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Jun. 30, 2007
Primary Collection of Cheats
Bonus Cards (EU/AU/NZ versions only!)
Go to "Download Pop-Up Card" and enter the following codes while it says "Looking for available Downloads":

[R], [Y], [Right], [Down], [L], [A] - Chocobo
[Right], [L], [Y], [Right], [Down], [Up] - Omega
[A], [L], [Left], [Up], [R], [R] - Ragnarok
[Down], [X], [R], [Right], [A], [B] - Shinryu
[L], [Up], [Right], [B], [A], [B] - Ultima Weapon

Bonus Cards (Japanese Version Only)
Select "Present" at the main menu, select "Pop-up Duel Card Download", and enter the code during the screen says "Searching For Downloadable Data":

[L], [Y], [R], [X], [A], [B] - Chocobo
[Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Y], [A] - Omega
[X], [B], [R], [L], [A], [Y] - Ragnarok
[Down], [Y], [Right], [B], [Up], [A] - Shinryu
[Up], [A], [B], [R], [L], [X] - Ultima Weapon

Get "Omega Cannon" card
To get the Omega Cannon, select "Send" from the main menu and "Download Card." Press the [L] button twice, then [Up], the [B] button twice, then [Left] on the D-pad.
Music Player
In order to unlock the music player, complete the Story Mode. This option will then be available in the Sound menu, available in the main screen, by clicking the purple option in the lower part of the screen.

Promo cards
Use a Nintendo DS Download Station to get the promotional cards Omega Cannon, Ultima Weapon, Ragnarok, Shinryu, and Chocobo.

Credits mini-game
Press the "O" letter when it appears in names and other words during the credits to earn a Silver or Gold rank and a card.

Easter Egg: Kingdom Hearts references
Get to the house. Look at Croma and note the strong resemblence to Vivi from Kingdom Hearts. Go to the Mog's shop. Stand in the circle and note that the symbol is actually the Kingdom Hearts symbol.

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