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Aug. 28, 2007
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Nov. 29, 2006
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Alternate ending
Successfully complete the game three times to hear alternate music during the ending sequence.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the camera. Use the camera to take pictures to see various extras, such as the faces of the development team.

Successfully complete the game after not submitting to the torture. At the end, Meryl will be alive find a Bandanna on the snowmobile. She will give you the bandanna. When equipped, the bandanna will allow unlimited ammunition on any weapon when selected.

Extreme difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Meryl demo mode
Successfully complete the game after not submitting to the torture.

Otacon demo mode
Successfully complete the game after submitting to the torture.

Meryl costume
Successfully complete the game two times after not submitting to the torture.

Otacon costume
Successfully complete the game two times after submitting to the torture.

Stealth Camo
Successfully complete the game after submitting to the torture. At the end, Otacon will be with you instead of Meryl. When at the snowmobile, Otacon will give you the Stealth Camo that he was using. The Stealth Camo will let you not be seen by guards, but will unequipped if bumped or shot at. It does not function during Boss battles and at the caves, because the dogs will smell you.

To get the Tux, you will need to get the Stealth Camo and the Bandanna. When you get both those items, you will wear a Tux instead of a stealth suit; also Meryl will wear it and Cyber Ninja will have a red exoskeleton.

Successfully complete the game twice and play a third time. You will play as Snake in his tuxedo. Also Meryl will wear a sneaking suit like Snake's, but a female version of it. Finally, the ninja will be colored red.

Control intermission view
Wait for the message "Camera Change" or "Camera Free" to appear during an intermission sequence. Hold [L] + [R] to zoom or [C-stick] to change the view.

During the intermission sequences where the screen is black on the top and bottom, press the [R] to zoom in. The harder the button is pressed, the further the screen will zoom. You can use the [C-stick] when in this mode to move the camera around to see more of the current scene.
Gamecube hardware
Examine the desk in Otacon's office to see a Gamecube with a Wave Bird controller. The video monitor also displays the Gamecube start up screen.

Meryl's view
When you go to the first level five door and Meryl freaks out before you go into the other door, hold [Z] to switch to first person mode from her perspective..

See Meryl smack her butt
When you first reach the passage where Wolf is in her sniping position, Meryl will say that there are mines placed there. After she shows you where to walk, run over a mine. An intermission sequence will start. Meryl will sigh, turn around, and smack her butt.

Ghost photos
In the Commander's room after you have defeated Psycho Mantis, stand in front of the mirror on the right side. Equip the camera, take a picture of Snake, then save it. Reset the game, go to "Special", then to "Photos". Look at the picture, and you will see a ghost grinning at you. The command "Exorcise" will appear. Choose it to make the ghost disappear.

Before you fight Metal Gear Rex, stay where you are and equip your digital camera. Take a picture between Metal Gear's legs and save it. Restart the Gamecube, go to "Special", and highlight "Photos". You should have a picture with a face on it. Press [A] to see a ghost photo. This picture is of Brian Lee, who helped make the game.

Get health during torture
When starting the torture, just press [A] as usual. When the blue bar is empty, turn on auto-fire to get your health back up to full. If you use that feature from the start, the game will "know" and you will die anyway.

Easy dog tags
Run up behind a guard and get Snake to shout "Freeze". Then, run around to the front of them and hold the gun to their crotch. They should give their dog tags to you. If they still refuse, get the Stinger or Nikita out and aim it at the same place. Note: If you hold [Y] while holding [A] with the FAMAS, it will not shoot; use this to hold guards up.

Tank Hangar: Disable lasers permanently
In the Tank Hangar, in the room with the infrared sensors equip the thermal goggles and look to the left wall. You can see the sensors that the lasers are equipped to. If you shoot all of them with the SOCOM, the lasers will be gone for the rest of the game.

Underground Passage: Easier sniper rifle
In Underground Passage (Sniper Alley) where you encountered Sniper Wolf after Meryl gets shot, you must backtrack to get a sniper rifle (PSG-1 PSG-1-T). Instead of returning all the way back to the armory, use the following trick. Backtrack through the commander room. Kill the two guards (one in the bathroom and the other on patrol) or just slip around them and enter the office space. Re supply all your ammunition. You can now enter the door on the left at the end. The PSG-1-T is in this room, with ammunition for it. Slip back out through the commander room where you defeated Psycho Mantis. Go through the caves and get back to Underground Passage (Sniper Alley). Be careful, as Meryl is not there anymore but Sniper Wolf is. Take your hiding position then crawl in front of the door. Hide in the shadows or the dark places in front of the door. Take out the PSG-1-T, zoom in on Sniper Wolf, and battle her until she falls. Snake will say "Got her!". Then, run up through the passage. Make sure to check each slot. The one on the right at the end holds a gun turret plus a ration. You can load up on ammunition, but there is no Sniper Wolf. Go down to the Level 6 Security Door and watch the intermission sequence.

Underground Base: Shortcut
In the Underground Base where Metal Gear: Rex is stored, you will lose your PAL Card Key and must search the green scum for it. You can take a safe long way by going down the stairs they way you came up, or by simply going left of the control room and moving down the catwalk to the corner. Press [Y] ( [Action] ) to climb over the railing. Slide all the way over to Snake's right (if you are not already there), then press [X] to drop down. Press [Y] again to catch a cable just below Snake. This may take awhile; if you miss the cable you will die). Slide to the right again as far as you can go, then drop down. You can destroy the gun turret and begin to search for your key card along that strip. If you cannot find it anywhere in the toxic green scum, kill the rat to get your PAL Key Card. Then go up to the control room to reverse the detonation code. Be careful, as security cameras watch over that location. Toss a chaff grenade before entering and after you leave each time.

Spinning tank
Throw stun grenades to stun the gunner long enough for you to run around and lob grenades at the tracks. If you hit them correctly the tracks should explode. Do this enough times and it should freeze the tank in its place, or if you blow one side up, it should make it spin in circles.

Heart on crotch
When Meryl is being controlled by Psycho Mantis and tries to seduce snake, look at his crotch area. It will have a faint heart on it.

Bad stealth change
Unlike the original Metal Gear Solid, in TS while in stealth mode you cannot just walk through the infrared sensors. If you do, they will go off and alert the soldiers; or in the cargo area (exit from tank hanger to fight M1 tank) the gas will go off when you walk through.

Eternal Darkness references
One of the magazines found in the game has a picture of Alexandra Roivas wearing a bikini. Pick it up, open it, then zoom in on the contents to find her.

Have a saved game file from Eternal Darkness on your memory card and Psycho Mantis will make a reference to that game prior to the Boss battle.

In the Armory, there is a poster of Eternal Darkness in one of the lockers. The poster has a giant picture of a skeleton on it.

The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker reference
Have a saved game file from The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker on your memory card and Psycho Mantis will make a reference to that game prior to the Boss battle.

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions reference
In the underground base, go to the third floor then go in front of Rex's nose. Equip the scope, then turn 90 degrees to the left. Look up to see the blue diamond from Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions. The diamond moves as you do, and changes color depending on your location.

Super Mario Sunshine reference
Have a saved game file from Super Mario Sunshine on your memory card and Psycho Mantis will make a reference to that game prior to the Boss battle.

Super Smash Bros. Melee reference
Have a saved game file from Super Smash Bros. Melee on your memory card and Psycho Mantis will make a reference to that game prior to the Boss battle.

Zone Of The Enders reference
Look at one of the posters in Otacon's office to see the graphic from the front of the Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner box.

Mario and Yoshi reference
Look on one of the file cabinets in Otacon's office to find statues of Mario and Yoshi. Shoot the Mario statue to hear the classic "extra life" sound, sett the "1-Up" message, and increase your health. Shooting the Yoshi statue does not do anything except it saying its name.

Game company references
During the battle with Psycho Mantis, three pictures are hanging behind him on the wall. The people pictured are Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid's creator), and Denis Dyack (Silicon Knights).

Get behind the level 2 security door in the Tank hangar. Look at the computer closest to the security door to see that it is surfing the Silicon Knights web site.

Glitch: Underwater gas mask
If you put on your gas mask while under water, your O2 gauge will decrease slower, just like it would while in a room with gas.

Glitch: Unobscured vision with gas mask
When you have the gas mask equipped and enter a vent (or go into "intrusion" view) which goes into first-person, the gas mask will not obscure your vision. If you press "First-Person View", however, it will appear until the button is released.

Glitch: Wrong steam temperature
Put on your thermal goggles while in the room with the pipes that shoot out steam. The steam, which is supposed to be hot enough to burn you, shows up as something cold.

Glitch: Heat signature
During the Psycho Mantis battle, the armor suits in the room have a heat signature when you are wearing the Thermal Goggles. There should be no heat signature since no one is inside the suits.

Glitch: Missing corpse
In the corridor after the gas filled hallway, there is an intermission sequence showing the ninja slicing up the guards, with a lot of blood. You will see him knock a guard upwards with a low kick, then cut him in half. When you regain control and enter the corridor, the corpse is not there and has apparently disappeared.

Glitch: Liquid's dog tags
When fighting Liquid Snake on the Metal Gear Ray, you can knock him over the edge and get his dog tags. However, when you continue playing, notice that he still has them.

Glitch: No legged Liquid
In the underground base, shoot a Nikita Missile up Rex's nose and skull. Then, turn 180 degrees and head for the control room window. As you get close enough, turn right or left to see that Liquid has no legs. This must be done before getting the pal code.

Glitch: Black screen during Hind D battle
When the first part of the Hind D battle begins, when you have to go down the building with a rope, do not pick up the rope when you first go up the twenty seven flights of steps. When the intermission sequences on the roof are over and the Hind is flying around shooting at you, go back by the ladder and you will not be able to go down it. Leave that room and go back onto the roof. The screen will turn black, and the only way you can see what you are doing is by looking at the radar. If you lean against an object or go into first person view, then the screen will return until you move again. The screen also returns on if you go back into the room with the ladder. This might not happen every time you try it.

Glitch: Tank unable to hit you in canyon level
After the tank hits you once, roll around side to side then crawl over the trench directly beside the tank. Make sure you have your hand grenades equipped. Toss them up towards the turret and they should land in the gunner's lap or close by and still harm him. If you are in the correct position, you are able to move with the tank and the gunnerm and tank cannon will not harm you. Although the gunner will fire and get close, he will not be able to hit you and sometimes will not see you. You also can take him out sometimes with your assault rifle, SOCOM pistol, or even the tranquilizer gun to get more time. You basically have an unlimited supply of grenades close by. If you run out of grenades and the battles gets heavy, equip your chaff grenades. This will interfere with the tank's speed and it will slow down.

Glitch: Nikita missile dialogue
When you jump over the side to start rappelling, there will be a scene with the Hind flying to shoot the steam pipes. As soon as the Hind flies by, immediately contact Campbell with the CODEC, even though the screen is still in wide screen. He will start talking about Nikita missiles instead of rappelling. Contact him again and he will teach you how to rappel.

Glitch: Meryl in pants
The first time you see Meryl, you cannot see her in her pants. However, you still can if you quickly run into the toilet. Also, she appears from nowhere during the toilet sequence.

Glitch: Urinating guard
If you hold up the guard going to the bathroom, he will not give you his tags. However, if you hold him up on his return or in the room he will.

Glitch: Otacon
Otagon wets himself during the scene with the Ninja, however his trousers are not stained when he comes out. Also in the scene he was shot when the Ninja sliced the bullet in half. He does not say this when Snake asks him how he is, and asks about his ankle.

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