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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Black Jack mini-game
Enter "BJACK" as a name.

Baccarat mini-game
Enter "BACCR" as a name.

Red Dog mini-game
Enter "REDOG" as a name.

Efficient searching
Set [A] or [B] to "Block", then hold that button while searching. This allows your character to move while continuing to search.
Extra med-kits
Begin game play and enter the house. Take the med-kit from the top bunk, save the game, and quit. Resume the game and enter the house to find another med-kit in the same location. Repeat this process to collect up to ten med-kits.

Extra guns
Get to the screen with the secret base In the Sahara desert. Move one screen up, then one screen left to find a table with all guns and ammunition.

Finding the M.A.R.B.L.E.
Go to London (the second level), pass Moneypenny, give the plans to M, and go to where Q is located. Move above him to the chair on which someone is sitting. Press [B] and Q will say "Don't touch that 007!". Press [B] again and the chair will rocket away and leave a hole. Enter the hole to find the secret M.A.R.B.L.E. object. The M.A.R.B.L.E. can not be used until the game has been completed. The ending will be normal until James throws it into the river. It will turn into a canoe and they will go to a submarine. Bond will also say some additional lines.

Getting the Jeweled Egg and Underground Pass
On the second level, on the screen with the cave, cut down the top right bush. Walk to your right. You should be able to walk on a secret path. You will reach another room with a man in the top corner. When you talk to him, he will give you a jeweled egg. This can be turned in at a shop in the next level for an underground pass, which makes the level easier. To get to the shop, from the hotel go two screens over and one screen down. To access the secret tunnels, from the hotel go to your left until you reach the dead end. The first door on the top will be the entrance. The passage has two other doors. One will take you to Q's shop and the other one will take you just outside the last tunnel to the Black Market.

Nuclear Missiles
After you defeat Golgov you will have to shut down four Nuclear Missiles. After doing so, you will be able to shut down the power to his base and complete the game.

Casino secret
Go to the casino in Marricretch and play any one of the casino games. If you win about $17,000, your opponent will tell you that you are a high roller and the casino will pay for your visit. Return to the hotel and talk to the manager behind the desk. He will give you the presidential key that will open the locked door on the first floor.

When you win about $20,000, the casino will notify you that they always like to have high rollers and that they will pay for your hotel costs.

Defeating: Mr. Fez
After the casino has congratulated you, a guy named Mr. Fez will appear. Once you trade the diamond to the rat man, he will give you a tranquilizer gun to shoot mr. Fez with.

Defeating Oddjob
Send the hats he throws at you back to him by deflecting them with your shield.

Defeating Jaws
Lure him over to one of the four magnets on the roof so that his teeth get stuck. You will then be able to shoot him with your rocket launcher or machine gun. To activate the magnets, you have to step on one of the circular platforms at the bottom of the room. You can only have one magnet active at a time.

Defeating Golgov
Run back and forth in the room shooting him with your rocket launcher or machine gun. If you stay in one location too long he will try to ram you against the wall.

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