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Unlock Character Ranks
As Mario and Luigi level up, they will eventually gain new Ranks, which bring with them new bonuses (i.e. extra gear) and extra privileges (i.e. accessing new shops). Below are the levels at which Mario and Luigi reach their new ranks - note that they start at Mushroom Rank initially.

Flower Rank - Reach Level 16.
Rainbow Rank - Reach Level 40.
Shell Rank - Reach Level 8.
Star Rank - Reach Level 26.

Unlock Expert Challenge Rewards
Beating an Expert Challenge will reward the number of points attached. Earn enough points to earn rewards:

Birthday Boots - 450 points.
BP Knockout Bangle - 200 points.
Duplex Crown - 1,000 points (beat all challenges).
Expert Boots - 20 points.
Expert Hammer - 300 points.
Expert Wear - 90 points.
Golden Hammer - 600 points.
Master Gloves - 800 points.
Perfect POW gloves - 140 points.
POW Scarf - 50 points.

Rewards for Rescuing Pi'illos
Once you rescue a certain number of Pi'illos from their prisons, Eldream will give you rewards (Gear and a Bros. Attack) in Brickle's maintenance hut.

Bare Hammer - Rescue 06 Pi'illos.
DoB Hammer - Rescue 07 Pi'illos.
DoB Ring - Rescue 18 Pi'illos.
Golden Wear - Rescue 26 Pi'illos.
POW Gloves - Rescue 12 Pi'illos.
POW Gloves DX - Rescue 37 Pi'illos.
Zee Egg (Last Bros. Attack) - Rescue 52 Pi'illos.

Unlock Mad Skillathon S-Rank Rewards
By getting enough points when doing certains Bros. and Luiginary Attacks in the Mad Skillathon in Wakeport, you will earn ranks attributed to your score. Reaching the highest rank, S Rank, will net you these valuable rewards.

Action Boots - S-Rank Dropchopper.
Bare Boots DX - S-Rank Bomb Derby.
Blunt Hammer DX - S-Rank Luiginary Flame.
Coin Boots DX - S-Rank Luiginary Ball.
Excellent Boots - S-Rank all Luiginary Attacks.
EXP. Bro Gloves DX - S-Rank Slingsniper.
Flame Hammer - S-Rank Fire Flower.
Lucky Gloves DX - S-Rank Luiginary Wall.
Master Wear - S-Rank all Bros. Attacks.
Perfect Bro Gloves - S-Rank Star Rocket.
Rally Belt - S-Rank 3D Green Shell.
Sap Hammer DX - S-Rank Luiginary Stack.
Strike Gloves - S-Rank Bye-Bye Cannon.

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