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Super Jump Mode
Enter J&!JSMP as your name at the Name Entry screen to start a new file with Super Jump Mode enabled.

Iron Man Mode
Enter IM&SGC14 as your name at the Name Entry screen to start a new file with Iron Man Mode enabled.

New Game+
Finish the game once to unlock New Game+ for the current save file you have selected. Most it does is to make the game harder, but you get to keep what ever armor or upgrades you bought in New Game.
Guild Card Emblems
For reaching certain milestones throughout the game, you will get certain emblems appended to your Guild Card:

Abyssal Desire - Get the Deep City Ending.
Armoroad's Finest - Complete the Barter Log, Cargo Manifest and Epic Glossary lists.
Eldest Path - Get the True Ending.
Guild Debut - Complete the first Mission.
Limit Master - Learn every Limit Skill.
Master of the Sea - Defeat all Sea Bosses.
Porcelain Wish - Get the Armoroad Ending.
Quests Complete - Complete all Bistro Quests.
Sea Mediator - Finish the 2nd Stratum.
Starry Visitors - Defeat the 6th Stratum Boss.
Treasure Hunter - Open every Treasure Chest.
Yggdrasil Curator - Complete the Item Compendium list.
Yggdrasil Hunter - Complete the Monstrous Codex list.

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