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Cheat Mode
Collect five DK coins to unlock the "Cheat" option at the "Extras" menu, with an option that allows you to resume the game with either five or twenty lives after getting a game over.

Cheat Menu
Open the cheat menu by getting 5 DK coins. The cheat menu is in the "Extras" section.

Choose between 5 or 20 lives after game over - 5 DK Coins
Crystal Stars cheat - Collect 25 DK Coins
Make Diddy's hammer swing faster - 10 DK Coins
Torch Power-up Cheat - Collect 20 DK Coins
Wing Power-up Cheat - Collect 15 DK Coins

Challenge mode game extra levels
Simply complete unlocked games in the Challenge Menu to unlock new levels of difficulty for them. Each level is more difficult than the last, and Max is simply an endurance mode.

Banana Grab Level 2 - Complete Banana Grab Level 1 with 80 bananas or more
Banana Grab Level 3 - Complete Banana Grab Level 2 with 100 bananas or more
Banana Grab Max (Survival Mode) - Complete Banana Grab Level 3 with 140 bananas or more
Booster Battle Level 2 - Complete Booster Battle Level 1 by beating Funky Kong
Booster Battle Level 3 - Complete Booster Battle Level 2 by beating Dixie Kong
Booster Battle Max (Survival Mode) - Complete Booster Battle Level 3 by beating Diddy Kong
Orange Picker Level 2 - Complete Orange Picker Level 1 with 60 oranges in 30 seconds
Orange Picker Level 3 - Complete Orange Picker Level 2 with 100 oranges in 30 seconds
Orange Picker Max (Survival Mode) - Complete Orange Picker Level 3 with 130 oranges in 30 seconds
Rolling Panic Level 2 - Complete Rolling Panic Level 1 with 100 points or more
Rolling Panic Level 3 - Complete Rolling Panic Level 2 with 150 points or more
Rolling Panic Max (Survival Mode) - Complete Rolling Panic Level 3 with 250 points or more
Speed Climb Level 2 - Complete Speed Climb Level 1 within 15 seconds
Speed Climb Level 3 - Complete Speed Climb Level 2 within 20 seconds
Speed Climb Max (Survival Mode) - Complete Speed Climb Level 3 within 28 seconds
Throw 'n' Crush Level 2 - Complete Throw 'n' Crush Level 1 within 40 seconds
Throw 'n' Crush Level 3 - Complete Throw 'n' Crush Level 2 within 50 seconds
Throw 'n' Crush Max (Survival Mode) - Complete Throw 'n' Crush Level 3 within 60 seconds

Challenge menu modes
These can be accessed in the Challenge Menu mode. Simply reach the goal of a level to unlock.

Banana Grab Challenge menu game - Complete 1-1 Cranky's Teachin's
Booster Battle Challenge menu game - Complete 5-1 Space A-Go-Go
Rolling Panic Challenge menu game - Complete 1-1 Cranky's Teachin's
Speed Climb Challenge menu game - Complete 1-1 Cranky's Teachin's
Throw 'n' Crush Challenge menu game - Complete 2-3 Road to Ruins

Secret Levels
Once you have the required amount of oil barrels for a world, press [X] to bring up Funky who will fly you to the secret level.

Little Chill 'n' Char Island - Collect all 5 oil barrels in Chill 'n' Char Island.
Little Ghost Island - Collect all 5 oil barrels on Ghost Island.
Little High High Island - Collect both oil barrels in Little High High Island.
Little Lost Island - Collect all 5 oil barrels on Lost Island.
Little Sun Sun Island - Collect all 4 oil barrels on Sun Sun Island.

Extra Stages
After you beat the main story of DK Jungle Climber, you'll unlock new extra stages depending on how many banana coins you've earned.

Extra Stages in Main Menu - Beat game to open.
Stage 1 in Extra - Collect 10 banana coins.
Stage 10 in Extra - Collect 100 banana coins.
Stage 11 in Extra - Collect all 105 banana coins.
Stage 2 in Extra - Collect 20 banana coins.
Stage 3 in Extra - Collect 30 banana coins.
Stage 4 in Extra - Collect 40 banana coins.
Stage 5 in Extra - Collect 50 banana coins.
Stage 6 in Extra - Collect 60 banana coins.
Stage 7 in Extra - Collect 70 banana coins.
Stage 8 in Extra - Collect 80 banana coins.
Stage 9 in Extra - Collect 90 banana coins.

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