start dynasty mode, trade Deshauwn Stevenson and Jameer Nelson for Brad Miller. Start dynasty mode, then play with Miller for about five games very well (only score points with him). However, make sure you win all of the games. Then, trade Brad Milller for Okufor on the Bobcats. You will win every game. Make sure you do not trade Francis, Howard, Hill, Cato, or Mobley. Mobley will try to leave at the end of the season -- resign him.

Winning championships easily
To win championships without playing, just save and simulate. If you lose, quit without saving and simulate again until you win.

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