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Saito Style Chip
Enter "NE-tsu-TO" as your name in the tournament, then enter "M9L1-24TZ-OQNU-MFZL-A6SY-HSA1" as a tournament code.

Fight against Lan
Enter "LAN" as your name in the tournament, then enter "NG75-H5RF-R0MN-440N-2QX[Club]-X341" as a tournament code.

Class Y (Ashura) tournament
Win the Class X tournament.

Yami Net Area (Survival)
Win the Class Z tournament.

AntiFire Chip
Win tournament 32.

AntiWatr Chip
Win tournament 32.

Anubis Chip
Win tournament 16.

AquaCust Chip
Win tournament 128.

BigBomb Chip
Win tournament 16.

DblSnsr Chip
Win tournament 16.

DropDown Chip
Win tournament 32.

Elec+40 Chip
Win tournament 64.

Fire+40 Chip
Win tournament 64.

Forte GS Chip
Win the Yami Net Area survival tournament by defeating Forte GS.

Geyser Chip
Win tournament 32.

HeatGuts Chip
Win tournament 128.

LavaDrgn Chip
Win tournament 32.
Easy friends
When you go to the area where you can battle in an alternate tournament (Tour 16, 38, etc.) you will notice that in Tour 38 to 128 your Navi will claim "you need more friends". An easy way to get friends is on a file that you do not need. Start a new game, then choose your characters and name. When you get the chance, write down your Navi's code. Save and power off the game. Turn it back on and choose the other file. Go to the friend battle and choose the "Data" option. Enter the unneeded file's name and Navi code. A program will tell you that the data has been downloaded. Erase the unwanted file and repeat with other characters. You will soon be able to enter the other tournaments(Tour 38 to 128).

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