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Aug. 14, 2007
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Access Bonus Levels even if you die (Classic Mode)
Enter the code at the "Classic" mode's title screen - [L], [R], [L], [R], [L], [R], [Right], [Select]. Level 20 will have a door appear. Touch it, to enter the bonus round.

Power Up! Mode (Classic Version)
At the "Classic" Mode title screen enter: [Select], [R], [L], [Left], [Right], [R], [Select], [Right]. This is the same effect as collecting shoes (Move faster, make bubbles faster)

Secret Coke can item (Classic Mode)
Type in I.F at the high score table. A chime will confirm the cheat has worked. Doing this will sometimes make a coke can appear on your next game on floor 1. collect it and it will start a meteor shower that will kill on screen enemies.

Super Bubble Bobble (Classic Version)
Firstly, beat boss in classic mode with 2 players. Enter code at "Classic" mode title screen: [Left], [R], [Left], [Select], [Left], [L], [Left], [Select]. This unlocks the harder mode of the game.
Unlock Lovelun (New Version)
Complete the new version with Robolun to unlock the final secret character, Lovelun. She can fire bubbles faster and further than the other three characters.

Unlock Robolun (New version)
To unlock Robolun, finish all 100 levels in the new version, and select him from the character select menu. He moves faster than Bobblun and Bubblun, but can't jump as high.

Secret: Access final 10 levels (in New Version)
To access the final ten levels, you have to collect 9 letters. To get these, kill at least 4 enemies in one Super Bubble, and collect the key icon that is dropped. Then, carry on until the boss of that zone (levels ending in 0) and kill it. Instead of dropping a giant gem, it will leave a letter. Pick up nine of these (one per boss) to ultimately finish the game.

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