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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
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File manager bug
The game's file manager may lock up when attempting to scroll down the list of saved games. The system will have to be reset, causing the loss of everything accomplished in the current session.

Save game bug
The game keeps track of everything that was changed as it is played. As more of the house is explored more things are changed, which results in a larger save game file. After over 80% of the maps are explored, the size of save game file can actually exceed the 16K limit of the 3DO nvRAM. At this point, only one save game can be present. This is a design flaw from the original Saturn version from which the 3DO version was based. When quitting the game, the file will be lost instead of being saved. Since there is no warning when a save is made, everything appears to be normal.

Use the following technique to try to avoid this problem:
Use the 3DO Game Guru to compress all save game files that can not be deleted.
Before saving, use the "Storage" option to check how much nvRAM is used and available.
Exit the "Storage" option (without scrolling) and save the current session.
Use the "Storage" option to verify that the nvRAM numbers have changed.
If the save was successful, the bytes available should decrease and the bytes used should increase.

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