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Jan. 05, 2006
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Cheat mode
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock the "Big Head", "Ricochet", "Head Shot", and "Ricochet All" cheat options. Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the "Shrink Shot" and "Dead Eye" cheats. Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the "Big 'N' Small" cheat.

To unlock all the cheats easily, you do not have to play the entire game under all three difficulty settings. You only need to complete the last level under those difficulties.

FMV sequences
Successfully complete the Russian campaign to unlock the Making Of 1 FMV sequence.
Successfully complete the British campaign to unlock the Making Of 2 FMV sequence.
Successfully complete the American campaign to unlock the Making Of 3 FMV sequence.
Airfield Ambush: Easy completion
When you start, there will be a tower with two Nazis in it. Watch out because they have Panzerscrecks. Shoot it down then proceed to your left, following the other tanks. After you make the left, follow the path to the right. There will be about seven or eight people on your left and right. Some of them have Panzersrecks. Shoot two missiles (one on each side) then proceed. You will have to cross some train tracks. When you are over them, there will be Nazis with Panzersrecks and some in tanks. A few missiles will take care of them. Then, move onto the northern airfield. Shoot a missile at a plane, then use the machine gun to destroy the rest of it. There will be some tanks and Nazis on foot. Again, they are easy; a few missals with the occasional machine gun will do the trick. After the nine planes are destroyed, there will be short intermission sequence of a door opening. Go through it and out the other side to your left. There will be three Nazis on your left and one on your right. They all have Panzerschrecks. Ignore the man on the right. When you get into the main airfield, stay on the right side. Turn your barrel to your left and fire at the oncoming planes. There will also be a trench on your left with Nazis in it. They will die easily. Then, go straight and to the left up the hill. After a few seconds of traveling you must get out of your tank and continue on foot. Go to your left behind the overturned jeep and shoot the Nazis. Then, proceed to do this one more time after moving forward a short distance. Enter the trench on your right and crawl slowly. When you see machine gun fire, get up and quickly run through the trench. When the trench ends, get out. You will see a few Nazis with some guns and a jeep. Kill The Nazis, then jump in the back of the jeep. There will be a health pack and a Panzershreck. Drop the weapon with the lowest ammunition and get the Panzershreck. Jump out of the jeep and shoot the two machine gunners. One is on the balcony of the house and the other is in a tank to your left. After this, drop the Panzershreck as you will not get any more ammunition for it. Pick up your old gun. Run up to the tank, turn right, then go up the stairs and open the door. There will be three Nazis. Shoot them then proceed through the house, killing all of the Nazis. You also do not need to go through all the doors. Once the house is clear, pick up the documents on the table on the second highest floor. Once this is done you have completed the Russian campaign.

Come Out Fighting: Secret areas
There are two secret areas in this level. The first is found at the first house where you have to exit your tank. Go to the barn door and jump at the wall to the left of it. You will go through the wall into a room with a giant chair and a very small door with a green light shining out. There are also two health packs in the room. The second secret area is at the second house. Go inside and clear out the house. In the back room on the right is a window where you can shoot the machine gunner that was shooting at you while you were coming into the house. Go back downstairs and outside. Jump over the sandbags and onto the barbed wire. Follow it to the house. You will go through the wall and down a hallway. At the end is a room with a Nazi UFO and four health packs.

Depot Saboteurs: Secret room
On the second British level, Depot Saboteurs, in the area where you blow up all the fuel drums is a large brown church-looking building. Go up to the right-hand side door and throw two sticking grenades at it. Then, go up to it and press [Action]. Move back and throw one more grenade at the door to blow it up. Follow the stairs down to a room with a Bren, field pack, and some grenades.

Depot Saboteurs: Sniping location
Clear the gate to the fuel depot. If you are looking straight at the gate from the inside, look to your left. You should see a bush. Go into the bush and you should go up onto a ledge. From this ledge you should be able to jump onto the roof of a house. This is a good location to take out some Nazis, and the machine gun nest.

After reaching the depot, with your back towards the inside of the gate, look to the left. There is a building with a round rooftop. Go behind it. Be careful with the machine gun around the corner. Go behind the fuel drums directly ahead of the round roof building near to you. Do not destroy them. Look to the left. If done correctly, there should be a large cliff. Go up the cliff. You now have a view of the entire depot, and the Nazis in it. Note: Do not destroy the fuel. It will hinder your vision while up on the cliff.

Depot Saboteurs: Avoiding machine gunners
Get to the part when you have to blow up the fuel reserves (where the barrels of oil are found). Instead of running around placing C4 chargers and getting hit by the machine guns, just throw your grenades by the oil reserves. Sticky bombs work the best. By doing this, there will be no need to try to kill the machine gunners.

First City To Fall: Easy completion
First, go to the building on fire and get the health pack. Then, wait until the tanks kill everyone and blow up the building entrance. Go inside and get the two health packs. Kill the man with a Panzercheich. Go outside and stand in front of the M12. It will not go anywhere. Get to where you can snipe enemies with the M1 Garand and where they cannot see the M12. Go get the health pack by the city gates and pick up any left over from the battle. Around the corner is a room with a Panzercheich and a health pack. Down the street are more Panzercheich launching Nazis. Stand in front of the M12 and snipe the Panzerschrecks again. Ease around the corner and there will be a building where about twenty five enemies will come out from. Set and snipe them. Go to the end of the street and into the building to kill two more anti-tank soldiers. Go in the basement and get a checkpoint. Then, go through the tunnels and get to the machine gun. Kill all the Nazis until the theater is blown up. Once they are all dead, go down another set of stairs and out the door. There are two Nazis with Panzercheichs where the machine gun is located. Kill them and go down the sewers to complete the level.

Charge the big bunker on the top of the hill before you clear out the other pillboxes. Then, clear out some trenches and the pillbox. Next, lower the Nazi flag and you are done.

Immediately after the artillery commander says "We;re going to set up shop down here". a column of Panzers will attack from the front. Take out the lead tank and the rest will not be able to move or get past it.

Into The Heartland
If you have ever attempted this mission, you know it can be quite difficult if you approach it the wrong way. A trick that will particularly make this and all other missions a lot easier, is when you have an automatic gun to rapidly press [R] to fire instead of holding the button. By doing this, the gun will not try to aim upward. When you first start the level, do not rush forward. Instead, head back to SCOOT (the tank you had been protecting the entire previous mission). You should see a BAR , a Thompson, Mark 2 hand grenades, and a health pack in front of it. Take the health pack and the hand grenades, then go to the right side of the big hole in front of the bridge. It is recommended that you use the BAR for the first part of the level, as it has a better aiming ([L]) view. Walk down the path way on the side and position yourself behind the first pillar. It will give you cover, but still allow you to take down the Nazis. After this minor firefight is over, there should be two health canisters on the ground. If you only sustained minor injuries, leave them there, as you will always be able to backtrack later to get them. Next, move to the left side of the bridge and use the truss pillars (they resemble triangles; every second pillar should be a truss) for cover. From here, use the sight on the BAR and snipe your way up to the first overturned truck. There should be a G43 (sniper rifle) lying on the ground, but do not pick it up just yet. Instead, back up slightly and lob about three to five Mark 2 grenades at the little barrier the Germans have set. After the smoke clears, rush in and wipe out the remaining few. You can now go back and exchange your BAR for the G43. Go behind the little shelter you just bombed. There should be some Mark 2s, a health pack, and some ammunition for the BAR you just got rid of. If you left the canisters of health from the first part of the level, now would be the time to use them. When you are ready to proceed, take out your Thompson. If you go towards the right side of the bridge, there will be pile of metal bars on the ground. Depending on how fast you got rid of the Nazis around the truck, there can be up to two health packs in between the bars. After you check that location, go to the left and use the pillars for cover. Use the same strategy done during the first part of the level until you get to the second overturned truck and barrier. About one or two well placed Mark 2s can take out the three to five Nazis usually hiding behind it. In the front of the truck is some Thompson ammunition, more useless BAR ammunition, some Nazi hand grenades, and another health pack. The next and final overturned truck is about 50 feet in front of this one. There are not a lot of Nazis in this small stretch of the bridge. If desired, you can walk down the center of it. When you get to the third truck there should be some Mark 2s and two health packets. Pull out your G43 and go about 10 to 20 feet behind the truck. For some reason the machine gun barricades cannot hit you when you are back there. If you get hit every now and then, it is always a minor health loss. Aim at the right tower and take out that gunner. He is probably the biggest threat to you where you are standing. Next, focus on the five machine gunners in the barricade in front of you. Make sure that you are still far behind where the truck is located. If you are in their range, you will be dead in a matter of seconds. It is very easy to take them out. Then, with your spare rounds, take out the little barrier in front of where the machine guns were found. There is also a machine gunner in the left tower. Do not rush up too fast before taking him out. Next, walk into the south tower (the one on the left). Walk up the stairs and there will be two sets of health packs, ammunition, and Mark 2 grenades. Before you go down the stairs, go out side where the machine gunner was located and take the Thompson ammunition, G43 ammunition, and more Nazi grenades. There is also a health pack next to where the gunner was located. Take out your G43 and go down the stairs slowly. You must do this next part on your own, because your "loyal crew", if they even go down the stairs, just stand there doing nothing. First, snipe all the people you can, then switch to the Thompson and take the rest of the Nazis in that room out. When you are done, you can use some of your health packs to top off your health meter. There are three packs spread throughout the room (one against a wall and two in a cabinet). Go up to the hallway leading to the next room and clear it out. Wait there a short time and let some of the Nazis come to you. Your Thompson should be running a bit low on ammunition by now (about 40 to 80 rounds, not including the clip you already have in). When it gets to about 50 unused rounds, switch it with a Nazi MP-40. You will never run low on ammunition with it because all the Nazis carry the gun. They will drop the ammunition when they die. After you cross the hallway there will be two men directly across from where you are standing, and one next to you on your left. You may need to use the G43 for the man behind the staircase across from you. As you turn the corner, there will be a man above you. Take him out before you continue down the stairs. You do not really even need to go down the stairs immediately, as you can take most of them out from the top. Clear the room in regular fashion. When you are done, there are a total of five health canisters spread throughout the room. Use them to top off your health. Next, go up the wooden stairs, then go straight and up the concrete stairway, not the second wooden set. When you go up far enough, there will be a big room with about five Nazis. Stay behind the pillar right at the top of the staircase. They will come to you. There is nothing to pick up in the room behind that. It is just the post of the machine gunner you killed while behind the truck. Continue up the stairs, killing the few Nazis on the way. Climb up the ladder and kill the four Nazis up there, then mount the anti-aircraft gun. Destroy a few Stukas and have fun. Watch your health though, and use the packs when needed.

Into The Hearland: Browning .30
When you start the mission, there is a tank behind you. Go behind it to find a Browning .30 cal with 300 reserve rounds.

The Flag Must Fall: MG42 machine gun
Go out of the building that you started at. Go up the hill outside, then go into the trench on your left until you reach a hill. Turn right, clear out the pillbox, then get out of the pillbox and go straight. Clear out the next pillbox. Go back out of the trench and turn to the right. There will be another trench here. Do not go into it yet. Pass it, turn right, and go downhill into another trench. There should be a path leading left as you enter the trench. Follow it and you will find the MG42, which is a machine gun that you can carry that is just like the stationary guns that were shooting you earlier.

Last Bridge Standing: Sniper rifle
At the beginning of the mission, stick to the left of the bridge, but do not waste all the ammunition. If get rid of it, you cannot take out a huge machine gun bunker with more than five guns, and your default guns are not accurate enough to shoot the men in the bunkers. Note: If you just wasted the ammunition, you can find 70 rounds by looking in a fork made by beams.

Operation Saturn: Giant apple
Start the mission. .Back up slightly and turn to your left. Find the tree near the road with no leaves (just branches). Face that tree, then drive up the right side of it, going off the road that you were on. Turn left and follow the dirt path in the snow that leads away from the mountain. After the path turns, look in the distance to find a strange object. Drive towards it to reach a giant hollow apple, with a UFO inside.

Sewer: Easy kill
In the American sewer mission, when you get the stickybear in the first secret room, throw it onto a Nazi. It will stick to them. Watch him try to get it off before it explodes up.

Surrender At Aachen: Teddy bear
In Surrender At Aachen (the third mission in the American campaign), go through the door and kill the four Nazis (grenades are useful). Go to the area straight from the door that you came through. There will be a MP-40 and a teddy bear here. Pick up the teddy bear and you will receive health and a message stating "The Bear is adorable".

Tractor Factory: Easy completion
When you get up to the sniping area, crouch down in the window. There will be some ammunition and health in the corner if needed. Get it if desired, then snipe the first wave of soldiers with normal guns. When your "comrades" say that there are Panzershrecks, concentrate all of your fire there. Do not worry about the regular soldiers because they cannot aim well. Shoot the Panzershrecks until you see a man running up the road with a heavy machine gun. Shoot him then go to the left window and continue.

Underground Passage: Creepy room
On the "Underground Passage" level, the second American mission, go down the spiral stairs and go through the door on the right. Clear out that room of Nazis and the next one past it. Then, go back to the middle room and clear it out again. Go to the walkway that has a field pack and a door. Throw two grenades at the door then go up to it and press [Action]. Note: You will not see an "Action" icon, but it does not work unless that button is pressed. Then, throw one more grenade at the door. It helps to throw it at the wall next to it so that it lands at the base of the door. This will blow it open. Go down that passageway to find the "creepy" room that contains a ghost baby in a crib, floating candles, a giant rat, a teddy bear, a "sticky" bear (basically a sticky grenade that you get 99 of), a flushable toilet, a MG40, and a Browning .30.

Underground Passage: Dance party
Near the end of the "Underground Passage" level, the second American mission, is a boarded-up tunnel. Throw some grenades at it to blow it open. At the end of that tunnel are some Nazis having a dance party. There is also a Browning .30 in the corner.

There are also 99 Kaiser (bouncy) Bear grenades in this room.

Near the end of the mission, blow open the door to the dance party. Once there you will see Tanya Pentolove breakdancing, and Sgt. Bob Starky. Sam Rivers, two enemy soldiers, and two enemy commanders dancing. There is also an enemy solder running the record player. If you get close enough to the record player on the side where the solder is, an icon will appear, and you can add your own beat to the music.

Underground Passage: Bulletproof Nazis
In the second secret room, you cannot kill the Nazis with bullets. However, you can with grenades.

Underground Passage: Church comments
Enter the church at the beginning of the mission. You can here comments such as "I don't know if this is better or worse then being top-side" and "Man, it stinks down here", even though it does not show up.

Russian campaign
On the first tank level in the Russian campaign, it is best to use first person view to shoot the Nazis that have Panzershrecks and MP-40s. The MP-40s cannot hurt you, but are annoying. If you use third person view, you will miss.

Accurate firing
When you hold the trigger on automatic weapons, they have a tendency to stray up in aim. To prevent this, rapidly press [R] (or the button currently set for fire). You will still be able to fire as fast, without the negative effects.

Glitch: The Flag Must Fall: Haunted bunker
Instead of going all the way around in the trench, jump across it and open the bunker door. The machine gun will be shooting with nobody on it, and you can hear people talking.

Glitch: Operation Saturn: Giant hole
Defeat the Stukas. After you have taken them out, look for the giant apple. If you have been gone long enough, when you get back to the enemy base there should be a gigantic hole in the ground under the base. After this happens you cannot finish the level, because you cannot get past the hole.

Glitch: Into The Heartland: Wrong weapon
At the end when Starky is talking to you, your character will be holding a Thompson instead of whatever gun you were holding previously. The Thompson is obtained in the American campaign.

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