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Bonus games
Hold [Select] and press [L]x2, [B], [A], [R] at the level selection screen. A list of bonus games will appear. If you win the selected game you will get a prize.

In-game reset
Hold [Select] + [Start] + [B] + [A] during game play.
Lucky 777
Get your total points for a world to equal to exactly 777, to get 7 extra lives.

Unlock Six Secret Levels
Beat the game and unlock 6 new levels.

Unlock Secret Ending
If you get 1000 points in a world a star will appear on the "Select Game" screen. Once 6 stars are earned it unlocks a secret ending.

Shoot eggs upward
Press any direction on the D-Pad and the target will stay up.

Spinning log boost
When at the start of the second part of Beware The Spinning Logs, jump onto a spinning log. Use the boost to help you an extreme boost for your Flutter Jump. Use the Flutter Jump to go as far to the right as possible.

Easy lives
When you see a Bandit, use eggs or a portable green watermelon on him to first get three coins, then three lives.

World 0-0: Choose Yoshi color
When you start a new game and play through World 0-0 you are normally always a green Yoshi. If you want to choose your color before the level, you must play another game and complete a level on that file. If you complete World 1-1 as a green Yoshi and start a new game, your Yoshi will be pink like the one in World 1-2. If you complete World 1-7 with the red Yoshi, it will instead be blue like World 1-8.

World 1-7: Easy lives
Pick up a Rollie-Pollie Guy with your tounge. Do not turn him into an egg or spit him out for anyone until you get to the pipe that spits out Shy-Guys. Once there, spit the Rollie-Pollie Guy out into a 1 (square) hole on the right of the pipe. Once placed, jump onto the platform above and to the right of it. Let the Shy-Guys jump out of the pipe and onto the Rollie-Pollie Guy. Points will accumulate and will eventually give you 1-Ups continually. After a few hours, you will have 999 lives.

World 1-9: Easy lives
Grab a Melon Bug (the bug that curls when you approach) and take him to the Shy-Guy Pipe (where the Shy Guys appear from). Look up and shoot the bug. If done correctly, the bug should fall in the tiny space on the right side of the pipe, between it and landscape. Stand on the elevated surface and make sure you have no eggs. The Shy Guys will pop out towards you, but hit the bug. You will keep getting extra lives until you have 100. Then, get a perfect completion on World 5 and you will get the roulette game. If you get the X3; you will get 300 lives.

World 4-1: Easy lives
Go up the first steep hill until you get to three pipes and a Koopa walking around. Two will have Piranha plants and one will be a Shy-Guy generator. Throw away an egg so Shy-Guys will start jumping out. Kill the two Piranha plants, eat the Koopa and stand on the pipe. Spit the Koopa shell towards the Shy-Guys. The shell will bounce between the two pipes, knocking out the Shy-Guys. As soon as ten Shy-Guys are knocked out, you will start getting a 1-Up for each consecutive Shy-Guy. The shell will keep bouncing around, killing the Shy-Guys that pop out. You can get up to 999 lives this way.

World 5-4: Free mini-games
Go to a door on your left. Use a POW block or "?" and go to the door and get the secret code. This code will give you free mini-games when you go to the level selection screen.

World 6-3: Secret area
Find the first middle ring. Then, jump onto the spinning log in front of the two logs over the pit. When the two logs over the pit start spinning, jump onto the top log and land on the edge to fly into the air. Go to the right while still in mid-air to reach a secret area. Collect all the coins and take the door on the left to find another room full of coins. Then, take the door to your right to find another room full of coins, which you catch with the rising balloons. Then, go through the door on the right again to find a room full of flying Shy-Guys carrying 1-Ups. Next, go through the left door for the final area which holds three boxes. Use the bottom one to get the top two, then get the bottom one.

Mini games

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