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Getting a medal emblem on your Hunter Record
Does not matter if you play online or not, as this is total multiplayer matches. Have to reach these win levels to have a small lightning bolt emblem on the left side of your hunters license.

Bronze - 25 Total Wins
Gold - 200 Total Wins
Silver - 100 Total Wins

How to Unlock the Hunters
There are 7 hunters in the game, all of which can be unlocked by getting to a certain point in Adventure Mode. Here are the hunters and how they are obtained:

Kanden - Defeat Kanden for the first time
Noxus - Defeat Noxus for the first time
Samus Aran - Unlocked from the very beginning
Spire - Defeat Spire for the first time
Sylux - Defeat Sylux for the first time
Trace - Defeat Trace for the first time
Weavel - Defeat Weavel for the first time

Hunters License
Win Wi-Fi matches to earn points, losing matches losses points. Get the following amount of points to unlock the ranks.

Rank 1-Bounty Hunter - 0-39 Multi-Player Points
Rank 2-Super Hunter - 40-139 Points Multi-Player Points
Rank 3-Elite Hunter - 140-389 Multi-Player Points
Rank 4-Master Hunter - 390-749 Multi-Player Points
Rank 5-Legendary Hunter - 750-MAX Multi-Player Points

License Unlockables
Alimbic Symbol in Hunter License - Beat Adventure Mode while getting under 100%
Border - You have to have played over 500 games, Wi-Fi or local.
Golden Border - Play over 500 games, WiFi or local, while keeping a 5-star rank on your liscense.
Octolith Icon - 100% scans when you complete the game.

Sound Test In Options
Beat Gorea's second phase.

Unlock the Record Table
Beat the game once to unlock the Record Table. The table shows the top times achieved in Adventure Mode; total game time and the final boss times. It is accessible from the Main Menu.

Unlockable Arenas
These arenas are unlocked in different ways:

Compression Chamber - Play 4 local games
Council Chamber - Play 16 local games
Elder Passage - Play 18 local games
Fault Line - Play 22 local games
Fuel Stack - Play 20 local games
Gateway Arenas Land on a new level in single player
Harvester - Play 12 local games
Head Shot - Play a four-player match
Incubation Vault - Play 6 local games
Oubliette Beat the second form of the final boss
Outer Reach - Play 10 local games
Sanctorus - Play 2 local games
Stasis Bunker - Play 40 local games OR a wifi game
Subterranean - Play 8 local games
Weapons Complex - Play 14 local games

View Metroid Prime Hunter Trailer in First Hunt
To unlock the Trailer for MPH, you need to place 5th or better in Regulator, Training and Morph Ball areas in the Single Player part of the game. When you do get 5th or better on each one, it will prompt you to view the trailer. After you view it, you can view it any other time by going to the Main Menu (where it says "Touch Screen to Continue"), there will be a flashing dot in the lower left corner. Touch that dot and you'll be treated to the trailer anytime you'd like. Use the stylus to hit that dot, because using the Thumb Strap is kind of hard.

How to Fight Gorea 2
When you walk into the room where you fight Gorea you may notice color things on the wall. They are there for a reason, if you shoot them in the order below and then kill Gorea you will then face Gorea 2.

Yellow (Volt Driver), Green (Battlehammer), Orange (Magmaul), Blue (Shock Coil), Purple (Judicator), and finally Red (Imperialist)

If done correctly you will hear a chime and you will get a message that pops up on your screen.

Jump higher with Morphball (demo version)
Go into Morphball mode and remain absolutely still. Set all bombs down quickly. Once the bombs explode, immediately change to normal mode. You should jump even higher.

Super Missiles (demo version)
In multi-player mode, get as much of the energies (weapon energies) as you can, then get a the missile. Once obtained hold [Fire] (when you select the missile icon so that you have missiles) and you will start charging with the missiles.

Video trailer (demo version)
Complete all of the training courses and get at least in fifth place on the leader board on all the training courses. Once you complete the last one, the "Play Video" option will be unlocked on the touch screen. Touch it to se a short video of Samus discovering some enemies followed by a URL, After you watch it once, you can watch it again by touching a small red dot at the bottom right of the main screen.

Charging rocket launcher (demo version)
Obtain the red missile icons two times (in multi-player or single playe rmode), then hold or tap and hold [Fire].

Charging Electro Lob in multi-player mode (demo version)
In Trooper Module, morphball and go to the tiny spacing that launches you to the center. Obtain icon with bombs two times, then charge. In Assault Cradle, go outside on either opposite side or in the center. Obtain icon with bombs two times, then charge.

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