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Check out these Shinobi cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Bonuses (Freeplay)
Auto Parry Cheat - Parry 100 attacks.
Beret hat - Obtain S rank in Shadow Temple on Normal or higher.
Boomerang Kunai - Defeat the Fushin Ninja without taking damage.
Chainsaw Weapon - Complete a level without using Parry.
Infinite Earth Magic Cheat - Complete Normal mode.
Infinite Fire Magic Cheat - Die from hazard.
Infinite Lightning Magic Cheat - Complete a level without Ninja Magic.
Joe Musashi Costume - Unlock all of the StreetPass maps.
No-mask Jiro Costume - Obtain S rank in BioShark on Normal or higher.
One Hit Mode Cheat - Complete all of the StreetPass maps.
Regenerate Health Cheat - Complete the Bonus Stage.
Chibi Jiro Costume - Complete Beginner mode.
Chicken Sword Weapon - Complete a level without melee.
Cloven Sword Weapon - Die from melee attack.
Fast Kunai Reload Cheat - Find all Bonus Coins.
Flaming Skull Hat - Obtain S rank in Oboro Clan Village on Normal or higher.
Fruit Kunai Cheat - Complete Very Hard mode.
Fushin Ninja Costume - Die 100 times.
Golden Axe Weapon - Die from ranged attack.
Rice Hat - Obtain S rank in City of Zeed on Normal or higher.
Samurai Helmet - Obtain S rank in Hyper Transport MG97 on Normal or higher.
Sarah Krieger - Complete Hard mode.
Shadow Mask Hat - Defeat the Super Soldier without taking damage.
Shadow Master Costume - Complete a level without kunai.
Viking Hat - Find all Mastery Coins.

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