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Jan. 05, 2006
Event mode
Hold [Z], then press [Start] at the title screen.

Ace difficulty
Win the Planet Cup tournaments in singles or doubles mode.

Moonlight Cup
Win all the Rainbow Cup tournaments.

Mario Bros. court
Win the Special Cup Lightning tournament in doubles mode.

Fly Guy
Win the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cup in singles mode.

Shy Guy
Win all three Normal Cup tournaments in singles mode.

Win all three Normal Cup tournaments in doubles mode.

Win the Special Cup Fire and Lightning tournaments in singles mode.

Coin Collectors mini-game
Win the Mushroom Cup tournaments in singles mode.

Mecha Bowser Mayhem mini-game: Easy win
Once you get Petey Piranha it will be easier to win. She is tall enough to hit Bullet Bills when they come out.

Infinite Balloon Panic Challenge
Complete Ultra-Hyper Panic.

Infinite Coin Collectors Challenge
Complete the Gold Rush Challenge.

Infinite Terror Tennis Challenge
Complete Phrantic Phantoms.

Complete the Dazzle Shine Challenge.Star for character
Win all three Normal Cup tournaments with a character to unlock his or her star version.

Skip credits
After you have seen the credits at least once, hold [Start] + [A].

Random character or court
To randomize your character or court selection, press [X] at the character or court selection screen. This will not randomize your character's attributes (Hand or Star) and will not randomize your game mode.

Character bloopers
Play tournament mode and complete the first three championships (Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup) to view the credits, and watch some animated outtakes from the opening FMV sequence. Complete the next three championships you unlock from this (Rainbow Cup, Moonlight Cup, Planet Cup) to view the credits again, but with entirely new outtakes.

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