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In-game reset
Hold [A] + [B] + [Start] + [Select] during game play.

Rubberobo Gang
After defeating everyone in the Medabot tournament, wait until the credits end. You will see someone robbing your trophy. After the short intermission, the Rubberobo Gang will can be challenged at the normal places you usually battle (Forest, Factory, etc.). Although you cannot defeat them completely, you can get Medaparts.

After you beat all the challengers in the tournament, the Rubberobo Gang will steal your prize. You will then get to fight various Rubberobo members at all locations on the map. There are certain areas on the map that contain the four Rubberobo Captains (Squidguts, Gillgirl, Shrimplips, and Seaslug). You will fact them in that order. Seaslug uses the Ultimate Medabot, Mega-Emperor. Mega-Emperor is has extremely high firepower and armor. Make sure you have a very strong team.
After finishing the tournament, face the Rubberobos. It takes skill and practice to defeat them, especially Seaslug. However, with the missile head, shoot accurately and it will be a one-hit kill. After defeating the Rubberobos, open your tournament prize for Arcbeetle, the Medabot Space Fighter X uses. The Prominence (head part attack) is only valid twice per battle. Although limited in number, it makes up in power.

Defeating Gillgril
When fighting Gillgril, you should make an R or M starter medals and the part sires of Head Shutter.

Hint: Mega-Emperor and Arcbeetle:
After completing the tournament, defeat the leaders Squidguts, Gillgirl, Shrimplips, and Seaslug, in that order. When you defeat them, you will get the trophy back that you won in the tournament. Inside the trophy, you will find Arcbeetle. Go to the seashore and you will find Seaslug there. Defeat him five or more times and he will give you the Mega-Emperor. Note: Seaslug does not appear that often; when you go to the seashore and he does not show up, do an in-game reset and repeat until he appears.

Easy wins
During a Robattle, jump to a top corner and hold [Down] to charge your special. When full, press [Select] close to your opponent to do serious damage. Repeat if necessary.

You must have the Devil Medal, Peck Strike, Dopa Punch, or Doppin Punch. Use any one of those attacks and it will take out one entire body part.

Climb to an area to charge your Medaforce, then before you get close for the strike use Rokusho head part (Antenna) to nearly double your chance of a one hit kill.

Get the Peck Strike head, Dodon Punch right arm, and the Flame Gun left arm. Use any pair of legs desired (Ace Hooves recommended).

Use [Up], [B] immediately. Take out the leader as fast as you can. If necessary, use Medaforce for more head actions. Note: Stay clear of Medaforce.

Easy Medaparts
After you defeat a stage (Lake, Arctic, etc.), play the stage again. If you win, you will get a Medapart. If you lose, you will lose a Medapart. If that happens, turn off the game and turn it back on again to avoid the loss.

Easy trades
If you have both versions of Medabots AX, get another Game Boy Advance to trade. You are basically trading to yourself.

Avoid giving up Medaparts
Whenever you lose a battle and you have to give up one of your Medaparts, hold [A] + [B] + [Start] + [Select] to reset the game, thus not registering your Medapart loss.

When you are battling and you lose a part, if you lose just turn off your game and restart.

In either version of the game, have your character use either the Red Tail or the Wanafly Legs. Jump in the air in any stage and tap [Up]x2 to fly across the level in a straight line. Press [Down]x2 go in a slight downward direction.

When you use the Medaforce, make sure the person you are attacking is about to use one of their attacks or are on the ground. Also, if you can get behind them and hit them it works well.

Withstand Medaforce
if you do not want to get hurt by Medaforce from opponents, stand still when the Medaforce attack comes at you. It will have no effect. Note: This will only work with a Medaforce that does damage. If it is the Medaforce from the Ghost Medal, that only confuses you. It also does not work against the bombing Medaforce.

After the picnic on Odoro mountain, go to the lab and see Miss Nae. Talk to her and she will lead you to a room to pick a medal.

Best Medaparts
The best four Medaparts are Holy Helmet, Lightjab, Lightblow, Quickalert,and Monkey Medal.

Glitch: Ghost wall
When you are at Medaropolis area 4, go to the bottom of the screen. Go left and up and you should be able to see a green mat. If you enter it, you will jump off the wall.

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