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Nov. 29, 2006
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Enter "NGOR_MAT" as the name of your corporation to get 100 million credits and immediate access to all countries. Note "_" indicates a space.
Easy money
Begin a mission and select a territory. Accept the mission brief. On the Team Selection Screen, highlight the Equip command and press [A]. Buy a Pistol (no cost) for all eight slots on all four agents. Press [B] to return to the to Equip command. Press [B] again to enter the inventory box of the current agent. Press [A]. Instead of selling the weapon, use the cancel command. On the equipment list, press [Up] and highlight any item except for the Pistol. Press [A]. Choose the Sell option to get the amount of money that item would cost if purchased, while one pistol is deleted from the agent's inventory. Repeat this process to accumulate a large amount of money.

To get the most cash return from each pistol, select the Gauss Gun as the item on the equipment list. This allows $50,000 to be obtained per pistol. In order for the Gauss Gun to appear on the equipment list, it must first be researched under the Heavy category

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