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Cheat Mode
From the Main Menu, select "Options" and then "Unlock Rewards" and enter these codes for the desired effect:

SRKC RDZR KZAE - 500 Golden Gems.
HDTQ JCLO SSUU - 500 Golden Gems.
OAZN CEYQ XRDT - 750 Golden Gems.
FBRY CMTR KXUQ - 750 Golden Gems.
PLQO ILQJ YKEQ - Claw Upgrade.
LYYD UAXR IPRT - Cyan Color.
LCYH FVQZ XEVB - Green Color.
TDFS ZITF BKYE - Head Upgrade.
PLAL TALG JPZV - Ice upgrade.
CHYV UEMJ QVGM - Mutant Wasp.
WLUA DZCN ZNKE - Shock upgrade.
TZCK AXZJ VSTW - Yellow Color.
Unlock Flying Creature
Complete the Adventure mode as any of the other characters.

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