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Unlock Hard Difficulty
Beat the game once to unlock the Hard difficulty level.

Unlock Very Hard Difficulty
Beat the game on Hard to unlock Very Hard difficulty.

Ring of Fates Bosses
After all events of the Library, return to there and clear the enemies in the first area to reveal the warp point. This warp point leads to the room where you can fight the bosses in "Ring of Fates". Just put the book onto the bookstand to enter the fight.

Replay the Final Dungeon
After the ending of the game, back to the gate and examine the "stuff", leave the place will see the final dungeon is available again.

Changing Hair Color
Artemicion will recolor a characters hair. Each race has four different hair results, one of which is selected by him based on which slot the character is in. If he refuses to change your hair, this indicates that the hair selection is already the one assigned to that particular slot. Simply change slots to get it changed.

Unlock Hidden Characters
Complete the indicated task to find the corresponding hidden character:

Assassin (female Selke) - Have a large friends list then search the world map near Desert Ruins in Multi-player mode under the Hard or Very Hard difficulty.
Gerald (male Clavat) - Have 1,000 kills, then search the world map near the Forest under the Hard or Very Hard difficulty.
Penguin (female Lilty) - Search the front the Library under the Very Hard difficulty.
Red Mage (male Selke) - Search the Library, then pay 5,000 Gil to recruit.

Hard Mode Bonuses
Complete the Hard mode to unlock the following equipments in the shop selling at 1,000,000 gils per item:

Hairpin of Affection
Layle's Goggles
Layle's Jacket
Parallel World Garb
Robot Body
Robot Head

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