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Nov. 29, 2006
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Bonus credits
Press [Up] at the difficulty selection screen to obtain up to five credits.

Kombat Kodes
Enter one of the following codes before a match begins.

Character Number
MK Logo1
Question Mark4
Lightning Bolt5
Shao Kahn8

EffectKombat Kode
Fight as Reptile192-234
Fight against Reptile205-205
Disable throws100-100
Dark Kombat688-422
Psycho Kombat985-125
No blocking020-020
Programmer's message987-666
Programmer's message123-926
CPU 25% life000-707
CPU 50% life000-033
Player 1 25% life707-000
Player 1 50% life033-000
One-hit win 123-123
Noob Saibot mode012-012
Explosive Kombat 050-050
Weapons never dropped002-002
Disable max damage010-010
No throw, disable max damage 110-110
Random weapon appears111-111
Start with random weapon 222-222
Randper Kombat 333-333
Start with weapons drawn 444-444
Many weapons 555-555
Silent Kombat 666-666
Big heads 321-321
Reptile's Fatality
Hold [A] + [B] and press [Up] when the "Finish Him" message appears.

Reptile's moves
Acid Spit - [Down], [Forward], [B]
Running Charge - [Back], [Forward], [B]

Scorpion's auto-fatality
Begin game play as Scorpion and win the second round using only the spear. Finish your opponent with a throw, and keep [B] held. The message "Scorpion Wins" will appear. Keep [B] held for Scorpion's fatality.

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