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Primary Collection of Cheats
All ATVs and tracks
Enter "Frog", "Frog", "Helmet", "Speed Burst", "Tire" as a password. Note: The Speed Burst icon resembles an arrow pointing up.

Alternately, enter "Wheel", "Wheel", "Lightning", "Lightning", "Speed Burst" as a password.

Challenge mode passwords
Note: The Speed Burst icon resembles an arrow pointing up and the ATV icon resembles an "X",

Level doneStockProOpen
1Lightning, Lightning, ATV, Wheel, LightningLightning, Helmet, Helmet, ATV, WheelLightning, ATV, Wheel, Helmet, Helmet
2Wheel, Helmet, Wheel, Helmet, HelmetWheel, ATV, Lightning, Lightning, Speed, BurstHelmet, Lightning, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, ATV
3Helmet, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, ATVSpeed, Burst, Lightning, Helmet, Helmet, LightningSpeed, Burst, Helmet, Wheel, Lightning, Wheel
4ATV, Lightning, Wheel, Lightning, WheelATV, Wheel, ATV, Speed, Burst, HelmetATV, Speed, Burst, Speed, Burst, Wheel, Speed, Burst
5Lightning, Wheel, Speed, Burst, Helmet, Speed, BurstLightning, Speed, Burst, Helmet, Lightning, ATVWheel, Lightning, Lightning, ATV, Lightning
6Wheel, Speed, Burst, Lightning, ATV, LightningWheel, ATV, ATV, Helmet, WheelHelmet, Wheel, Speed, Burst, Lightning, Helmet
7Helmet, ATV, Speed, Burst, Lightning, HelmetSpeed, Burst, Wheel, Wheel, Speed, Burst, Speed, BurstSpeed, Burst, Speed, Burst, Lightning, Wheel, ATV
8ATV, Wheel, Lightning, Wheel, ATVATV, Helmet, ATV, Lightning, LightningATV, ATV, Helmet, Speed, Burst, Wheel

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