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Super Jump Mode
Enter J&!JSMP as your name at the Name Entry screen to start a new file with Super Jump Mode enabled.

Iron Man Mode
Enter IM&SGC14 as your name at the Name Entry screen to start a new file with Iron Man Mode enabled.
Guild Card Emblems
For reaching certain milestones throughout the game, you will get certain emblems appended to your Guild Card:

Abyssal Desire - Get the Deep City Ending.
Armoroad's Finest - Complete the Barter Log, Cargo Manifest and Epic Glossary lists.
Eldest Path - Get the True Ending.
Guild Debut - Complete the first Mission.
Limit Master - Learn every Limit Skill.
Master of the Sea - Defeat all Sea Bosses.
Porcelain Wish - Get the Armoroad Ending.
Quests Complete - Complete all Bistro Quests.
Sea Mediator - Finish the 2nd Stratum.
Starry Visitors - Defeat the 6th Stratum Boss.
Treasure Hunter - Open every Treasure Chest.
Yggdrasil Curator - Complete the Item Compendium list.
Yggdrasil Hunter - Complete the Monstrous Codex list.

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