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Check out these Burn! Hot Blooded Rhythm Soul! Ouendan 2 cheats and stay cool!
Alternate Main Menu Background
The illustrated background behind the cheerleaders on the main menu will change under the met conditions:

Alternate Main Menu - Beat game on Magnificient Cheering(female cheerleaders) mode

Bonus Picture
Attain the highest rank (100 million points) to receive a bonus picture of both Ouendan and Cheerleaders.

Extra Songs
Glamorous Sky - Reach the 5th rank (15 million points)
Monkey Magic - Get to the 4th rank

Remove Timer Circles
Once you reach the second-highest rank at 40 million points, the ability to remove the timer circles showing when to hit the markers is unlocked.

Unlock Difficulties
There are two unlockable difficulties in Ouendan 2:

Hard Mode (play as each Ouendan's leader) - Complete Normal Mode
Insane Mode (play as female cheerleaders) - Complete Hard Mode

Extra Life
When playing on the easy difficulty, if you lose on any level other than the final 2 levels, the teams head person will appear at the bottom of the screen and say something, and bring your life to about halfway and throw you right back to where you had originally lost, and continue playing.

Use Elite Beat Agent characters
While an Ouendan 2 cart is plugged into your DS, find a DS Download Station that offers the Ouendan 2 demo. Download it through Download Play. On the following screens, press "Yes" and "OK." The next time you start up your copy of Ouendan 2, a badge will appear next to your choices of difficulty in single player. Click it to use Agent J.

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