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Nov. 29, 2006
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In-game reset
Press [A] + [B] + [Start] + [Select] to reset the game. Note: If this is done while a bad shot is in flight, you may continue from the saved game file to replay the shot.

Control logo
Press the D-Pad on the "Press Start" screen to move the Mario Golf logo.

Peach's Castle course
Defeat all four champions in a match game and finish in first place in all four courses.

Play as Wario
Finish first in the club tournaments and defeat all of the club masters.

Play as Putts
Select a custom character, and select Putts as an opponent. Defeat him at any club to unlock him as a playable character.

Play as Tiny
Defeat Tiny in a match game to unlock him as a playable character.

Play as Grace
Defeat Grace in a match game to unlock her as a playable character.

Play as Gene Yuss
Defeat Gene Yuss in a match game to unlock him as a playable character.

Left-handed golfer
Hold [Select] and press [A] to choose a character. Note: This has no effect with Azalea, Joe, Kid, and Sherry.
Easy win
Use the following trick to win a match game or tournament. Play a match game or tournament as long as you want, being sure to do well. If you happen to make a mistake hitting the golf ball or putting, save the game before finishing the hole. When you restart the game, you will be on the same hole where you made the mistake. However, instead of being on the certain part of the course where you had saved, you will be teeing off again, giving you another chance to do better on the same hole. You can do this trick as long as needed, until you get a good score and defeat your opponent(s).

Hidden hoodlum in Tiny-Tots course
In the Tiny-Tots course, one of the kids responsible for leaving golf balls scattered around is hiding at the northern most accessible area in the course.

Hidden man in Raven Wood course
Check along the left side of the Raven Wood course when playing as Kid. You will find a man that says that he is on your side.

Hidden man in Links Club
If you are Joe, the last man (besides the other two people found in Palm Club and Tiny Tots course) is found in Links Club. Walk up to the second big tree to the right when you enter through the field. Press [Down] and press [A]. Kid will jump out of the tree and tell you that he is voting for you.

Hidden man in Palm Club course
There is man hidden in woods on the far side of the practice putting green at the Palm Club course. Note: 300 points will be awarded after three hidden characters are found.

Power-up Mushroom locations
The bookshelf in the room to the right of the director's room.
The cabinet in the Club Makers Hut.
The bushes to the left of the entrance point outside of Peach's Castle.
Using 1-up Mushrooms
Before you get a 1-up Mushroom, make sure that the amount of experience you have remaining before leveling up is large enough so that it will not be wasted. For example, if you grab a 1-up Mushroom with only 10 experience points left till the next level, it is not worth it. The Mushroom only gives you as many experience points that are remaining until the next level. Knowing this will be especially useful for when you get to higher levels, when it will be more difficult to level up.

Extra power shots
If you get a perfect power shot, it will not count as a shot. It will start from six again.

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