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Old Save Bonus
In Apocalypse, you can transfer your old save from the original SMT4 on the start menu to obtain bonuses after you've been accepted as a real hunter (go to Database Inbox No. 00 A present from everyone to receive them). You can transfer from both the cartridge and digital versions. You are free to import your old save at any point during Apocalypse. Your rewards change depending on how many times you completed the game (to a maximum of 4) and how many endings you achieved (a total of 4).

20 Point Card (up to 4) - Clear Bonus.
Agent of Order title - Law Ending.
Fading Legend - White Ending.
Paragon's Earring, 4 Bead, 2 Balm of Rising, Gold Death Mask, 4 Heavy Grimoire, Eastern Kingdom of Mikado background, Hero title, 40 AP to StreetPass - Base Bonus.
Ruler of Chaos title - Chaos Ending.
Star of Hope - Neutral Ending.

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