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Jan. 29, 2011
Dec. 25, 2010
Earn Merits
Astronomer - Decorate the sky with every planet in the solar system.
Avatar Maniac - Purchase all avatars.
Behind The Scenes - Create three 5th Cell developers.
Brand New Pencil - Use 10 unique adjectives.
Break Time - Use the arcade machine.
Broken Pencil - Use 300 unique adjectives.
Connect The Dots - Complete any constellation.
Cracked Pencil - Use 200 unique adjectives.
Creative Concoction - Attach any six objects together.
Clever Creation - Attach any three objects together.
Coloring Book - Create 10 objects with altered colors.
Colossal Contraption - Attach any ten objects together.
Cthulhu Fhtagn - Create a mythos monster.
Daily Horoscope - Decorate the sky with the 12 zodiac symbols.
Dedicated Collector - Purchase 25 avatars.
Easter Egg - Create five hidden historical figures.
English Eagle - Create 10 unique objects.
Fantasy Fulfillment - Create 5 fantasy objects or use 5 fantasy adjectives.
Fatality! - Destroy the world.
Forbidden Fruit - Use Maxwell's notebook.
Full Replay - Complete all advanced mode levels.
Ginormous - Create the largest possible object.
Grammar General - Create 200 unique objects.
Nice Wallet - Hold 5,000 ollars in your bank.
Over Budget - Completely fill the budget meter.
Piggy Bank - Hold 1,000 ollars in your bank.
Rad Recombiner - Apply three adjectives to an object.
Really Big Lizards - Create 5 dinosaurs.
Replay - Complete a level in advanced mode.
Russian Doll - Put an object inside an object inside an object.
Sharpened Pencil - Use 25 unique adjectives.
Skin Of Your Teeth - Catch a Starite while Maxwell is being defeated.
Starite Apprentice - Catch 10 Starites.
Starite King - Catch 121 Starites.
Starite Master - Catch 60 Starites.
Suit Up - Fully equip Maxwell.
History Lesson - Use the time machine.
Home Grown - Complete a custom level.
Hypnotized - Hypnotize another character.
It's Alive! - Grant life to an inanimate object.
Kiss Me - Transform a creature into a frog.
Language Lion - Create 100 unique objects.
Letter Lieutenant - Create 25 unique objects.
Lion Tamer - Ride a creature that's normally hostile.
Looking Ahead - Create 5 science fiction objects or use 5 science fiction adjectives.
Master Morpher - Apply five adjectives to an object.
Maxwell In Disguise - Play as a different avatar.
Mega Mutator - Apply eight adjectives to an object.
Micronized - Create the smallest possible object.
Money Vault - Hold 10,000 ollars in your bank.
Syllable Savant - Create 50 unique objects.
Teleported - Use the teleporter.
Texture Artist - Create 5 objects made out of altered materials.
The Fourth Wall - Apply the secret Super Scribblenauts adjective.
Welcome Mat - Set a custom level as your playground.
Well Used Pencil - Use 50 unique adjectives.
Window Shopper - Purchase 10 avatars.
Word Warrior - Create 300 unique objects.
Worn Down Pencil - Use 100 unique adjectives.
You Can Fly - Equip any flying gear or mount.

121st Starite
To find the missing 121st star, create a time machine and use it repeatedly until you are taken to a stage with another Maxwell, and a Starite in a tree. This Starite is the last one you need to complete the game.

Going Through Rock
If you have a solid wall (not item) next to you that you normally can't go through, put a tornado right next to it and enter the tornado and if it shoots you toward the wall you should go through it.

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