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Mar. 13, 2010
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God mode
Press [Start] to pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [A]x2, [B], [A]x5.

Disable God mode
Press [Start] to pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [A]x2, [B], [A], [B]x4.

Advance ten levels
In single player games, press [Start] to pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [A], [B], [A]x2, [B]x2, [A]x2. You will advance ten levels, depending on the current level. Note that there are only twenty four maps in single player games; therefore this code will not work when starting from maps higher than 14, "Halls Of The Damned".

Radiation suit
Press [Start] to pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [B]x2, [A]x6

Press [Start] to pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [B], [A], [B], [A]x5

All weapons, items, keys
Press [Start] to pause game play, then hold [L] + [R] and press [A], [B]x2, [A]x5.

Hidden Military Base area
You can find this area in the Toxic Refinery (Episode 1 Level 3). Complete the first half of the level (before you enter the blue door), then go back to the starting point. Look inside the pool of radioactive waste and you should see a platform (if you flipped all the switches in the first half). Walk across the platform towards the wall it leads to. The wall will open and you will have to defeat a series of enemies. Explore the secret area more and you should find an exit door. Enter it and flip the switch (the stats will not appear). You will now be an area called the Military Base. Note: This area can be very difficult.
Using barrels
When entering any area that has several monsters of any kind look for green barrels containing toxic waste. Take out any gun and shoot the barrels to wipe out enemies quickly. Note: Standing too close to a barrel of green waste and shooting it can injure or kill you as well. Try to stand back when firing at those barrels. Also, it usually takes more than one shot to blow up a barrel from a distance.

Zombieman/Former Human soldier: They resemble your old friends, but now they just fire pistols at you. They drop clips for the chaingun and pistol when killed.

Shotgun Guy/Former Human Sergeant: Meaner and tougher. They carry shotguns and do more damage then soldiers. They drop shotguns when killed.

Imp: This creature throws fireballs and takes more bullets to kill.

Demon: Appear in most areas and can rip your head off if you are not careful. If you see more of them, use the chaingun.

Lost Soul: Floating, flaming skull.

Cacodemon: These creatures are ugly and have one big mouth. If they see you, they will fire lightning balls from their mouth. Use your rockets.

Baron Of Hell: Minotaur-like monster. They first appear at the end of Episode 1.

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